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  1. On 10/15/2021 at 11:08 AM, boyinthemirror said:

    She didn't "leave school" though. She studied while being on the road to finish her studies.

    Britney doesn't have a degree in anything and she left school technically. She didn't attend one while being a singer and you said it yourself she was doing it privately. Going to school with other people is a more formative experience as far as education goes. 

    Getting a high school diploma, or whatever the equivalent is in the US, isn't being book smart. It's the minimum these days anyway. 

    There were interviews back in the 90s where she displayed a lack of knowledge of basic geography etc.

    I don't know how old you are or when you became a fan but I can tell you that much is true.

    A book-smart person is defined as having a great knowledge deriving from book-learning. Girl doesn't have that. Period. You can also tell from how she writes and interviews.

    Doesn't mean she is stupid. Not at all. 

    What she has is natural intelligence. She's a smart woman who made herself.  No one can deny that you have to be intelligent to stay successful in your field for years like she has. 

    Education just gives you more tools to use your intelligence productively but it's not enough in itself to be smart. 

    There was no need to lie and call her also book-smart because saying she isn't is not an insult or bad thing in itself. Book-smart is not synonymous with intelligence... I'm repeating myself but I want people to understand the difference. 

    Ok, I'm done now with this topic. 



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  2. 6 hours ago, Bunkywoo said:

    Girl is book smart ..she is.. sorry. Shes not a dumb blonde with only street smarts. 

    Sorry but no. She is not educated to that degree to call her book smart. It's ok to recognise your favourite music artist isn't an academically gifted person. Not everyone is good at studying etc. 

    She left school to pursue her music career and it worked out well in that she's become a music legend. No need to hype her up as something she's not, which is an academical prodigy too. 

    She is smart enough to have become a superstar so she's not a dumb blonde by any means. You don't have to have a degree to be intelligent but it's only the truth to say she isn't book smart. It's two different things completely. She can be intelligent, which she is, but not be very educated. Intelligence is much more than merely academical knowledge. 

    Reading a few books for leisure isn't enough to call yourself "book smart". You need the education to back that up and she doesn't have it. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, tobstar73 said:

    Omg the photoshop is so bad. The bath is soooo stretched 

    Yep. The bath edge is not even a straight line. This one is 100% photoshopped.

    The bath edge is higher on one side of her hip and lower on the other one. I've never seen baths do that  :)

    You can't seriously deny this wasn't modified.

    Personally I think she can post whatever the **** she wants but I think when someone posts pics of this kind I can only see "attention seeker". Doesn't matter if it's a celebrity or not. Sorry if it offends someone but I don't believe anyone posts pics like this for themselves. You post them so others can look at them and think how hot you look. That's the truth. 

    It's just delusion this all "I'm doing it for myself". Nope. If you lived on a desert island you wouldn't care less about wearing make up or getting plastic surgery that no one else can admire. It's the simple truth!

    I'm sure her self-esteem isn't too high at the moment but she doesn't need to post pics naked to show she's still ****. She has never lost her natural good looks. 

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Priya Awais said:

    2007 "meltdown" was very much a setup. Overworked, going through divorce, grief for her kids, exhausted surrounded by parasites sharks, drugged betrayed...and the media paid off to make her look crazy. That was a setup and everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

    She didn't have a meltdown she was ambushed and attacked from all sides.

    That has to be clarified. 


    44 minutes ago, Priya Awais said:

    2007 "meltdown" was very much a setup. Overworked, going through divorce, grief for her kids, exhausted surrounded by parasites sharks, drugged betrayed...and the media paid off to make her look crazy. That was a setup and everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

    She didn't have a meltdown she was ambushed and attacked from all sides.

    That has to be clarified. 

    I'm all for Britney. I don't believe a conservatorship was ever warranted.

    Yes, I suppose that is true and it might even be she didn't even actually see it but just heard about what it was touching on.  They probably didn't let her watch it and she might wrongly think that the doc was another thing trying to paint her bad because of 2007. 

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  5. Unfortunately for Britney 2007 happened and it's a big part of her life and career and it's normal a documentary based on her will have to touch on that period.

    I didn't think the documentary she seemed to dislike was using that in a bad way? It was clearly a documentary in her favour. Sometimes I think she's just not getting the bigger picture. 

    I can see why bringing up that period would hurt her but it's not by pretending it never happened that she should deal with it. 

    She's over it, yes, but talking about it in a very different way now isn't done to hurt her but to explain why a conservatorship was allowed to happen. That's all. 


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  6. 3 hours ago, bitbitboi said:

    OK that outfit?! :letitburn_elmo_fire_flames_burn:

    But how does she expect me to sing along to this, now or in the future? It's all about herself. It's jut a hype song.

    Britney sings "It's Britney, b/tch!", but then goes on to deliver iconic lines about love / s e x on the dance floor.

    What I'm trying to say is... She did not make this for me, a pop music lover. It's just for her brand and biggest stans.

