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    I like boys but I'm torn between having a family or indulging in homosexual intercourse.
    other interests include Britney music, finger food, fingering, flossing, painting naked, collecting camomille and making herbal free coffee, watching water turned into ice!! is so fascinating to me, especially to see it, you have to have your fridge open and that way it never freezes lol.
    I love to skydive when on the plane, and I have sun allergies so I'm a night owl type. My favorite show is Johnny Bravo and lately, I discovered The Nanny, such a lovely show and fashion. 90s were wild from what I can see. I believe covid-19 is real even tho it's 2021. I'm planning on getting vaccinated so I can finally feed my cat in another department.
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  1. Can someone please listen and lmk I’m not crazy
  2. lol she's such a tease she's been talking about this Banana snake a lot lately and snake outfits on Instagram the very same day this Unread podcast about banana alice premiered
  3. Omg I’m so stupid. Here’s the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/unread/id1568341860 its called unread
  4. Ummmmm this entire podcast is about banana Alice (sort of) and it seems like it’s Britney. She says she couldn’t talk to her friends because of circumstances?! Wtf?! What IS this????
  5. I feel like we've been stuck in this groundhog day scenario it's one good news and then.....five steps back and I don't need new music till she's free so she can take as much time as needed. I will support that
  6. imagine having those sales numbers without social media promo!! this is why she's iconic and omg it's been 20 years I remember having my braces and jamming to Oops interludes and phone secretary bit Now I'm still doing the same but with veneers
  7. it's always women who end up throwing under the bus I don't see celebrity men being placed under c-ship
  8. aww look at our angel she hasn't aged a day
  9. I'm glad that Lindsay is doing well in Mykonos but also very sad that Britney can't book a trip to Mykonos by herself they both have alcoholic fathers and Paris Hilton in common.
  10. I prefer the original from 2001 it has flavor to it I would love some I love rock and roll photos from the set that's one of my favorite looks
  11. well she was seen plenty of times with her phone at the time. and it makes sense that when on tour she was isolated from her friends and family, and in general tours are lonely so why not go online anonymously like we're doing here. she said in For the record that she'd wish to walk down the street and feel normal. that's possible for her on-line.
  12. right? that's so suspicious I mean it's probably why freebritney accounts get banned on the regular. Maybe her team deleted those recording. It could be her
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