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  1. He used to be so handsome and cute and now he’s starting to look like his empty shell of a father….
  2. There has always been a double standard with Britney and a Xtina. I think because Britney is more publicly popular she is judged a lot more Meticulously… the difference between Britney’s topless pic and xtinas is Britney’s photo is real AF she’s not photoshopping her pics and doesn’t care about trying to please anyone… xtinas is highly photoshopped and has professional lighting… so if u compare the two photos Britney’s is going to be judged more because in the Instagram culture people are so programmed for perfection…. Looking at both photos I feel Like Britney’s photo resonates with me because it’s real and the idgaf attitude…
  3. I’m sure all of her early albums the record labels owns the masters… when she renegotiated her contract it’s possible that she wanted the rights to her masters to her newer albums. It’s hard to say without reading the recording contract
  4. I mean he is a staunch Republican 🤷🏼‍♀️ Are we surprised? Most republicans don’t believe in glbt equality because there political party is so intertwined with religion….
  5. Britney probably didn’t feel like doing her hair and performing and Jamie probably forced her to wear that ratchet wig and force her on stage….
  6. Court proceedings take time. Even if he filed it now it wouldn’t be discussed about in court until the next court date… she will more than likely still be in the conservatorship until middle of next year. He never said anything about terminating the cship only about removing Jamie Spears…
  7. It takes time when it comes to court filing certain paperwork it’s not just something u do In spur of the moment situation. If u look at the timeline it took 3 months for Britney to speak to the judge which means all the issues are going to take many months to be heard. My guess is we will see some minor changes in the next several months with her treatment before the cship is dissolved…I don’t think the cship will be dissolved for a year or longer because you know her dad and sister and going to object and cause more issues with releasing her
  8. How awkward to be interviewed by someone who hooked up with your gf years ago 😬 allegedly 🤪
  9. Everyone saying when she is free she’s going to fire her entire team to me seems less than Likely... she has been so sheltered and protected from outsiders from the cship for so long I’m sure it would give her anxiety about who she can trust bringing people into her inner circle. I’m sure she would make some changes but deff not get rid of her entire team. I think she is tired of being a puppet... tired of being told what to do, how to act, what to say... I think if she is allowed more freedom in the cship she would enjoy producing music and performing again. I think she is tired of being the s3x kitten of pop and wants to do her own thing but certain Members of her team force her to do it like the original make me video how she was furious and didn’t like the direction. Anyways I really hope she Atleast gives us new or u released polished tracks sometime in the future ❤️ She is such a queen
  10. TBH the music industry is so stale right now... people are craving talent and uniqueness... I’m not surprised... instead of following Britney’s industry mold she should just be herself. Britney did Britney... Bebe rexha should just do herself. Look at Billie E. She has a unique sound and doesn’t have to dress half naked to sell music. I support individuality of artists... it really sucks that labels mold artist to be another Britney.
  11. Samesies! I noticed when I was on prep I was a lot more ***ually active... but me on the butt with catching stds... now I’m just a loner haha
  12. U can still catch and spread covid after being fully vaccinated it just prevents u from being extremely ill and being set to the hospital
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