    PS: Oh and it bugs me so much how MEDIOCRE K-pop stars at speaking/singing in English... English is not my first language, but you can hire a pronunciation teacher and absolutely ace it in a few training lessons. These K-pop stars at amazing at everything they do, from looks to choreography, but they just cannot enunciate in English. Please explain.

    I'm not a fan of K-Pop. I just discovered the Blackpink song "How You Like That" so I read a little about them and I think this Lisa girl is very charismatic.

    I also don't think her English is bad. She's even rapping in English and she pronounces English words correctly. That's all she needs to do. 

    There are tons of native speakers singing with poor enunciation... I find for example Sia mumbles words like she has a mouth full of marbles and it's a known thing with Ariana as well. 

    I can forgive a non native speaker more easily for that. 

    It sounds bad because she's rapping most of the English stuff and when you talk fast it's normal to not pronounce everything super clearly. It happens a lot with rappers who are American etc. too. You can't understand half the lyrics because they're delivered so fast. 

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  7. On 8/30/2021 at 8:27 PM, danielhaus29 said:

    I think she co-wrote a lot of the Britney album, Everytime, and ultimately she was the inspiration for most of the songs, I think is also known Britney doesn't ask for writing credits :yay_britney_excited_ftr_for_the_record_2008_cheering_clapping:

    Lucky or Stronger weren't on the Britney album and Britney didn't co-write those songs. When she co-wrote something, like Dear Diary, she got the credit. No reason they wouldn't give it to her for other songs if she had contributed to the songwriting. 

    She didn't write anything regarding Lucky, Stronger or Overprotected. If she had written those lyrics she would have been credited like she was for other songs she actually contributed to. 

    She certainly inspired the songs. Britney was at the centre of gossip back then so  it would have been natural for Max Martin to write something based on themes like those in those songs. A girl who wants to be independent and in control of her life and to whom celebrity didn't bring automatically happiness. It was the girl power era and all that after all. Britney was also in the spotlight all the time so something like Overprotected was fitting the image of someone having to be shielded from all the media scrutiny. 

    No one back then would have imagined Britney would have a breakdown and end up in a conservatorship etc. It's just a coincidence that now those songs can be distorted to fit later events. 


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  8. On 8/28/2021 at 4:52 AM, dirk said:

    you're just judging without empathy but i get you... we don't know the bullying from his friends and people that get curious about who this baby is and go stalk him or something... he actually should just let go of himself a bit and embrace it, each year less and less people cares about a 1994 punk band

    but I agree, I personally feels weird by that pic bc its like the baby is suffering but I know that pool therapy for babies exists and they float so whatever 

    I haven't judged. Also I do have empathy. Very much..

     Just not for someone who patently lies. 

    No one can recognise who that baby is as an adult unless the guy tells them and if he tells them it's because he's looking for attention. 

    The pic isn't ***ual at all.

    Whoever says this pic is ****ographic is insulting the children who get actually ***ualised and horribly abused in child ****ography. 

    If some people see anything ***ual in this pic people, they have problems. Please have some common sense. 

    Oh and pedos can actually access real child ****ography so they're not gonna be seeking out Nirvana's album cover for those sick purposes. 

    His parents should have thought about that and are to blame if anything. Just like those parents who post pics of their children on the Internet and leave them public so anyone can do anything with them. 

    Who even said the guy was bullied or stalked because of the pic?... What's there to be bullied about anyway? It's just the pic of a naked baby in a pool. It makes no sense to be bullied for that. He also hasn't complained of anyone giving him problems because of the pic. 

    They can't even know it's him unless he goes and say it so it's fault really if he can't shut up about being the baby on that cover.

    There is lots of  evidence that he was happy to be the baby on the cover before and that he exploited that fact... Sorry, but I don't buy it that all of sudden he is mentally anguished because of it.

    I would guess in a lawsuit he should have to prove he has suffered actual damage due to this. Let's see if he can prove that. Highly doubt it!


  9. 8 hours ago, ralphcornio said:

    He didn't, ever. Liz Taylor named him 'King of Pop, Rock and Soul' back in 1989 while presenting him an award, and the 'pop' part was reproduced everywhere.

    Thanks for clarifying. That's what someone had told me in another forum so I went by what they had wrongly said but you're absolutely right... I did a quick search and it's true what you said.


  10. MJ called himself The King of Pop. The others are made up so you can call anyone the Queen or Princess of whatever really. 

    In my opinion Madonna is the only one who can stand next to MJ as far as impact on music. Britney the only one who can be Pop Princess because she came before the various Rihanna etc. 

    Janet is a legend but she didn't have the mega impact that Madonna has had. 

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  11. Just someone after some cash.

    It's just a pic of a baby. No one cares about that picture and no one would know who that person now is as an adult by just looking at that picture. 

    He's hoping since now everyone finds anything offensive that he can take advantage of that and get some easy cash. 

    There's nothing ***ual about it whatsoever and his reasons for suing are ridiculous and so clearly fake. 

    If he has a problem with the pic for real then his parents are the ones he should sue since they allowed the shot to be taken. 

