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  1. How is that relevant? Did your dad hit your mother and drive with you while drunk? Has your dad physically abused your children? Did your dad remove all of your civil rights and freedom of speech?
  2. I’d rather leave the forum when it is something so serious as people defending a conservatorship.
  3. He sucks. He should be as aggressive as Vivian, but maybe he doesn’t want this to end since that means the money from Britney will stop to come.
  4. Some people here are stupid and they fail to grasp what has happened to Britney. They are also ableist AF and think it is no big deal if a woman loses her voice, children and entire life if you can attach any kind of label on her like “anxiety”. Women don’t need democracy and human rights you know, their daddy or husband can decide for them. And anyone that is not completely average/centre when it comes to anxiety (which would be high since it is so common) is crazy and need to have a relative shut them up and restrain them.
  5. I think it was toxic already when he drove intoxicated with 5 year old Britney in the car, or had violent fights with her mother while she watched crying and jumping of anxiety.
  6. That’s what makes it work and look hot.
  7. She looks awesome in short hair. It would be so great for her to be free and finally decide how she want to look and experiment with different hairstyles and clothes.
  8. Yeah. I don’t think the captions look anything like how she talks in interviews. When she is serious she is very serious and think things through, she is nothing like the 3 exclamation marks and 7 emojis after every sentence like Cassie’s Instagram look like. They don’t even let her speak, why would they hand her the phone or invite her to “send captions” to them? They DGAF what she wants otherwise, I think fans are being naive. If she gets free and says afterwards, as a free person, “YES it WAS me filming myself dancing and posting it 3 minutes later and it was me writing all the captions”, then fine, I’ll respect it. But it is more likely that it is Cassie’s or someone else’s doing since they control how Britney is portrayed in every other aspect. Especially since James repeatedly use the Instagram account as his weapon to say that Britney needs to be conserved.
  9. She can post whatever she wants but she obviously can’t since she is not allowed to speak, sing live, express her opinions etc. If the videos were her ideas I have no problems with them. She looks better than the rest of us when we dance around at home. But I don’t think she meant to post them to Instagram (or that they are new). Since both James and Vivian are using them as their sole example of why Britney would need a conservatorship (it is also the only reason the GP bring up with their stupid comments) I think it is safe to think that they are uploading the “worst” things they can find. Which is honestly nothing crazy at all, she is a creative genius. Have you not seen BJORK and her “weird dancing”, “weird singing”, “weird hairstyles”??!! Or Kate Bush? The Smiths It seems it is only Britney that is not allowed to be human and creative, have real feelings. Journalists and the so called “scum” (go commenting online) are like “No Britney, you are not a person, you are a Barbie Doll, it is crazy if you haven’t fresh makeup on or clothes that are not Versace and the latest fashion. Completely crazy. You can’t vote like that. It is embarrassing how Neanderthal judgemental and xenophobic people are about her Instagram. Even though I still think it is Cassie that edits **** together, speed up videos and chose the content where Britney has the littlest clothes on and the makeup from yesterday.
  10. I registered these things but gave them the benefit of the doubt (they are wrong, but they don’t realise it). Now I think that they wanted to infiltrate the movement to soften its core message (to FREE Britney). “No, she doesn’t need to be free, just get rid of her dad and give her money to Lynne and this whole firm of attorneys as well, who are SILENT while James’s lawyer is exposed on every news channel on the planet.”
  11. THIS is the reason that journalists and other celebrities should have been appalled and said something all along. **** signs on Instagram or exactly what her dad is like, another woman, another citizen, another colleague is more silenced than a person living in domestic abuse. The LAW has approved complete silencing of somone’s voice!
  12. Yes sweetheart, and do you realise that it was tabloids and scum magazines that mainly were cruel to Britney in 2007? I think The Daily Mail was worse than BBC in 2007 as well.
  13. Yes, and this journalist didn’t even mention the umbrella, her sole example for the claim that Britney really went completely insane in 2007 was the shaved head. She was a she, and not that old “from a different generation” either. Probably Britney’s age. I know! Everytime I am in traffic in a bigger city I see people screaming, beeping and giving the finger to eachother. Because they get aggressive when stressed out. I can assure you that this journalist herself has become angry at some point in her life, maybe did something worse than wave around an umbrella for 2 seconds. I also think she must have had a “crazy haircut” at some point in her life as most young women in their 20s experiment with their hairstyles.
  14. Come to her house? You think she is alone in her house? There are people there so she can’t just leave. They go through her phone. James has explicitly described in court that they go through her phone and belongings. You are also contradicting yourself, since you are sure she sends stuff to Cassie, you are sure they would never violate her rights or break the law. Take your own advice about not being so sure. If you need to laugh that much, start in front of the mirror and look up on how they already have violated her rights and broken laws.
  15. That or maybe when she wore a badge that read “I ****ed Britney Spears”. Or when she said Britney was “white trash” because she bought her own ring.
  16. Beyoncé is a good person. Zoe Seldana, Avril Lavigne, Craig Ferguson and Courtney Love as well.
  17. So people say but I actually think that they should have reacted, not because of fans or the hashtag #freebritney, but just because of obvious reasons like it was insane that she lost her civil rights. Most of them have done worse things than to shave their heads (which is not even a bad thing). Many have physically abused paparazzis, committed crimes, indulged in heavy drug abuse for years, joined cults etc. It is like, the woman lost her right to vote and her everything, forget about “fans and the movement”, just the facts about a conservatorship in itself should have enraged them if they had any kind of humanist values.
  18. Because they are 💩. I don’t think Madonna cared about Britney, she was probably jealous and competitive but handled it with collaboration as long as Britney was a “threat”. Christina has been such a d*** to Britney all along, this is probably something she dreamed about and prayed for would happen.
  19. Just today, the most prestigious newspaper in Sweden had an article about Britney, where the journalist wrote that she never fully had understood just how crazy Britney became in 2007 until now. “She shaved her head, such a complete mental breakdown”. Her analysis was that celebrities are animals in cages that gets poked and go mental. Nothing about her lacking civil rights, and she did absolutely not question the narrative that it would be “crazy” for a woman to shave her head 🤬
  20. But hey, don’t mix misogyny with critisizing individuals that are women. No, it is not misogynistic to criticise a woman. It is only if it either has to do with her *** OR, you would have had a completely different opinion if she was a man. It is misogyny to call Britney crazy because male celebrities get away with literally beating paparazzis to the ground, sleep with half of Hollywood and go in and out of rehab for 20 years without ever losing respect or civil rights. It is not misogynistic to be angry with a woman that acts in a way that you would feel the same about if she was a man. ***ism means that it is ***ism behind the attitude, not just “a woman gets criticised”.
  21. I am not a fan of either Meghan or Harry but I don’t believe for a second that she has been like putting him in hypnosis to make those decisions. It is HIS choice, absolutely, and they paint her as the manipulator. Speaking of them, it is mind blowing how Britney lost her entire life and even adulthood for having any kind of negative feelings as a young and hounded, bullied mother. Harry on the other hand can get paid millions to over and over say he has severe mental health problems as a young father that can’t deal with the press. He did not get a conservatorship, he got a Netflix deal and became BFF with Oprah and every A-list celeb. Britney was dropped like a hot potato and called “crazy”. Harry literally say his mental health is almost destroyed and that he couldn’t deal, why aren’t people saying that he should lose all of his civil rights and be in a conservatorship under Charles? (I know the answer).
  22. They stole motherhood, the right to vote, drive a car, keep her friends, her civil rights and her money from her, but you can’t believe they wouldn’t upload whatever videos they want to her Instagram that James owns and has hired Cassie for to handle?
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