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  1. She makes a song about society beauty standards but then she fully conforms to them so... I can't take her seriously. She's always impeccably dressed, made up and styled. A body to die for. She's always perfect and happy to be so. She is always pretty like people expect her to be being a superstar. What's she doing to challenge these standards? With facts I mean... Nothing. A song is easy. She is no feminist or revolutionary black woman. She keeps perpetuating the idea a woman has to be pleasing her man and deal with cheating by competing with other females for the male's attention. Making songs about how you suffer but then you keep the status quo ain't changing anything. She's the embodiment of a typical Christian black woman IMO. It's not bad. It's not good. It's what she is. She's not obliged to be a feminist anyway. What I'm criticising here is the lack of consistency. I cannot understand a woman who still takes on her husband's name when married and wants to appear a feminist. Why? Why does this utterly controlling tradition stil exist in first world countries? That's saying you're your husband's property. For me she's Ms Knowles. Not Mrs Carter. I'm from Italy; I'm also a woman and you'd think in a country that's pretty traditionalist, where the Vatican is an influence, we'd have that even more but no. In my country women don't typically take on their husband's name when they marry. Thankfully. I think Lemonade is interesting in the way it's meant to also speak about broader issues and it deserves praise for that but to be honest I don't find any of the songs catchy or entertaining enough to give them a second listening. The songs have no usual melody or a typical structure. It seems to me it was made to make critics say how creative and socially aware Beyoncé is more than to make music that's entertaining to listen to. You praise it for this and that and that's fine and it's certainly a purposeful piece of art but honestly, deep down, how many really do find these songs so good that they can't stop listening to them?
  2. They can sue the website and the website owner is responsible for what they allow their users to state. You do know your IP gets logged by any website and this website's owner will share it with law enforcement if they get sued for anything to cover their own backside? You're not that anonymous online... It's also true that they would have to sue so many people that are guilty of defamation online that it just makes no sense to pursue everyone unless it's worth it.
  3. Old thread but here she looks fierce IMO. Really reminds me of the old Brit. This is how she should perform now. ****ty choreographies but she has the swag here.
  4. Agreed. Dementia is incurable and progressive and she would have gotten worse and worse over the years. She doesn't look like that at all. It's also a neurological disorder. Something that neurologists diagnose. It can be seen on scans etc. It's not a psychological one like, say, anxiety, which can't be seen on a brain scan. Just like bipolar disorder and so on can't be seen on scans. Dementia and other neurological diseases of that kind are very easily diagnosed because they can be actually seen in the brain. I have always thought it could be something like schizophrenia. She was most likely abusing stimulants big time and they are known to cause psychosis when abused badly; psychosis episodes can trigger mental health issues like schizophrenia in predisposed people. I don't know for sure that's what she has, though. Schizophrenia can be managed with meds and people have it and don't need guardians. This assuming it is what she has which I don't know of course. It's exclusively an assumption. Schizophrenia also still comes with a big stigma so they might be inclined to want to hide that. I still think whatever she has anyway she clearly can work so she is not incapable of being self-sufficient. I have never seen anyone deemed 100% mentally disabled and not self-sufficient (because that is what you need to be to need a guardian) working just fine in a demanding job like that. Something doesn't add up. They have paid someone to grant that conservatorship initially and now probably they have been paying docs and who know who else to keep her in it.
  5. Work b***h and Scream and Shout. Hated them both when they came out because Britney sounded weird on them but I like the beats on these two now. I really don't like will.i.am but I can tolerate him on that song. This is my first post on here. Been a fan since BOMT! I'm a few years younger than Britney but still in my 30s like her.
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