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  1. I liked this sequel — on par with 2018 (7.5/10). My General Critiques: Nurse Marion Chambers was grossly underutilized. I believe this was a missed opportunity to reconnect with Laurie at some point in the film. Marion honestly put up a better fight in H20. And in this film, her demise felt very “meh”. Moreover, all of these legacy characters should have come together more naturally. Felt forced. Was it just me or did anyone else feel that John Carpenter’s classic scoring was underutilized? I was moved by 2018’s production because it hit all the right notes in all the right places. I hope with 'Ends' his presence comes back. The climatic mob gang at the end was disorienting and confusing. It would have been more realistic if someone tried to run him over with their car, missed him, and hit a light post, knocking out the streets power for him to kill with flickering lights and escape. Like where did all those 20 people go?
  2. I think record labels have a LOT of say in what gets released when. I agree that both should have come out sooner, late-2010 early 2011, but they probably didn't want to compete with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry's (or even Kesha's) momentum. I just listened to MDNA in full on my bike ride last week and I still think it's a fun, cohesive ride. Can't say the same about Lotus. Sadly, even great artists like these two MEGA superstars end up following trends, thereby ending up "late" to the game. But I don't think that makes it bad. I would argue the same thing for Hard Candy. Had that been released in 2006 (or early 2007), it would have sonically fit with how big Timbaland was at that time. In a way, it's like they are still part of a wider time capsule (i.e. 2006-2008 urban vibes vs. 2009-2012 EDM/"MDMA" vibes ;)). Madonna and Xtina just happened to be at the tale-end both times.
  3. Tattoo and Mine are still BOPS from her debut Mixtape. Not the biggest fan of the Troubled Paradise album, but I'll give it another listen. And yes, Britney is one of her biggest inspirations, so WE STAN.
  4. Album covers alone, you can tell. Circus, Femme Fatale, and Britney Jean are the most lackluster and dull expressions she's ever made for her album covers. It's criminal what they've done to her and her art.
  5. In my ranking, all of her albums post-cship have the lowest ranking (Glory, Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean -- in that order). Coincidence?
  6. I think this process has been profoundly healing and supportive for him. Anyone else who disagrees on here and/or claims Gaga/his family is exploiting him is woefully ignorant.
  7. It didn't sell well, but it's still an incredibly bright pop album with strong lyrics. It definitely has EP vibes, but I'm happy she released the album and found it healing for her.
  8. I also disagree. She spent so much time perfecting her projects from start to finish. I believe she would have continued innovating the sonic landscape with Timbaland, Missy, and even Pharrell Williams, who were all rising in their own right. She had the astute ability to seek out these underground new comers and effortlessly switch genres with them, which not many artists did at the time. She never stayed in any one lane. In this respect, she was a legend in the making and THE blueprint for so many in the industry that came after her. I was 10 when she passed away, and I remember clipping the news paper article that featured her death. To this day, I still remember the final quote of the article: "She could have been as big as Madonna."
  9. I think this is so fun and avant garde. It still feels very much in the Chromatica universe, and it makes the most cohesive sense of all her remix albums. I'm happy she's supporting lesser known acts like A.G. Cook, Dorian Electra, Shygirl, etc. While nothing will ever top the 90s house remixes (imo), I'm thrilled to see the remix surge coming back, e.g. Club Future Nostalgia, Standing At The Gate: The Remix Album, among others, have all been fun reinventions. Gotta dance through the pain, am I right?
  10. I hope this brings her album back on the Billboard Top 200. It fell off after one week (debuting at no. 175) :(
  11. No Madonna. No Janet. No Mariah. Whoever made this list is seriously and clinically delusional. I bet they are 22.
  12. If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power, "A disruptive film and album experience from the mind of Halsey", comes out this week. Who's going? I'm actually really excited for this project. Motherhood ushers in a new era for both established and upcoming artists, and I think this will be a defining moment for her. Ray of Light by Madonna, Blackout by Britney, and Beyoncé by Beyonce were significant timestamps of growth and transformation for each of these artists ... need I say more? I can't recall an artist ever releasing a film nationwide (first) to support an album -- with no single (!) -- that hasn't come out yet. I've got high hopes and am going.
  13. The album opened at no. 175 on the Billboard 200, which is worse than Songs For You. How can this be a thing?
  14. It's certainly Friday the 13th for Miss XCX. Charli can't seem to find a break as her latest single, Good Ones, leaked today - not linked, but you can find it ... - I'm a fan of it, and I really think this track will do well with the mainstream. She deserves all the success in the world since everyone slept on the brilliant How I'm Feeling Now. In other news, OUT OUT is such a throwback track and I'm sure it will do well on TikTok. Thought?
  15. I would agree. I believe her album artwork is mesmerizing to look at.
  16. The fact that Queen, the masterpiece that it is, was removed ... is truly shocking.
  17. It's still a GOOD album, but I had high expectations after The Pinkprint and Prink Friday, which I believe are stronger efforts. I think the push/pressure to deliver an album better than the last is hard on ANY artist. In fact, I think they spend so much time perfecting it that the final product is meh. They end up second guessing everything. Take Anti, for example. Currently living for albums that were made in a month or less lol
  18. I agree 100%! Thank you for this throwback of disappointment. Isn't she the VP of Nickelodeon Music now? I would also add the following: This Is Acting (2016), Sia 3D (2002), TLC The Sweet Escape (2006), Gwen Stefani Queen (2018), Nicki Minaj Joanne (2016), Gaga Leona Lewis' third album after Echo... I can't even remember...
  19. She's actually changing the narrative of being "underrated" to "legend in the making". Check out her Apple interview and get educated, ma'am!
  20. Coldplay just announced that their ninth studio album, Music of the Spheres, will drop October 15 and is executive produced by pop legend Max Martin, whom the band called "a true wonder of the universe". The artwork and imagery of this era is VERY Chromatica to me so maybe Maxy never left that universe... Thoughts? I really haven't listened to Coldplay after high school (during the Mylo Xyloto era with the Rihanna bop), but I've always appreciated their message and live performances. The first single, "Higher Power", is all right. But it leaves me feeling a little underwhelmed like Lorde's "Solar Power". Maybe record labels are struggling to find lead singles that will connect with everyone. Oftentimes, I feel as though they end up connecting with no one except the die-hards. This is why deep cuts are usually/always my favorite on a big pop album like this. At the end of the day, alternative songs with deeper meanings just cannot compete with s**, wap, and *** on the radio. But I'm excited for new Max Martin music in 2021.
  21. I think both Doja Cat and Dua Lipa have laser-like focus in the music industry. Neither is jaded or burnt out (yet). They want to be where all the other ICONS are, so they are trying really hard ... and it shows (even during close-ups at awards shows!). And I think it's working for both of them. Planet Her sought to achieve what Ari's Dangerous Woman achieved, and it hits high marks for me but icon status will be determined probably by her 4th or 5th record. Excited to be on the journey and on her planet for the time being. Hot take: Planet Her is the Best Pop Album of the year so far. Please don't be SOUR
  22. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE. Chromatica is a good pop album, made even more special during the pandemic we all endured. It picked me up on some dark days. But When Madonna made the return to dance pop (with Ray of Light), for example, it was not only brilliant but a "game changer". I think we all wanted a game changer. But an artists' game changer record cannot be predicted. This is why I try to avoid any and all hype.
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