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  12. 15 hours ago, Thecodeman25 said:

    This is a scary and uneducated way to think. It’s whitesplaining. You can’t compare marginalized cultures to whites who have had supremacy for centuries. 

    I'm not comparing cultures. I'm comparing same actions. Like for like.

    I bet you are one of those who thinks there can't be racism against a white person.

    Racism in the vocabulary just means discriminating against race. Doesn't have anything to do with being a minority. You can be racist to anyone if you're using their race as the reason. Period. 

    Anyone should be free to do whatever they like within the confines of the law. If people of a certain heritage have been mistreated in the past that's not my fault because I happened to be born another skin colour. I should not be punished for actions of other people centuries ago I'm not responsible for. 

    But then I don't live in the US where you classify people according to their ancestry, skin colour or whatever. 

    I don't think of people as their skin colour so I don't care what colour you are. All this talk of "white washing" and all those terms that you PC people like to use cause just more division and barriers among people. It's not you against whites. It's we are all people  and surely seeing a culture as something to keep confined strictly to a certain specific group of people is just further marginalising that culture. 

    I'm not gonna reply again. I'm not uneducated. I'm a very tolerant person and I would worry more about actual racism and violence than whether Jesy wears a grill in a video. But that's just me eh. 



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  13. On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 AM, Thecodeman25 said:

    I know that a lot do the over tanning thing but that’s not it with her. She’s wearing a grill for heavens sake. She is putting on an “r&b/ hip hop” image which is directly appropriating black culture.  She deflects the backlash of that and instead has doubled down on it.

    So when a black artist sings a genre that is historically seen as for whites they're also appropriating white culture? Or when Beyoncé straightens her hair or when Nicki dyes her hair blonde etc? This talk of appropriating this or that is just stupid. Cultures have been mingling since forever and you don't own a culture... If a white person wants to do hip hop they can just like if a black person wants to sing Elvis or do country they can. 

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  14. 7 hours ago, Isla said:

    Lol sorry, I love Holly’s version though :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:

    Nothing to be sorry about! I don't know what hits she's had in the US or outside Europe. 

    Holly's version is catchy and it's fine but the original is better IMO. Not saying hers is bad or anything. 

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  15. On 8/8/2021 at 3:36 PM, nwonder said:


    She needs to no be a one hit wonder 


    She's not. At least in Europe she had Suddenly I See, Other Side Of The World as well as Black Horse And The Cherry Tree. 

    All 3 played a lot on the radio or MTV Italy. 


    The original called Şımarık sung by Tarkan >>>>>>> Holly Valance's version. The singer was also a hottie. 

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  16. It's some troll trying to sound like it's her.

    Do you really think Britney needs to go on Reddit when she has a lawyer? 

    The girl doesn't even tap a simple like to IG posts and you think she can go and write her personal stuff on Reddit of all places? 

    I don't recognise their writing style as that of Britney either. At least from what I could see on her IG. 


  17. You're seeing conspiracies everywhere... Time to take a break from this whole thing if that's what it's doing to you, mate 😄

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  18. 3 hours ago, Blackout Britney said:

    I’m not surprised she’s been critiqued for her weight since the start. 

    Was she? I have seen her from the start back when BOM became a hit and she was in top, top shape until she had the kids. I never heard anyone comment on her weight until she had the kids and understandably became a little heavier for a bit. 

    Actually Britney was envied for her perfectly flat stomach. She was goals for women back then. 

    She was criticised for her clothes but not her body shape per se really... Until she had kids and put on some weight. Like Christina Aguilera really. Both were tiny. 

  19. 14 hours ago, SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said:

    Not hating. You clown her words that it’s no wonder she has hard time thinking anyone would believe her. Not to mention, this past month is proof that Britney is in control of the content she wants to post. The word ‘conservatorship’ and ‘#FreeBritney’ have literally come out of her mouth. What more evidence do you want? Shame that so many of you so-called ‘fans’ are actually the devil in sheep’s clothing and are literally obsessed with judging her for expressing herself. Grow up, please.

    I personally believe she is posting but doesn't have direct access to her account so she can't see her private messages or notifications. 

    I think she posts through an intermediary. I have always found it odd that she never addresses even fellow celebrities or likes a post ever. 

    She also seems to really have beef with the press as she always mentions they lie about her or edit her pics. 

    It's really a sore point for her and I can understand why.

    I think she was referring to the pic of when she was jet-skiing where she looked bigger for some reason and she claimed it was edited to make her look fat. But this was a while ago. I don't recall other more recent instances of something similar so it's interesting that it's still on her mind so much. 

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  20. She is lipsynching the majority of the time now. At least her own songs. 

    I have seen some Las Vegas videos where you can hear her sing along the backing track if you pay attention, though. Can't call that live singing anyway. You can barely hear her. 

    Difficult to dance complicated choreographies and sing at the same time so the lipsynching isn't strange but she could at least sing now she barely has any dancing to do or with the slower songs. 

    She was singing live a lot more at the beginning of her career. 

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