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  1. Eh, who is talking about Jason as a person? You are missing the point. A very important one...
  2. I don’t get why you even think it is necessary. In countries where conservatorships were abolished like 60 years ago the husband can still take care of the wife if she gets like MS or something. Or we can get help in the home, which is preferred, since it is ethically better and safer that professional staff comes to the house and do some chores and the husband can just be a partner. It is quite common that relatives become abusive when they are both relatives with attached feelings as well as having the burden of, on their own, do tasks that are better suited for trained staff that are either nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists etc. It is safer for the individual with some insight and shared responsibility. And now, Britney is not in a coma, she was working fulltime when this happened. Women fought and were imprisoned and physically abused when fighting for women’s rights, suffrage and the right to be autonomous adults. It is insane it is possible for a man to be a guardian of his girlfriend in the United States, today.
  3. Seriously? Do they care about her rights? They prevented her from hiring her own attourney. Among other things. There is a former co-worker now that says that Britney doesn’t have access to internet, her phone is barred from making calls and she doesn’t have internet in her house. All videos and content on Instagram is old and no, they don’t ask her, they just post from her private recordings (that are old as well). Considering they have removed her civil rights, freedom of speech and are doing a lot of sick things like preventing her from TALKING to people etc, yes, they absolutely would post stuff to her Instagram that benefits the conservatorship. James and his attorney have previously used it against Britney in court and they are doing it now as well. Of course they would do stuff that are against the law. Like, in her court documents, you can see that they didn’t follow protocol. James filed due to dementia and then it is noted that he should present evidence for it, that he never did but the conservatorship was confirmed anyway. They violated several laws when putting her in this, like allowing her to hire an attorney, they didn’t give her notice in advmce and they presented no evidence for dementia. I can’t believe it is actually legal to do a lot of things they are doing to her.
  4. Yes, cancel culture is also cosmetic. People just become aware of certain words you are not allowed to say and what is a popular stance to have and not. It is not that humanity, compassion and intelligence has increased. Besides ***ism has been reduced to a very narrow problem, people are not seeing misogyny in the wider picture and how it affect opinions on many more things than actresses having been ***ually harassed.
  5. I know and since a former co-worker has said she does not have internet in her house and that her phone is barred from making calls or connect to the internet, I don’t think she has posted them. She may have recorded herself but someone else chose to post it. It may be old videos as well. It got worse when #freebritney got attention and after the doc I really think they are intentionally editing and choosing content to get the GP on their side.
  6. Well... what I see is that they don’t report on all of her restrictions, they frame it is a purely financial matter. And they don’t even take a stance against a woman not having civil rights. And then this mocking of her instagram, they can’t mock her partying or parenting anymore as she is never seen out partying and her sons are big now, the only thing they can mock is her Instagram videos and they are doing it. 😑 I know that reporters would not ask 16-year olds about their breasts today, but as I say, I think this change is cosmetic and not a change of values, just an awareness on certain things being off-limit today.
  7. To be honest, I think the GP is stupid, at least half of it. Many people support this conservatorship and think they can diagnose Britney over Instagram without being qualified and licensed psychiatrists.
  8. Yes but the narrative of “Framing Britney Spears” was that this really affected a Britney, and my point is that people have been posting on SM that we are in a much better place today where journalists and people don’t do that anymore. Are they blind?! It is still happening
  9. I KNOW!! It infuriates me that “journalists” leave this out!!!!! What kind of crap education do they get where you can sleep through the whole program? They are not doing any research! Seriously, we should all write our own articles and send to newspapers, I think most people with a brain could do a better job than those lazy ****s! I just saw that a previous co-worker of Britney said that she is not allowed to talk to staff, that her phone can’t make calls or connect to the internet and that there is no internet at her house! Many people got mental health problems from a couple of months in lockdown, how the hell do people expect Britney to not get some from 13 years of hell?!
