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  1. If Jamie was Jemima, a mother, and Britney was Brad, her 39-year old son, and Jemima had her middle aged, successful son in conservatorship to milk his fortune since 13 years, all media outlets would have shredded her to pieces long ago. Add to that Jemima, the alcoholic and violent mother, who has a restraining order against her, for having abused her two granddaughters; Brad’s daughters. The general public would be outraged that a FATHER had been prevented to see his daughters, his children, by his “sick” mother. Jemima would have been diagnosed with Münchhaussen syndrome by proxy and called a sick, crazy, nightmare, disgusting alcoholic old witch. Imagine if this unkept 60+year old Jemima would also had prevented Brad, one of the most successful men in the United States, to speak about his conservatorship, denying him the right to hire his own lawyer, the right to freedom of speech, the right to see his friends, have a phone, leave the house. All media outlets would NOT have just been reporting what Jemima’s attorney (in a position of clearly conflict of interest, where she gets paid by Brad, and is relying on his continued conservatorship to get money from Jemima) just said, without outraged comments and headlines about it. Sick.
  2. Yeah. But journalists really think that it was more insane that a hot 20something woman chose to shave her head and not be a *** symbol anymore. I mean that and to react to severe street harassment like she did with an umbrella, I mean THAT is what’s crazy. /Every media outlet ever. 😡🤬
  3. Where I live it is forbidden for people to have a relationship with their clients or employees. To OWN your girlfriend and be able to control her life is domestic violence and slavery. How was this not ***ual harassment and r***? The consent disappears when one partner or allowed to own the other and tell them what to do, control their life, relationships/friendships, money etc.
  4. But like, yes it was scary, regardless of how he treated her. It is appallingly wrong in so many ways. It becomes r*** and slavery that a boyfriend/husband owns his wife/girlfriend. It becomes automatically domestic violence. People talk about the crazy sharia laws under islamistic dictatorship in certain countries, but this was allowed in the most western and Christian of countries in the world. Wtf? And as you say, it is not talked about. Journalists have been silent about it this whole time.
  5. Where can I see the full video? I checked their YouTube channel and I couldn’t find it.
  6. Why is this not on the Blast’s YouTube channel so I can share it? I don’t have Twitter. 😐
  7. Holy ****, Yes! I am chocked. I thought Britney’s fans were progressive LGBTQ supporters, who are against ***ual oppression, misogyny and general oppression. That is what I have heard, that many identify with her because they weren’t allowed to be themselves. I always supported Britney and I have since I really started to listen to her music the latest years, become a fan of hers as well. I was too old when she came out as I am like 2 years younger only and I remember that it was mainly children who listened to that genre of music (boy bands, Britney, Aguilera, Spice Girls etc). Britney herself is a VICTIM of this horrible misogynistic attitude that shamed and controls young women, call them crazy for having normal feelings and dictates who their friends and boyfriends are allowed to be. Britney is a free spirit who rebelled against all of this. She dared to express her ***uality, despite being a girl, she went out partying as well as Kevin did (and was also an awesome mom, despite so called fans here bringing up her motherhood as some kind of argument about partying). She CHOSE to hang out with Paris. I have noticed that there are “fans” of hers that both defend her conservatorship, disses her as an artist and shames her as a mother and woman. And it is always “I love Britney too, but...”. But NO, they don’t love her, they are being so condescending and rude, and yes, they think of her as their property, just like James does. It is the kind of “love” James is talking about. I feel sick.
  8. Again, deflection. That you are even bringing it up is misogynistic. I have never seen such scrutiny of Prince Harry’s friends that he partied with at 22. Or Mick Jagger’s. Or Elvis Presley’s. Are you sure Elvis party friends in his 20s were good role models and Christians? Paris doesn’t need to be a feminist role model for you to get a pass for being misogynistic.
