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  1. Also, they were working out. All of my trainers/yoga instructors tell us to smile when we're doing something difficult to distract us from the pain lol.
  2. It's so sad :/ especially after watching the Stages documentary which shows how much she did for Britney. I really hope they still stay in touch, somehow.
  3. Nobody will answer you because continuing to hate on him is easier than admitting he is telling the truth. I do believe there are other documentaries coming out based on how Netflix requested permission to attend court hearing(s). FYI: NO investigative journaling/legitimate documentary would take the time to film/interview/edit someone who is lying about knowing Britney. All sources must be vetted or they'd be filming random people and be SUED. Just like Billy would have been SUED at this point.
  4. I don't think you're reaching, it definitely seems like confirmation she watched the doc and/or acknowledges our support. I love how she whispered "I love sharing" she's so freaking cute
  5. Let's lay off and just let her speak. @I_am_allisims thank you for sharing and speaking out.
  6. This documentary was made for the general public, not Britney stans. For more details and facts, the Deep Dive series on YouTube does a great job.
  7. NO please stop this. nobody needs to bother Britney in person. let her have privacy like a normal person.
  8. please understand that this is an ongoing court case & public statements from her family can affect Britney's chances of winning. this is why Felicia & Bryan provided very vague information when interviewed. also, "fans" harass Britney's family on a regular basis so I can't imagine that people would even believe them if they did say something. don't you all want Britney to speak for herself rather than her family speaking for her?
  9. same.. are they saying the people in the doc are lying? or that they never really worked with her? so many questions
  10. curious on you guys' opinions: if Billy B turns out to be legit (I don't think he is), how would you react? People drag him constantly & call him crazy. But if he's not, it would appear that he's been trying to give Britney a voice all this time, even if it's messy/inconsistent/aggressive/weird. The only theory I was able to think of is that she's allowed to speak with him because it's over the phone. In the past she was prevented from getting to close to people because she's "easily influenced", but what if a long-distance friend is allowed? also, my interpretation is that the info regarding her internet usage is not recent (correct me if I'm wrong) - so could Jodi have pulled back the reigns on this piece?
  11. to me it sounds like audio from another video.. I'm sure britney has said "I'm grateful for everything" in other interviews/award shows/etc. this account is doing the most
  12. what second slide? I didn't see one with audio edit: whoops had to charge my headphones lol
  13. it was so interesting to see all of their old pics/memorabilia still up in JL's video, like the house was frozen in time. even though that stuff is no longer there, it would be so cool to live here as a Britney fan. but, I hope it goes to a nice family who can make it their long-time home as well.
  14. yes, this. I'm sure she misses dancing in a studio, so she does it at home as an outlet and/or workout my guess is that she dances for hours at a time filming these videos & that's why they're all posted weeks or months apart. since she's barely providing content for them to use, I wonder how often she actually films
  15. so I'm just gonna assume that nobody saw the picture LOL but just for the record (heh) I have unfollowed him!! apologies to anyone I made feel uncomfortable BTW, why are people assuming I'm a 40 year old or something? lolol for all you know I could be 18. tf
  16. I totally agree with this. to me, there is a difference between me following a teenager years ago & literally forgetting about it (since I barely log into that account) and me following him after the movement blew up & her whole family got bombarded. I would never contact any of her family, that's just ridiculous. It's disappointing that people keep releasing their snapchat pics.
  17. why do you think that people over the age of 18 cannot follow another person on Instagram that is under 18? I could name dozens of minors who have massive followings on Instagram. I have no bad intentions.
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