  10. For the comparison I hope 😛If he was a mother the narrative would had been that he was Satan. Look at the disgusting comments under a new article from The Daily Mail..! 500 (!!!) comments that reason exactly like that and defend him! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9306697/Britney-Spears-shares-home-dance-video.html
  11. Yes. But what we CAN conclude is that it is appalling if a man owns his female partner and is her GUARDIAN and ***ual partner at the same time. 🤢🤮
  12. I get SO frustrated by people who keeps saying that “Wow, people were nasty to women and nasty about mental health in 2007, we have come such a long way today”. NO!! Just look at this recent article in The Daily Mail and the AWFUL comments!! People are still acting like blood hounds calling her crazy and defending that she lacks human rights! I tried to comment but my comments were never uploaded, I am fuming. WHY do people say that it was worse in 2007?! Wtf, society is exactly as misogynistic today! Just some minor, cosmetic changes. People have understood they shouldn’t ****-shame the length of a skirt and that bosses in particularly the entertainment industry can be creeps. Other than that, people are being horrible and the CORE is not changed!
  13. Okay, If that was the case... but Where is the evidence for it? It sounds like an internet rumour based on pure speculation.
  14. Are you for real? You seriously defend a man owning the woman he is in a relationship with. Jesus ******* Christ. Who says he was a bad person? The ARRANGEMENT is absurd, the arrangement is domestic violence, I can’t believe you don’t understand that. How little you know of human rights, democracy and women’s rights! And besides that, what kind of laws do you have in your country? It is forbidden in most countries for like a doctor to have a relationship with his/her patient. There is absolutely NO excuse for this and it is completely irrelevant what his feelings or intentions were, it was so wrong and abusive and it automatically becomes r***.
  15. The history of psychiatry is horrifying. It says more about the limits of the people in power of it in the old times, than of their “patients”. In every dictatorship (in Soviet, other communist dictatorships as well as in fascist and **** dictatorships) it has been used to punish and de-activate political dissidents as well as minorities and women (especially single mothers) and it has had a huge impact on the mental health of their children that were separated from their mothers and their children and so on. Also in democracies it has been used to abuse minorities, and again, women. It is not in a good, modern and truly evidence based practice ANYWHERE in the world but the United States seem to be one of the worst and most behind countries actually. I mean they still have the death penalty as well and a crazy prison industry.
  16. We also abolished conservatorships/guardianships some time in the 60s. I am so surprised with how Americans reason. “But there are people that are disabled/in psychoses”, “some people can’t handle money”. Like yeah, we have the OPTION to receive support, the person with disabilities can consent to receive support with daily chores and their finances, but nobody owns them, nobody is their “guardian”. And that can be abused enough as it is! It actually gets abused enough as it is but the person’s affected still have ALL civil rights and the right to remove the support from their life. Obviously, if the disability is severe, this is easy to dismiss for the staff and again, abuse their position, but at least according to the law the clients are equal citizens. So the mother I mentioned had not put her grown son in guardianship, she had just allowed him to live with her and live off of her. And the media called it kidnapping and Münchhaussen syndrome by Proxy. He was disabled mentally, but they wrote that she should not had let him stay with her, because that was what was crippling him intellectually so to speak. And I just thought, it hasn’t crossed these journalists minds, how different they report about Britney. Apparently, because she is a woman was a “**** starlet” (???) then suddenly it is NOT crippling to have actually been prevented to make decisions all her adult life until middle age. She has been SO much more functioning than that Swedish, middle aged man, who had not worked a day in his life, but the same media said that HE was capable of an independent life anyway, while “we don’t know whether Britney is capable or not” despite having worked like 170% for 13 years.