  9. Oh My God. How irrelevant. You think to be misogynistic is a personal opinion directed at one person? It is a general attitude about women. What I and others are responding to is the attitude that 1. Britney should not have been partying. 2. That it was sinful of them to go out. 3. That a young mother was not allowed to go out (even though the dad, Kevin, did all of the time). If you think Paris said nasty things about Lindsay Lohan that is IRRELEVANT. It was Britney’s friend, her choice of a friend. I am sure Britney was a normal young person who also might have talked **** about others when she didn’t get interviewed with a camera in her face. Whatever. It is misogynistic to judge them for partying and Paris doesn’t have to be a perfect angel to make it ok for them to go out and party.
  10. This is called deflection. Paris could have been an ******* 15 years ago, that does not make it any more okay to judge women for A. Drinking alcohol B. Going to parties
  11. I think otherwise. They were holding hands and looked at eachother with such affection.
  12. What a load of crap. Did you not read the post you are replying to?! GODNEY IS A QUEEN wrote that Kevin was partying all the time. He is the other parent in the custody battle. That you only blame and shame the mother is misogynistic. Are you US-American? (I refuse to say just American as America consists of two continents and many countries). I can’t believe how people can lack self-awareness about how misogynistic they are 2021. You are reasoning like people did in the 30s where I live. Why do I NEVER see anyone judging John Mayer for saying he wants a “wife and kids” as a Middle Aged man who has been sleeping around and partying his whole life? Nobody judged this guy as a father for multiple substance, food and *** addiction 👇
  13. No. YOU are reaching. You haven’t even realised what this post’s topic is. I am replying to the topic. The topic is who deserved a Grammy. Not “who is a vocalist”. And, you also are making really strange points about Britney not being a “vocalist” when I just gave you several examples of ICONS that have UNIQUE VOICES, whom none of them were vocalists either, and that was my point. Seriously, is it that hard or are you trolling? Britney is a pop star, an iconic pop star that has many fans who have gotten so much out of her art. Her pop-art. The Grammys are NOT “Classical Vocalist Awards”. You probably are going to reply to this with a laughing GIF and still go on about “Do you think Britney sings like Celine Dion? Oh my goood, hahaha”. Christina Appropriation is also a pop star. She is not a virtuoso. She isn’t a soprano that makes a living out of travelling around performing classical music on Opera houses. She is a pop star and she never became the icon Britney is. Because it is pop, it is music, it is about art. David Bowie was not a “vocalist” either. It is not a relevant argument when it comes to pop artists and Grammy awards.
  14. Yeah whatever #whataboutism It doesn’t change the fact that it is misogynistic AF to shame young women in their 20s for wearing short dresses and going to parties. Or moms for that part. When I was 22 I met a lot of young moms at clubs. You know they can have the father or grandparents to stay home and keep an eye on their kids? It is allowed, and I never see anyone shaming rockstar dads for going partying.
  15. I know, WTF is this? I don’t get what prude, misogynistic evangelist cultists are doing on this forum. Like, when I was 23 I went to clubs too. Every weekend. So did everyone. Because I didn’t grow up in Teheran or with the Amish-people. It is not 1853.
  16. Wtf is this?! Are you a catholic nun or an evangelist?! A young mother has the right to go to parties. Kevin did as well but you don’t mention that. I don’t see your points, wherever they went they were photographed and these two, too, deserved the same lighthearted fun as everyone ducking else in the world.
  17. Imagine she is in a conservatorship and constantly belittled as “does she even deserve human rights? She did cry when she was stalked by 5000 paparazzis and everyone laughing at her, holding her baby. She shaved her head”. And he is considered the stable adult, when SHE provides for them both and he does nothing.
  18. Seriously?! Are you going to be one of the misogynistic dinosaurs from 2007?! They went to clubs and had some fun ffs! Do you tell your friends and other young people that they commit grave sins and deserves to lose all of their rights if they go to clubs?
