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  1. WHAT?! Do you think music is about a technical song contest? No! It is about how you feel listening to it. Whitney Houston had a fantastic voice and it was because she had the ability to speak to your emotions when singing AND because her tone was beautiful AND because she technically was outstanding. Christina does not speak to anyone’s feelings when screaming, I can’t imagine that. I only see comments like this where people are basically saying “well she has a bigger range than Britney and can belt louder”. That’s not being a great singer, performer or artist. Secondly, Christina’s voice is ugly. I like everything from Joan Baez to Courtney Love to Janis Joplin to Britney, so it is not that I don’t appreciate a strong female voice like Janis’s or Courtney’s, but those two have voices that feels great to listen to, both aesthetically and emotionally. I actually can’t think of another female singer that I think sound ugly and like, honestly makes me sick when I hear it, I have never been able to bear hearing it, I had to change the channel/radio station/song etc. *Edit* I think Katy Perry has quite an unpleasant voice as well, and so know some others as well. Not as bad as Christina’s. And then, I can’t see any charisma in her. Like Whitney was captivating, so is Britney, Janis, Courtney, Shakira etc. She doesn’t have “it” and I really don’t think she would have been known today if it wasn’t that it was known that she knew Britney from childhood and because she was so jealous of her so the media could get juicy slandering from her about Britney. And her songs suck. Really. As a music lover and very sensitive to music I appreciate most genres, but Christina’s “songs” lack a soul. They are just written to tell about literal, trivial things and they are designed so she can scream-wail up and down with her ugly voice that sounds like a hedgehog roadkill. Someone who does not have the greatest voice ever but still is a super star is Shakira. She evokes emotions, she is charismatic, she is unique, she has “it”.
  2. That’s f-ed up, what a narcissist. First of all he cheated on her and hurt her DURING their relationship decades ago, and 2018 he had still not started to acknowledge that, but pretended still that he was a victim. On the other hand, in 2018 HE had been hurting HER in the most cruel ways for like 16 years at least since their breakup?!! And still framing it as if she hurt him?!
  3. Yes, and if you think people with a southern accent, very little education etc is equal to low IQ, you are not very intelligent yourself. Likewise if you need to see a woman in a suit and glasses to think she is not a bimbo. Britney was both intelligent and mature as young, her being ultra feminine and in touch with her feelings does not make her stupid and childish.
  4. No, I don’t compare Britney to my friends and co-workers, you can in fact NOT know everyone through your own lense like that. The reason why you fail to see Britney’s maturity is the fact that you lack it yourself. Like how you react with laughing emojis when I say what I think about this. My guess is that you are very young, and not very clever. Gifted people are not obsessed with charades, for example Greta Thunberg is very intelligent and mature beyond her age. In the same time she “looks like a child” because she is above typical adolescence attributes, like lots of make up, trying to look/sound cool, obsession with other people’s perception of you, etc.
  5. I see that she is wise and I am annoyed to find bullies HERE who call themselves her “fans” that belittles her.
  6. No you don’t love her. You love your (patronising) view of her as a blond, bimbo object, apperently. If you can’t see that she is intelligent it is because you yourself is not very smart or mature. Objectifying idols is not equal to knowing who they are.
  7. Wtf?! She has always been mature, well over her age! Why are you even here? It is quite superficial to read her personality as less because she is a highly sensitive and gifted person. Just because someone is not acting overly confident it does not mean they are immature, quite contrary actually.
  8. 1. She is a unique person and very much more sensitive and deep than all of those, according to me. She has a different personality. It is not about being a child. 2. They are not in CONSERVATORSHIPS and their fathers aren’t Satan who f:ckes up their entire lives (except for MJ). 3. I fed think Britney is well articulate. It is only under the conservatorship when she has been robbed of freedom of speech and constantly under threat of losing her children completely, that she, understandably have not been able to be herself in interviews. And that Instagram is James tool for keeping her under con-ship.
  9. Everytime, because it is so beautiful and she wrote it herself. It is very sad though. If she ever made music again, I hope she wrote and produced her whole album herself. She is better than the generic songwriters. Everytime is unique.
  10. Yes. I have cancelled them now for bullying Lisa. I usually don’t turn on people cause of gossip ABOUT them, but if THEY themselves, start talking **** about others, I’m done.
  11. She has just been “childish” on that stupid Instagram page, that she does not own and control. Someone chooses the content and they CLEARLY put all videos on speed which make her move and talk fast, as well as it pitches up her voice so it sounds like Chip and Dale.
  12. No. Don’t agree. I never thought that! And sensitive and really gifted people like Britney often have a youthful and playful vibe 🤨
  13. Same! That is what I want the most for her, her babies ❤️❤️❤️. And freedom of course. Also, I am actually relieved she is alive and not sedated or anything. I didn’t want to write it but I actually was worried. (Would NEVER have written that on her instagram). I am so glad her boys will understand she never wanted to be away from them and all of this has been made to her, she loves them more than anything ❤️❤️❤️
  14. But like, why do you do the exact same thing people did to you? Which is spreading stupid theories and slander. Lisa has been a great ASSET to Britney and no one can deny that. An attorney that actively already has campaigned against conservatorship abuse that on her free time advocates for Britney is the best thing that can happen to Britney right now!! 🤬 I seriously don’t gaf what dirt you or anyone can find on her, it shouldn’t matter!! Now I agree with everyone who have said, THIS IS ABOUT BRITNEY! I was defending you for the exact same reason. Honestly, I don’t even care if you are best friends with Jamie behind close doors when you have provided the public with all the facts in form of court documents that need to be known (especially to the media).