  17. You still don’t understand that you don’t get to dictate who Britney’s friends are! You shut up because this is none of your business. BRITNEY chose to be around Paris, she isn’t MY friend or YOUR friend, she is Britney’s friend, just get that into your head! Just because Britney has been extremely abused and overpowered it is not a free pass for you to also start and moralise over “Britney’s company” and “Britney’s partying as a mother”, “Britney going to clubs”. I honestly DGAF what YOU think about Paris Hilton. It is not interesting, this is a forum for Britney, not you. I bet you don’t moralise over male celebrities company, right? You are silent about the fact that Kevin was partying at this time as well, right? And who were HIS friends? Were they perfect and good role models for Kevin? This reasoning of yours is sickening, it isn’t up to YOU who is Britney’s friends, but the fact that you moralise and talk about her as a child that should be grounded for clubbing in her 20s is 🤢🤮
  18. You know, in Sweden, we recently had a case of a mother going to jail for having let her middle aged son with severe mental illness staying at her apartment, having dropped out of school and never worked, never moved away from home. Despite that he was over 40 years old AND mentally ill, SHE, his mom got slandered to pieces for having let him live with her the whole time, instead of being homeless and starving I guess. He said himself that she had not kept him a prisoner, and that he had wanted to stay there because he felt safe and good with her. But the media was still like “this monster of a mother destroyed her son’s life by not letting him be an adult, she is horrible, she is disgusting, you don’t prevent your children from not growing up to adults, that is a deadly sin”. And I mean, he is mentally ill, lacks an education and job experience and that was all her fault, even though he had been severely bullied in school and that they both were abused by his father all his childhood. So that is the media narrative when a MOTHER allows her SON stay in her apartment at 40 years of age, someone with an actual diagnosed mental illness and obvious mental disability (he has not been providing for himself ever). But SAME journalists, when reporting about a father and an almost 40 year old daughter, where he actually has FORCED her to be under his thumb for 13 years, when she IS capable of working and has supported like 50 people fulltime at least, for 13 years, SAME journalists are framing that completely different. “We should not judge a parent and private family matter, she might need this”. See the insane difference based on *** of the parent and middle aged “child”?!
  19. Shut up Lynne. You consented to make a slave out of your own daughter, you wrote it yourself in your book! I 100% believe him and the fact that Lynne lies about it makes her even more shady. I am not here for LFB’s and Billy B’s narrative that it is only about James but not the rest of that family too.
  20. Well, to control your SO IS abuse, in itself. It should be illegal, it also makes it r*** because if they had *** under those circumstances that he basically owned, controlled and had the right to tell her what to do, that in itself becomes r***, she can’t consent in the actual essence of consent under such circumstances.
  21. 19? Yes? So? What is this? In Europe 19–year olds go to clubs. In Sweden you are an adult at 18. When I was 22 and lived in England I was one of the oldest in my favourite club, most people there were 18-19. Poor Britney, wish she had gotten to be adopted as a kid to a European country or anywhere else in the world where women aren’t infantilised and treated as children between 19-39.... Paris Hilton a racist? I don’t know enough about her, whatever, she may be Satan, but it was Britney’s choice of a friend and it is not for anyone to moralise over if Britney has “suitable company” or not. If Paris is a racist or not is a different discussion. I’d say Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake are more “guilty” racists since they have made their living out of cultural appropriation, it is not just a couple of old quotes, it is a lifestyle and whole careers. Britney was entitled to hang out with Hell’s Angels if she so wished, she was an adult!
  22. BOMT was so huge that if people even asks this question they were probably not even born when it came out. Pokerface was just a hit. Britney was everywhere and it wasn’t just about the song being a global mega hit, it was the controversy over the video and her as person as well. Nobody made that much fuss over poker face in that way, it wasn’t new, chocking and groundbreaking like BOMT. People said “here is a Madonna look a like” about Lady Gaga. Now I know that she is her own artist and this isn’t true, but it was common. Nobody said that about BOMT and the video of Britney dancing dressed as a schoolgirl, it was completely new and chocking. I am sure Gaga got plenty of fame, radio time etc. But obviously Britney was bigger and more of a catalysator for everyone that followed.
  23. Yes. People dig up resources, court documents etc unpaid, on their freetime, while journalists gets paid and just lazily reports what everyone else are reporting, without even using their brain and question what the hell they are printing, let alone doing any research!
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