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  1. do you know any 39 year olds who have performed at her caliber for over 20 years & aren't tired of performing a 90 minute show?
  2. I like to think that she's actually thriving right now, finally getting her privacy because of COVID, & trying to live a normal life with her bf: cooking, cleaning, riding horses, etc! she never really lived a "slowed down" life like this. also, why be upset everyday? she's probably accepted her situation after 13 years & is very optimistic about the way things are going (:
  3. maybe the reason she looked so into it in rehearsals is because she liked the choreography better than POM. also, I've noticed that she's a lot more energetic in a space like a dance studio than on stage where she has to perform for 90 minutes. that in itself is exhausting, especially for someone her age. but in regards to the announcement itself, I think something happened where she was like, "fine, I'll do the absolute minimum for this announcement". it was probably a contractual obligation. like others have said, her rebellion was definitely planned because of her outfit choice.
  4. it had to have been a double in the rising up scenes.. the hair is a completely different color
  5. she looks so different there.. I just can't put my finger on it
  6. this is so evil & damaging!! why wouldn't they let her talk to them? they're not even undue influences!!
  7. the creepy face honestly terrified me but the video is amazingly symbolic & i didnt expect that
  8. Agree.. I feel like this could get him/his mom in trouble. She is supposed to make decisions on facts not personal bias but he seems to hint at the latter
  9. We don't, haven't, & may never actually know her. She is unknowable. Our only reliable source is her court documents. So why do we, as fans, constantly push the narrative that we know what she wants, needs, feels, thinks? We don't actually know these things. We don't know the dynamics of her relationship with Sam A, who she phones on her birthday, why she posts what she posts, or how she feels about her immediate family (except Jamie, obvs). Most importantly, we don't consider that there are alternatives outside of our own opinions. Instead, how about we start considering what she deserves. Not in terms of the conservatorship, but as a human. Try to consider her feelings before posting. Seriously, pretend she is reading your comment. If Britney were to magically follow you one day, is that how you'd like her to see you? Please think about this the next time you post here or anywhere else. "How is coming after those she cares about realistically helping Britney?" "Is this how I should be fighting for her happiness?" "What if my assumptions are wrong?" Let's support Britney in the best and kindest way we can. Not by harassing those close to her, assuming we know her truth, or spreading negativity. We, including myself, are all guilty of this. If we truly love Britney, we need to consider how our words and/or actions may hurt her. Remember the original cause of the #FreeBritney movement - supporting her journey to live a stress-free life any without judgement or toxicity. Again, we do not KNOW what she wants, but we CAN think twice about how we affect her. All we should be doing is trying to inspire her, just how she has inspired millions of us since 1998. If she can remain kind and positive, so can we. Much love to all of you. #WWBW
  10. how do you know that the narrative wasn't correct to begin with? I Googled her & looked through 3 pages of results, & all I found were articles of her testifying in court in favor of Britney, her dragging the paparazzi/media, and her speaking to the media assuring Britney never did drugs. I honestly couldn't find anything painting her in a bad light other than fan forums like this. do you have any sources I can read up on?
  11. so many people from outside the US! we suck. It's so refreshing meeting people from other countries! it's so cool how far the #freebritney movement has spread
  12. We should be grateful that someone who was very close to her is speaking out. I can't wait until we can learn about the components of the story that are more than we could ever imagine
  13. Exactly. Britney has (so far) not petitioned for the termination of the cship. She is fighting for her dad to be removed. But, it's very possible that she'll petition for it in the future. There really is no point for it to remain in placet once her kids are 18.
  14. this is going to be a very unpopular opinion... but.. I believe it's very likely that she is required to post a certain # of posts per month/week/etc per a contract or something similar. this is very common for celebrities with a big social media presence. it's possible that the repeated photos & videos of her just walking back & forth in front of the camera is her way of saying, "you guys want me to post, so f you, here is some pointless content" britney has always been very quirky & unique. she's also a 40 year old mom that has pretty much never lived a "normal life", & the comments about her IG posts can be judgemental considering none of us actually know her. what if those comments really hurt her feelings? hate on me all you want, but spreading negativity about her posts is not realistically helping the cause in any way. I'm inclined to believe that she creates this content herself (albeit repetitive & sometimes odd) & her social media manager approves & posts it. again, this is the case for ALL big celebrities. BTW, I have no opinion of Cassie or her company so don't come for me about that.
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