  15. I thought it was only because he finally started to do a good job. Like if a kidnapped person suddenly start to get some help and it is all in their hands, then you might want to encourage them to continue to do a good job and not piss them off before the victim is safe. That is how I interpreted it.
  16. What spotlight?! My accounts are all very private, I have shared the hashtag and written to journalists and organisations, but I have never had an open free Britney account, even less so with my name on it to get spotlight. It is actually the people who started campaigning against LFB that wants spotlight and fronts the movement with their names and faces. Is there even one clout-thirsty profile who have defended LFB? Have not seen it. Anyway, now that LFB talked **** about Lisa I am not defending them anymore. the reason I did actually was that Britney need people like them to advocate for her. I rather listen to people like Lisa and that surprise witness than to “stans” who take it upon themselves to analyse the official Instagram of Britney (which just looks bad).
  17. FFS STOP IT! I defended LFB because they got attacked by free Britney accounts. I thought it was bull**** to start slandering “your own” because everyone have slightly different takes on everything. I must be in the most radical fraction as I hate Britney’s family for being complicit and thinking that ALL conservatorships are against human rights. But whatever, the more the better that work to free Britney. Now that LFB have attacked Lisa who is the best human being in this movement I’m furious. STOP THIS!!! Everyone who works for Britney’s freedom are helping her. I do still think though that it is wrong as hell to post stuff that promote political ideologies and different fates in Britney’s name, that is abuse. But stop “exposing” important accounts that has legal expertise and make the movement for Britney credible! 🤬🤬🤬
  18. But that is your interpretation. I think like you. Conservatorships are violations of human rights, f them together with death penalty, boot camps and correction “schools” for “troubled youth” etc. Lfb though argue that the 1:st step is to remove Jamie and I agree with that. Well, honestly I want her freed NOW, but there are different degrees of Hell and Jamie as her conservator is the worst of the worst.
  19. Same, I care about Britney. I have written to so many journalists and tried to make them to look at the court documents and what human rights are. I wrote to ACLU, Amnesty and many other organisations, tried to make someone to talk about Britney’s case. It is just mind blowing that this has happened in the open and that all journalists almost seem to be ok with it. The ableism in society is so disgusting and something we need to address and work on, and it doesn’t seem to be easy. I just saw the documentary about Greta Thunberg and how the number one argument for silencing her was “she is mentally ill, she has Asperger, she is depressed, she suffers from anxiety”. Wth?! And when people try to silence #freebritney it is always “I am sure she is mentally ill, who knows how bad it is”. It doesn’t Matter. It is normal to have function varieties. I don’t think she had dementia or any kind of mental disability when they got her in a conservatorship but none the less, it should be illegal to in any way restrict someone’s liberty, freedom of speech and women’s rights with the excuse of any kind of depression, anxiety, ptsd, Asperger syndrome etc. Unless they are a danger to other people. Like James is to his daughter and grandchildren 😡
  20. Whoa... evidence? No there can’t be court documents that prove he wasn’t ***** by MJ when he had sleepovers with him! How about the entire metoo? Almost noone had proof but we said that we should believe victims. The fact that it is your idol shouldn’t make a difference. You can’t possibly know if he was ***** or not as you were not in the room there with them.
  21. And you are here fuelling yourself. You’re just as petty, especially since you’re not the one who have had threatening consequences to your life and career due to the “petty drama”. Just standing by the side and participate in the “petty mess”, saying that everyone else should be ashamed is so much better.
  22. You are here talking about it, this page is 41 pages long. Why can’t the ones that were slandered and defamed take proper action and clear their names?! If someone in the free Britney movement hit another one within the movement, is it petty if they then report it and address/complain about it in public? Defamation is also a crime, emotional abuse is also abuse. No one should be shamed for defending themselves. Is it because they are lawyers you think they should just shut up? Do you get less human value with certain professions or after a certain degree?
  23. I don’t like victim blaming. Some people who have done a lot of good work, that basically everyone else that wants to free Britney have used to educate their followers, the media, random people online etc., if they get smeared without any proof by some of the biggest accounts in this movement, that is a problem! Change comes from within, the means lead the way to the end, etc. There has to be decency within the movement to be able to make a good work, and LFB has been crucial. The media has just reported on the fans that have been asking Britney for signs on her instagram and then reading into supposed attentions on the official Britney account. Because that is what can’t be taken seriously. It is thanks to LFB who have provided PROOF, court documents, that I and others have had actual arguments, worth anything when arguing for Britney’s human rights! Any movement needs to be healthy and narcissists that tries to hijack and cut out people a’la dictatorships can’t be left doing that without discussion. In order to ACTUALLY “move on”.
  24. Yes, they behaviour reminds me of people who attacks others to cast light on them, instead of their own shady business, making accusations they are guilty of themselves.
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