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  1. did not know this so was not aware blood sweat & tears were put into this. i have a question though. what did you not like about the previous way the forum looked? i thought it was perfect. if you had a hand in that version i thought it looked great...
  2. i dont know how people can enjoy this song when it almost feels like a jab at britney's conservatorship. i rebuke anything she's put out from 2019 to present day. except for her participation in "Hands". even tom's diner...if she really wanted to record that bridge, she would have.
  3. all the work she's done while under conservatorship was under duress and not her actual vision. she didn't want to do circus tour. femme fatale was under coersion. we don't need to talk about britney jean because that has been discussed to death. Even glory, her supposed baby, was executive produced by Justin Tranter, who we all know only get to work on the album because he is represented by lou. i do feel like she enjoyed the process of making glory, but knowing how deeply embedded lou was in the process of the later albums, and knowing brit was completely robbed of her direction and passion everytime (buy now on itunes), i cant get into her new music anymore. despite how much i loved circus and glory and some tracks off ff. knowing she was mostly miserable thru all of it and even when not still forced to make an album strongly influenced by lou... it makes my stomach turn. i will only truly support new music from her if she is out of conservatorship. until then #circusthruglorycancellationparty ITZ was the last britney album that was released to the public. original doll was the final britney album. Blackout was the bonus
  4. if he did why is @Slayer saying that he slaved away making this theme for exhale when you're saying its over a year old?
  5. it only gives the option to make it white. i wanted to go back to how it was last week. but thx for trying anyway. there was nothing wrong with the way it was before. what an unnecessary change.. also didnt know these layouts required a lot of "work" so i didnt know someone's feeling could be hurt over it. dont they come pre built? anyways at lease someone liked it.
  6. well how does one switch back? its an eyesore, luv. sorriez just because an attempt was made doesnt mean it deserves praise.
  7. is it really? this was different for me last week and weeks before... did they bring it back or is it just me thats been affected?
  8. this is obviously such a social media handlers post. "she" has already used that image this year. apparently you can't teach how to curate good social media content for your client either.
  9. this new layout is really ugly and might lead to me quitting this site for good. can we revert back to the original somehow? thx x
  10. she will be at least about to get 2-5 million from a sit down "tell-all" interview when all is said and done. Probably more than 3 million for a book deal. And maybe 50+ million for a development deal with Netflix. She can easily make some money moves and recuperate the money spent on her legal feels really quickly. what's more important is that she is able to get the 6-700 million dollars that have been funnelled into Lou's greedy hands. I have a feeling she'll be able to get some, if not all, back. her dad must be sh!tting himself.
  11. this. people need to stop projecting their sexualities on 15 year olds. its very creepy. both of these boys have gotten criticism for following female **** stars and weed instagrams. sorry to disappoint y'all but these are two mini kfeds in every sense of the word. besides i don't think anyone with spears dna is interesting enough to be lgbt to be frank.
  12. sorry most of y'all are wrong. that is SP with JJ in the pic. but i think brit would prefer strangers don't talk about her boys on forums, or comment on their weight. op should delete imo. her kids are not celebrities or public figures. they should be off limits.
  13. the lawyers were. both of them emphasized that the judge would not be swayed by public pressure so they are wasting their time. et even giving them the time of day to give their worthless opinion is helping in the narrative.
  14. Of course they leave out the reason why kevn has 70% custody and don't mention lou taylor, nor do they mention alcoholic toothless violent jamie and his abuse of the boys. they do find the time to interview kflop's lawyer, who seems to want the conservatorship to continue as is. they show another lady saying britney needs to prepare for it to go on indefinitely. flood the comments to show your displeasement.
  15. Jayden: Mom, what happened with your music? Britney: Idk honey I think I might quit it. all you need to know, really.
  16. his useless hooker of a husband also posted: "and jls has nothing to do w the conservatorship" and expects to be taken seriously. both these queens are upset that court documents leaked completely contradicting the s.hit Lance was talking about last month, making him look like a fool. since his husband does not have a job and needs to work for his allowance that explains this sudden twitter rant. its hilarious to me that his husband thinks he is an insider and a member of the entertainment industry. can't wait for him and lance's inevitable divorce so he can go back to escorting...allegedly...
  17. If Lance Bass showed up to my doorstep I would also pretend I didn't know who tf he was. hes takin a page from Billy B's work (b.itch) book and is clearly bent out of shape over his ego taking a bruising over a decade ago. britney was never his "best friend" and for him to believe dat shows high levels of delusion. im sick of these opportunistic leeches that cling on to B for clout and jump out of the closet every 10 years for relevance. The obsession people have with Britney & those who feel entitled to "respect" from her fanbase is sickening. These people get off on lording over the fact that they shared a smoothie over 15 years ago and think it gives them some personal insight or authority into her current situation when the reality is they probably lost contact because she saw them for who they really were. Lance should stop worrying about milking his ever dwindling "fame" and start working on his marriage, which has been a joke and a failure since day 1. Would his husband even be with him if he weren't "famous" and well off? people say like attracts like. so its fitting that two fame ****** found eachother in the end. what does lance even do now 20 years after the peak of his "career?" what does his husband do? oh...he's an "actor." i see...last project in 2015... so basically they're just existing to f.uck, do drugs, and milk lance's heyday as much as they possibly can...allegedly... And of course Jamie Lynn is talking to him. Z-listers have to stick together. Its interesting how easily she spills the tea on her sister when someone from Hollyweird spares her a few minutes of attention. What happened to that NDA and protecting your sister's privacy?
  18. Have you seen this? https://investigateloutaylor.com
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