  19. Ok, that’s Actually a stupid thing to say because OBVIOUSLY it is a good thing. It is the reason became such a superstar. You really seem to not understand that if Britney sang like Celine Dion she wouldn’t have become so iconic and huge. Wtf, do you honestly not understand that her unique tone is what makes her success together with her creativity, personality, charisma, songwriting, expression etc. But she needs that voice and that sound too. Really. All mega artists does. How da Duck can you say “unique is not always a good thing” when she is the princess of pop? She obviously made it and was always much bigger than Christina Appropriation. Here is an iconic song, by an iconic artist, that most other artists and musicians and songwriters look up to. Unique, not the one that got accepted to the town’s best choir. Here is another big artist that made it and she does not sing like Celine Dion either; Madonna, one of the biggest stars ever. She does not have the greatest range, is not wailing all over (she can’t). And here is Aguilera embarrassing Whitney’s memory by trying to do this song justice the way Whitney sang it (passionate and big) and it is not good! She sings off key several times throughout the performance and it just isn’t beautiful. And the “technique” is all she got. She’s got absolutely zero warmth or ability to make people feel strong emotions while listening/watching. Whitney could do that. She had it all. Dolly Parton sang it much better than Christina, here is a live performance. No excessive oversinging and showing off (narcissistic singing), she is 100% right on key, CONSISTENT and BEAUTIFUL and WARM. Iconic. Finally, THIS IS GOOD. It is unique, she is great! She does not sing bad either, it is pretty and it is very personal, unique and, yes, ICONIC. Btw, what you wrote about Britney was so disrespectful you’d think you’re Aguilera’s burner account and not a Britney fan.
  20. Ffs, Britney’s voice IS something special. You are really inside a box this whole time because when you laugh and try to argue you misunderstand completely what ”unique” means. This is like The 5th time I am saying It, let’s see if you manage to read It now: ”Unique” does not mean ”She could get accepted into a Royal Opera ensemble or, ”in a technical competition of all singers that have ever lived, who has The most powerful voice”. You can have a voice that gets you accepted in to a church choir you have to audition for, even the most famous church choir in the world where it is HARD to get accepted, and you can be accepted there without having a UNIQUE voice, it is enough that you have really good technique, always sing on tune and can control your voice in a highly professional way. And no, Christina Appropriation is NOT one of the most accomplished in this area either. A unique voice is having a distinct voice that you recognize immediately. That’s it! It does NOT say anything about how powerful it is, how much someone wails, how big of a range you got etc. Again, Bob ******* Dylan, maybe you haven’t heard music that is not pop from the 90s and forward, but he is one of the most famous singer&songwriters that there is. And he hardly even sings, his voice is like inside just one octave, using 3 notes in the middle. No vocal training whatsoever. But he still has a unique voice and it is actually crucial to his success. If he had started to sing like Luciano Pavarotti in the middle of his career it would have died. Okay? Britney has a unique voice. (Understand what I mean by “unique” now?) She also has a beautiful tone, a warm tone and she catches your feelings when she sings. That is why so many people are saying that she has helped them be who they are and stand up for themselves. If she had had a cold tone and lacked the ability to connect with her voice (to people’s feelings) she would not have gotten so many fans. You say Christina is underrated but yet both you and everyone else in the thread just credit her for being able to wail octaves up and down (screaming and sounding strained the whole time though), I haven’t seen one person say “I cry when I hear her sing”, “She has been the most important person in my life in order to believe in myself”. Not “her voice is beautiful, it is like heaven listening to it”. It is always “Hey, her range is bigger than Britney’s”, “she can sing really loud”, “this is a list of her prices”. And yes, Britney is also white but she hasn’t, unlike Justin and Aguilera, been appropriating black culture as they have. At least not near as much.
  21. Maybe they don’t know or realise Kevin’s part in everything, you don’t when you are teenagers even if you can understand a lot.
  22. Yes. This. This is also why my blood boils when journalists or even fans says “maybe this is for her best”. It is never for anybody’s best to be robbed of living their own life.
  23. Exactly. I take everyone with a tank of salt until she is free and can speak for herself. (Hence why I don’t just buy Billy B’s version of who Britney is, what she thinks, what happened, how her parents are etc)
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