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  1. Yes. The only thing I think about how she needs permission to see her friends or make and receive phone calls. It doesn’t seem like anyone can just reach her directly 😧
  2. Aww, I am so happy to see them with their Mom!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ It is also a relief because I have gotten worried how the team treat her after the doc and all the massive, new support for Free Britney.
  3. I think this is it. And yes, Macy Grey is extraordinary. I think it was racist and unfair how a white screamer like Aguilera has gotten praise like if she would be on the same vocalist level as Godesses like Whitney Houston. And how she could be chosen over someone like Macy Grey, when the latter is Sooo much more of an artist and songwriter. And unique! It is like with Justin Timberlake. If you compare him to I don’t know Usher or a Michael Jackson, it is clear that because he is white he can be on a much lower level while getting praised even more. Justin is not that talented but people are fawning over him too. Like, wooow, a white guy remotely can barely sing (? Or? I am not sure) and make some kind of pop music at all. That is amazing.
  4. I admit that yes, apparently Britney’s music was also used for torture. It wasn’t my main point, just an example but okay, not a good example.
  5. What a b-tch that interviewed her, poor Mara!! How could that journalist be so mean to a little girl, a child?! I would have wanted to listen to her just to be kind and then tell her that I understood and that she deserved a childhood 💔 I loved her so much in Mrs Doubtfire when I was a child, I thought she was so cute, but my heart ached for her because she looked so sad and vulnerable. The narrative she describes is so accurate, I remember that. It was for me, my guy friends who were criticising Britney all the time. And even more so guys that weren’t my friends who thought they were So Cool. They bragged about liking “nerdy” girls with brown hair and glasses while ****-shaming Britney, (that girl in “She’s all that” before her transformation was used as an example) insulting her intelligence and talent. And that was supposed to be a “feminist” statement. A lot of girls were like that as well. They always said they were “smart” and “cool” because they were not like that “blond bimbo” Britney Spears. Ironically Britney is more intelligent than any of these people. I remember I rebelled against that “smart girls got to have brown hair and be a rock chic” narrative and still had long, blond hair and just clothes I thought looked good and My God how demeaning both guys and girls were before they got to know me.
  6. I am not even talking about BRITNEY’s range because it is irrelevant, the topic of the post was who deserved a Grammy the most, not who’s voice has the biggest range. I have said over and over that what matters is how the artist move the receptor, the listener, the receiver, the viewer. And that your ONLY argument is that “Christina has a bigger range”. Which is totally irrelevant to music and art, Bob Dylan has been a part of so many people’s and other musicians’s lives, he is an iconic poet and artist and how big is his range?! A random guy who got accepted to the local church choir because of his range is NOT even near Bob Dylan, let alone a better artist than him. You guys are so repetitive, you just confirmed what I have had to write over and over; none of you speak of how you feel when listen to ms. Cultural Appropriation screaming with her downright ugly Kermit voice. It is just “her range, her range, her range”. Yeah, she has range, an ugly tone, a charisma that is dead inside and doesn’t touch your heart or sweeps you away to a different world, oh no, you are there and the only thing you can think about while listening to the tortured hedgehog is “she has a bigger range than Britney”.
