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  1. Never liked Make Me. Boring song. The videos for it are all bad as well. Womanizer is a good song with a good video. It's obvious it's a thousand times better than Make Me in all senses.
  2. I have re-watched this recently and it's not even that bad as I remembered. There's some attitude here at least. Still beats the various new choreographies she was doing in Las Vegas like the Work ***** one. I don't like a single one of them. They're just boring and the hand movements are so jerky that they look really bad to me. I don't blame this on Britney at all. I know now in Vegas she wasn't feeling it because it was forced on her so the dancing was lackluster; I'm sure if she was doing a performance that she has actually decided to do that she could still dance her *** off. She always looks ok in videos because she probably enjoys them more than live performances in the current situation. The Circus one shows a really fierce Britney and she looked gorgeous in that video. Womanizer video as well was good in that respect.
  3. It could be or it could just be she really got locked up accidentally and she decided to post the story because it also could be linked symbolically to her getting freed from the conservatorship. But it doesn't mean that she never got locked up for real. What makes it obviously just a metaphor? I don't see anything that's beyond the realms of possibility. I just don't get why with Britney there's always gotta be some secret message with EVERYTHING. When she wants to she's pretty straightforward so she doesn't need to hide herself behind convoluted secret messages like some on IG think. I swear some people think everything she posts or wears has secret meanings. The most annoying people are those who think for example that Lucky is a personal song that reflects Britney's feelings when the song was written by Max Martin and others and Britney has no credit at all in it. It's just a song about how celebrity and money don't necessarily mean happiness. The fact that years later it can be seen as a foreshadowing of how her life went is pure coincidence.
  4. I am a hetero***ual female and second, didn't judge her at all? I don't think she's had much time off at all. She was already being spotted doing stuff for her solo career right after the announcement at best. I don't think I've spoken ill of her or offended her like someone else in the thread who said she's full of plastic and you decide to single me out and attack me by calling me gay boy when I'm a female and not even gay lol. Who's judging here and being offensive for no reason? Did I offend anyone? No, so shut up. It's ok not to be an obsessive stan who isn't objective about their favourite. I sympathise with her struggle and don't think her mental problems are fake at all. Go and attack the others on here who are doubting that then. Oh and honey I'm 35 and you're probably still wearing nappies so spare me your condescending boy 💩.
  5. Why have people decided this is a metaphor?? Can't it be a simple story about how she actually got locked in the bathroom? Too simple I guess... Seems like everyone needs to see secret codes or secret messages in any thing she says.
  6. I've seen people saying that to people who are clearly not gay. It's just a way to offend. There's no actual hate towards a gay person. I don't know how to explain it to you... They don't use it to offend gays but as a generic insult. It's stupid but that's how many people use that word. I personally find all swearing tacky but some people are like that and use slurs without any agenda.
  7. Most people who say that don't mean it as an insult to gay people anyway. It's just like people calling others "autistic" online or "********". It's just words that are used to generically offend without too much thought about the actual meaning of the word. We should move past these slurs but some people still use them to offend and don't actually even hate on gays, autistic people etc. They're just being superficial and immature using these words. He should have shut up, especially in this time of people being offended about anything. I could understand "cancelling" someone who uses a slur and actually harbours hate towards a category of people but most of the time it's just someone who is being stupid. Like a white kid who grows up listening to rap and repeating the N word because that's what he hears on these songs. Clearly he is not using the term to hate but just because he perceives it as cool slang. People should be able to use their brains and understand when someone is being actually racist or not.
  8. I know there is a thread about that. It's not a theory mine. It's a question really but ok, I'll accept this might not be the best thread to ask that.
  9. Doesn't anyone find it weird, if she indeed posts on IG herself, that she never likes or replies to comments? Not even those from fellow celebrities... If she's posting she is not accessing the account directly herself I think. Otherwise there's no reason why she wouldn't reply to even other celebrities... Don't tell me it's because she chooses not to because I don't believe that. If you don't wanna engage with anyone then you don't need social media at all.
  10. It's a s e x y album for sure. Very dark and makes me think of a nightclub immediately. It's got a nocturnal vibe to it. Definitely a great album and with In The Zone it's the best she's ever done IMO.
  11. I got another one I had completely forgot about... Coupure Electrique. That's the worst song she's ever done for me. Instant skip.
  12. You need some employees' rights there. I can't believe people tolerate this. The US is so advanced in some things but so backwards in other aspects.
  13. Coupure Electrique deserved a spot on the list. Bad song and her French accent is terrible. No idea why she thought singing in bad French was a good idea. The song is just bad anyway. I like Till It's Gone... One of the few songs off BJ that I can listen to... I'm surprised to hear some people don't like certain songs. Why Should I Be Sad is also a good one. I don't get the hate for Soda Pop either. It's not a song I listen to but it doesn't bother me at all. It's not her worst one for sure.
  14. Haha, just don't like them, sorry. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. I can't understand how some others have said Oops or Get Naked but I don't question their tastes.
  15. I don't dislike the songs and I think they are great but I have heard them so many times that I get bored now listening to them... they would be these ones: Toxic Womanizer Baby One More Time I don't like instead Make Me, Pretty Girls, From the Bottom of My Broken Heart (Born To Make You Happy is miles better), Lucky, and DLMBTLTK. I never listen to these ones. I forgot Dear Diary, but that isn't a single... I know Britney wrote it but it's just not my cup of tea.
