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  1. I just thought, “Did I miss that everyone in the thread was being sarcastic about their apologies”?
  2. WHAT?! “Leaked”?! There is no proof that: 1. This is Britney (but it could be) 2. This is a conversation between him and her 3. This is new and not 10 years ago 4. Most importantly, my problem has never been whether he has spoken to her or not, but the fact that he uses her and her position as isolated from the rest of the world and interprets her feelings and her wishes! Even if he did speak to her, you know how most people interprets other people’s meanings behind their words. In his case it is crystal clear, because what he presents of what Britney has got to say 100% revolves around HIM, and THAT is the main problem. That he says that Britney is against certain fans etc. Fans that support her and has worked hard to get the media and general public to become of aware of her deeply unjust situation. Even if he has been b-tching to her and she is both polite to him AND supervised while talking, it does not have to mean that she really is that BFF with him and really takes his side in the manner as he presents it. The way he speaks about her he uses her as a pawn to be nasty towards people he holds a grudge on. Maybe he spoke to her recently, maybe he spoke to her years ago and recorded it, whatever, he is still using his position to filter whatever Britney thinks and wants through his own selfish need to get out with HIS message.
  3. Yes. They are both gifted (intellectually) and creatively as well. Both have distinct voices that are great, not because they scream and wail everywhere and to the moon and back, but because they are so unique you know immediately that it is Shakira or Britney. They are naturally happy, down to earth and loving moms. I have thought exactly the same thing. I wish Britney had been adopted by Shakira’s parents and gotten the same family. Britney would have been an exploring artist and person, allowed to be young and have fun like everyone else, break up like everyone else, experiment with her hair and style as she wished. She would have been such a wholesome, cool and independent 39-year old artist by now.
  4. No, you just lack reading comprehension. The entire time I have said that it doesn’t matter who “sings better”, because that is irrelevant. Like I said, Bob Dylan is an icon, also because of his voice that range between like 2 notes. I said Christina has an ugly voice and that she is screaming, not performing art. Britney’s voice is unique. You don’t know what that word means I take it. I can’t be asked to repeat again, for the 11th time what I already have written over and over. If you can’t read, then, so be it.
  5. What are you on about?! She is not in a conservatorship for psychiatric diagnoses! WHY do people like you say these things?! And I don’t understand how you can ask how her “handlers” can “allow” her to do these Instagram posts that you think look bad. Really?! They make their LIVING out of the court saying Britney is not well enough to not have a conservatorship. Which do you think is more likely, that they (because they all want her to remain trafficked) would A. Want everyone to think she seems really well and “normal” on her instagram or B. That people like you will get worried and ask ARE YOU OK, BRITNEY, YOU SEEM UNSTABLE. ? Which scenario benefits their cause? (to keep Britney in this) And don’t speculate about a stranger’s medication.
  6. I agree but I also understand that she and so many gets hurt and angry that he attacks her fans and call them crazy.
  7. Billy says that Jamie Spears is a loving father looking out for his “child”, also that Britney was put in a conservatorship because of their concern. He uses Britney as a pawn, claiming that she agrees with everything he thinks, and that she dislikes the fans that criticise him.
  8. Mhm, this is how I see it. The message is the important thing.
  9. That’s bad if that’s the case. I don’t know enough about them as individuals, just the general message which I am behind
  10. Talking of which, I was so stupid to defend LFB 🤡🤡🤡I thought they were doing good even their stance on the conservatorship, Ingham, Lynne etc, but I have totally changed my mind on that.
  11. Exactly. Like Billy B would be her “ride or die” BFF and as if she would let him diss her fans who are the ones that have been fighting for her freedom and for her to receive help to get out all along.
  12. Christina has an ugly voice and she screams. Britney might have said that because she was self-aware and got criticised for her voice and lipsyncing. She is always nice. Christina’s voice is nothing special, her fame is purely white privilege. Britney’s voice IS special, she would NOT have become such an icon without that super distinctive voice! Talk about being delusional if you don’t understand even that. Her voice is everything, no one else sounds like that. Bob Dylan is not Luciano Pavarotti and if he had been that, he would never had become such an icon. It is because his unique voice and expression (as well as his lyrics). btw, you are yet another one who is proving my point, again talking about Christina’s technical singing (although she technically gets dissed by voice coaches and professional singers). Take the entire row and sit down.
  13. And the thing is that Britney had beautiful eye makeup in the 90s. She basically look like a goddess but ANYONE done like he did her will lose some of their beauty if you just make the eyes two black holes in the face and put light powder in the eyebrows :p
  14. Check his Twitter. He has tweeted a lot the latest days. He also is a “we” and “us” with Britney now and tweets that Britney basically hates anyone that criticise him.
  15. Yeah I remember when he used criticism against his awful makeup on her on X factor (?) to say that Britney was hurt because it would be about her looks. It was not. On the contrary he did everything he could to insult her natural beauty. He covered her eyes in black completely so her beautiful, big and soulful eyes looked smaller and deeply set. He forgot about the eyebrows and didn’t contour her beautiful features, just hid everything. That is critique against him, not her.
  16. John Mayer says “Framing Britney Spears” made him realise his male privilege
  17. Aw, I love her!! I think she is supporting Britney and is doing it to normalise it. Britney has gotten so much crap for not doing what everyone else are doing with their Instagram, I think it is good that now if you are going to diss Britney for it, you have to diss Shakira as well. Think that that is what she is doing 🙂
  18. It doesn’t make “us” look bad since as far as I know the majority of the movement doesn’t believe him.
  19. Yes he has. He says that Britney was put in the conservatorship out of concern. That is vile and simply a dirty lie. He must be friends with her parents and send like someone that can manipulate people into thinking he 1. Is in direct contact with Britney so is the only one that knows what she wants, and 2. That what has happened to her is really not as bad as it is, he is trying to hide the ugly facts and soften everyone’s feelings about Jamie and Lynne.
  20. NO!!!! He is going to say that Britney’s loving “parents” did this to their “child” out of concern.
  21. Well. People should come together and crowd him with their cellphone, taking pics and video him all the time. It would have to go on for some months for him to realise just 5 % of what she went through. He is old so it is not the same, he is a man and not a new mother who already gets shamed automatically just for being a mother so it is not the same.
  22. I agree with her, he is extremely rude to Britney’s fans and also to the Free Britney movement.
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