  7. Can we finally admit Christina Aguilera’s manufactured Kermit tone is ugly? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/christina-aguilera-and-th_b_819979 “she kidnapped the song and shipped it out to be tortured. It was not the mangling of the song, but the mangling of the tune itself”. Christina Aguilera ranked worst national anthem singer Christina Aguilera used as a bad example of oversinging in an academic art journal. https://watermark.silverchair.com/jaac_v76_1_083.pdf?token=AQECAHi208BE49Ooan9kkhW_Ercy7Dm3ZL_9Cf3qfKAc485ysgAAAqUwggKhBgkqhkiG9w0BBwagggKSMIICjgIBADCCAocGCSqGSIb3DQEHATAeBglghkgBZQMEAS4wEQQMAFXdPvpF13cgptc4AgEQgIICWMT6FdnoBge6opcoiTHi8pk6P_Nu3jDYXooxmrm2htW-viIeQyXC19sEUl15kCRtqAd50cebJ4Jg1-LCxhyZhpgp6gsEPBVsOcWKdjiyZWEMuwzmFb9KHCQhg91WrY_mRJTpis6CUBaRd_QtaVhX4FJDgXn87V--DmGktHNzITIl8cZyRAAE4v5YRnaNqG9iIO2wuTZcxWwbN8Kq6eYWiFHa-fuqeHDmaRQ8n0blQJoQpgIrSZ7A-oxxpDrD5UqbyLh4vdKZOpHyC8Pxw0Hr4-kgfju4gM4imUHakMHB30zjolmfqAHGYpmBc4jObaKY49GJ3aVD6UpzXHDk6V-CIXiEZn1xIf9ttb6whhCaoHpeOCBNBIuU8qkAO-rqhnJHATJlQSXVoQFHxE0GBtY6G6-TeXiKXtRf5XWDMKqwUAKl1gdbkULrJoAcRg8hHCxQdNMR53YSjqZrCydb-evAfExom4J6lbf8YvmGZrXaKzsP_QhJfiRzLGzglZxy8zK6FJRHtjIGIYlc-mE4zfg__ERpsg4CbdV_AN6o8nhW6bNLvYNmQmKchNV_p0xjHrOWj5CEO8galK8PUMfrMoCa0-FZdtOiYjWlkK9WjwtgWCWOQ4wz_A2dDY26j5KQCUhpvPnKyehi3unKLbdVMBWdVpoUGDin3tr_uIJO2fyjNwcS04bLgi425HPHEtQ-7CIUTBjv0vO5kZUVFbbhhx95G-vYJ0xy4EgL0Otw8_-DoV7Imsfv4FCChXfwElAR_K-aQc7Rgnj2VYptgKhzBC8vzs-bE0ElX45DJg
  8. That was an example. My argument is not that and you don’t even have one yourself, you are the lame one. You just have to jump into the discussion and defend this overrated screamer but you don’t answer to what I have written. What is it that you love about Christina’s “music”? What do you feel when listening to it? I don’t mean literally reading the lyrics, I talk about being overtaken with feelings when listening to her. Does that happen? Is it literally “music to your ears” listening to her growling away? Would you sit and relax with your eyes closed and enjoy it, or do you also turn it off because it is torture to endure?
  9. Haven’t mentioned her weight. Why are you adding made up arguments to argue against? My argument about Britney being a better ARTIST is not this stupid, technical comparison that some of you do. You really have nothing else to bring than that, proving it again and again.
  10. I have always heard that she has an ugly voice and that she is just screaming. I have always thought she is overrated because she is white and it is some kind of Elvis syndrome of people thought that she “sounded black” or something (and she claims to sing “soul”) and got a pass because the other blond pop stars were singing pure pop while CA were more about cultural appropriation. The thing is, she is nothing compared to any actual soul singer. There are a lot of female vocalists with powerful voices that produce actual music that moves you. When you listen to CA (funny that her initials are the initials of Cultural Appropriation), what do you FEEL? So far you are still just bringing one argument which is like “she has a good technique”. Which she actually has not, but music is not about technique, it is just a tool for something else that has to exist first; a musical gift, creativity and sensitivity so that the singer can move emotions in other people.
  11. You must be tone-deaf. 1.17 is too funny. The soldiers looks like they are being tortured Another screaming compilation Her “music” was actually used for torturing.! Christina Aguilera’s music was used for torturing prisoners at Guantanamo. Having a powerful voice does not make anyone a better singer. Like Dolly Parton is also a musical genius, just as much as Courtney Love is. She is actually more of a genius since she have written so many amazing songs. If you just scream and strain your voice, does not actually transfer any emotions that moves people and brings them to another sphere/world, it isn’t actually music. Everyone who “defends” Christina as a musician in this thread are trying to justify it as something objective but none of you are saying that she has moved you in any way, and that is the only reason singers get a God-like status.