  16. Glory album is overrated and it's probably the one I like the least (yes, BJ is better for me) I don't believe Myah Marie sang instead of Britney. She just did some backing vocals. The singles from Glory are not good. Slumber Party is better than Make Me but I think Liar and Love Me Down are much better songs. I don't like any of her performances after the breakdown. She always looks like she's rehearsing steps instead of going 100% with them. She hardly bends or does round movements when you compare her with her dancers. I know this isn't her fault but I can't help it. I don't like the extensions. She should wear her hair natural and shorter. I don't like the leotards either. I didn't mind her recent topless pics. She can show whatever she likes. I just don't find the poses nice. The squeezing the ***** together makes her look cheap to me. The pic with the flowers covering the nipples was much better and more artistic. Last one for now... Britney has never been an innocent little girl ***ualised by others. The **** school-girl thing was her idea. She did **** photo shoots... She has always been ***ual and it's her actual personality. She was supposed to be a role model according to the media back then but that's not what she's supposed to be. She was a girl like anyone else learning about her ***ual power. Nothing wrong with that. Role models should be your parents. Not a celebrity. She was 16/17, not 12. It's normal to be ***ual at that age.
  17. Don't know why you quoted me since I said she was singing live and defended her performance! 🙄 Maybe you meant to quote the other person who said she was using pre-recorded vocals.
  18. She was singing live so no way she could have done that with a more demanding choreography. She had to necessarily cut down on it to be able to keep up with the singing. I don't see anything particularly bad in this to be honest. It's nice to hear her sing live!
  19. I was born in 1986 and I remember an analogue world, playing outside, no social media, no Euro currency, Spice Girls etc. I had no Internet till like 2008 so I was an innocent girl for a looong time 😄 Anyone who was born in the 80s was old enough at the end of the 90s to remember how things were back then. It's the 80s I don't remember because I was too young still. I'm glad I got to enjoy that world ❤️. 90s were the best period ever for me.
  20. Yet Courtney Love comments on his IG and sends him hearts and on the guy's IG there are recent pics of them together as well! Why is that if Courtney has a restraining order on him? I'm asking to understand really. I've seen the comments and hearts with my own two eyes and they come from her verified IG account!
  21. Yeah, don't get the mother at all. Her defence seems to be that she's scared of the father. Hmmm I don't buy that. Also, Britney back in her troubled days was seeking to serve her a restraining order so there is something shady about that woman that we don't know. I wonder what drove Britney, who initially in her career seemed to adore her mother, to look for such a thing against her.
  22. I'll tell you mentally ill people here in the UK are considered vulnerable (check online if you don't believe it) and more at risk for the COVID-19. I don't consider that thing strange. Now, if Britney has a serious mental illness or not I don't know but if she does she is indeed more vulnerable. Nothing weird about that and it's not her team making that up. I can assure you. I mean, they're not making it up that severe mental illness makes someone more vulnerable to the virus. "Under current proposals, people diagnosed and living with severe mental illness are classed as a high priority group to receive the vaccine" https://www.rethink.org/advice-and-information/covid-19-support/covid-19-vaccine-and-people-living-with-severe-mental-illness/ https://ibb.co/z85T4rF this link is clear proof of what I'm stating. I personally don't believe Britney is seriously mentally impaired. She might have anxiety (that's common after all and totally understandable in her case) but not something like dementia for sure and not schizophrenia either. Bipolar isn't enough to deem someone incompetent. There are millions of people with severe mental diseases and they are free to do whatever they want. Biggest proof that she's not affected by dementia or anything like that is that she was judging other people's performances at the X Factor but she is deemed unable to pass judgement on anything regarding herself? So she is competent enough to judge other people but magically loses any mental faculties when it comes to herself? Let's remember that to be put into a conservatorship you need to have 0 capacity left to basically do anything... She never needed a conservatorship. If she was a nobody with no money her family would have never bothered. It was all done because her dad wanted to put his hands on her money.
  23. Maybe I worded it bad but I didn't meant she used it as an excuse, as in she pretended to have mental issues. More that she used that as the sole reason when it was probably a mix of things and also primarily the desire to go solo. Using the mental health angle only was a way to get out of the band without looking like the bad guy. If she had talked about going solo from the start she'd have gotten less sympathy. I have nothing against her really and I do think the amount of hate she got was disgusting but I do find her words and behaviour contradictory in regard to this. I can't help it. When she made the announcement she sounded like she was taking a break from show business and instead she almost immediately started planning a solo career. I would think if you're so overwhelmed by everything and suffering mentally that you'd take a big break for a substantial amount of time and distance yourself from an environment that's making you feel so bad. I don't doubt she had mental issues due to the trolling. I've never doubted that. I think her desire to get validation is stronger. She needs to work on her self-esteem as a priority IMO. Surely the years of abuse took a toll on that.
  24. I like the Gimme More video instead. It's perfectly suited to the song. The video for Pretty Girls is pretty bad yes... I don't like the videos for Make Me or Slumber Party either.
  25. I think the amount of comments about her body and so on she has received throughout the years is disgusting. Even yesterday I was reading through some Daily Mail's comments on an article that featured her (just because I know that place is a sewer) and there are people still calling her fat. I get so mad because the girl has like a flat as a pancake tummy. Where the hell is she fat? Anyway, that said, I thought she was leaving Little Mix to take care of her mental health and this is not really compatible with her immediately embarking on a solo career and taking 200 pics a day on social media. It's a bit contradictory. I think she just wanted to go solo at this point, which is fine, but then don't make it all about your mental health for pity points. It's obvious she is looking for approval because she has low self-esteem. She needs to stay off social media and learn to love herself more. If she goes solo like she seems set to do then she will have all the attention all on herself instead of sharing it with the other girls and I'm not sure she's got thick enough skin to handle it. She needs to stop looking for validation on Instagram etc.
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