  12. I am only saying what I constantly heard when Genie in a bottle came out. No I don’t like her, because I hate horrible music and where artists are greatly overrated. When I google I find like tons of videos, articles and threads from people who are saying the same thing. Christina is very overrated. And I think it is because she is white and was blond when she came out. Aka, she could ride the Britney wave. And be some kind of anti-Britney, even though I know that it was Avril Lavigne who actually was branded that, literally. Even this post says that Christina was the anti-Britney. Pitting them against eachother and then saying that Christina could “sing”. And I am saying her voice is unbearable and apparently I am not alone. This is what I hear when she comes on. The reason I switch or quickly turn off it. Christina Screaming
  13. I agree so much with whoever made this video Christina Aguilera only screams, live compilation Thread on Lipstick Alley from someone who understands music and singing. I so agree with this person. It is only because Christina is white she is so overrated. The bar is so low. If she had not been white, no one would ever had said that she can sing. “This is supposedly the “voice of her generation.” She is a HORRIBLE vocalist. I have never heard such horrible technique. She didn’t even make it 10 years before her voice (and overall talent) went to ****. She really is worthless and pathetic. This is what happens when you let these pseudo soul singers aka yt women come to the cookout. She spent so much of her being a culture biting opportunist, stealing ALL her vocal inflections and runs from Black women…and she can’t even do the **** now. How dreadful. ***** did not make it 10 years. I wonder if that’s why she’s relegated to Vegas cabaret act WHILE The Queen Mary J. is getting oscar nominations and successfully transitioning over to Hollywood MOVIE icon. Let’s talk about it.” /thread from Lipstick Alley. Lipstick Alley thread 👆 Link up There.
  14. Oh yes. She is a great artist. And since it has been so relevant to value voice quality, Lauren’s voice is light years better than Screamtina. Macy Gray as well as someone said. That’s music.
  15. But, she was known only as some kind of anti-Britney. Aka, her whole fame was like “this is a Britney look-a-like who can sing scream better”. I remember this, I was maybe 12-14 and this was what was said in the media and how my friends and people at school talked about it. Someone would say “she is just a Britney copy”, next person said “but she sing better” and third person said “I don’t think she sings, I think she screams”. Kind of like this thread.
  16. Diverse? How is that relevant? It isn’t. Beethoven wasn’t ”diverse”, you know it’s Beethoven when you hear his symphonies and he was a genius. The comparison is relevant because you said that it is impossible to be objective about music. Funny that you still try and argue for having some objective truth about Christina’s scream-tunes.
  17. Well it does. Objectively Whitney Houston is a better artist than One Direction. Even if someone would disagree.
  18. Exactly!! This is what I am saying. People that claim Christina is more talented or a better singer/artist can only name this. She screams louder and wails around. But, I have heard Britney sing OFF stage, on recordings when doing makeup, being with her friends and that. And her voice is super beautiful and actually she does seem to have a much bigger range than what she shows. She also is about music and performance as art, she is not up there to audition for “biggest range award”.
  19. No, you are wrong. Objectively. this artist is a mega star 👇Britney live Sometimes This voice is actually gold because her tone is so unique. No one sings like Britney. That is exactly what a singer need. Dolly Parton also has a unique voice and so did Janis Joplin and Whitney Houston. It is just not about “the visual”, it is everything! Compare with this lack of charisma and ear-torture; 👇 Genie in a bottle live This voice is NOT better than Britney’s. And as an “artist” she looks like a local “talent” on a mall from the local high school, one of those that dream but lack the charisma and also the ability to move people’s feelings with music. She tries really hard but she radiates nothing. Sorry.
  20. Yes! I hate her voice! It is hideous!! Not that I have enjoyed watching her perform or seeing her videos either, would never watch her perform/scream live and I left the room or switched the channel when any of her songs came on on MTV. I seriously doubt that anyone who says Christina is a “talented singer” has a musical ear.
  21. 1. Music award’s show, not a talent show with judges judging ”talent” 2. Britney is lightyears more talented than Christina. Music is, as many of us Have pointed out, not about screaming the loudest. It is about How good the songs are, how moving the music and performance is (most important!), how unique someone/a band is. It isn’t an audition for the school choir.
  22. YES!!!! This needs to get out there. Another part of Reframing Britney!! She is a creative genius and deserves cred and respect for that! Everytime is the best song of her genre ever. She is better than any songwriter that has written for her. I also think she is a better songwriter than Shakira, Justin Timberlake (of course) and if Christina Aguilera ever wrote any of the bland, meaningless crap she sung, than better than her’s too.
  23. Yes. The awful thing is, she might not have been wanting to change her face like this. The power that they have over her, as a survivor of domestic violence who actually knew all the time that my family and friends just wanted to help me leave all along, that the police would have been on my side if I went there etc, it is terrifying to think of having no one on your side, and the court and the state and your family, and all of your collegues as well, on your abuser’s side. How could you even insist on things being that overpowered and having it protected that way by the law?
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