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  1. The artists I listed inspired multiple generations though we have to be realistic about Britney's impact, I don't think people that were born in the 2010s (people that didn't grow up with her being one of the world's biggest popstars) are listening to her music. Yes The Beatles, Elvis, Diana (who's probably the biggest female artist of the 70s) and Tina are all pop stars even though the first 2 and Tina are associated with Rock & Roll and Diana did a lot of R&B.
  2. 1. The Beatles 2. Elvis Presley 3. Michael Jackson 4. Madonna 5. Tina Turner 6. Barbra Streisand 7. Diana Ross 8. Cher 9. Whitney Houston 10. Mariah Carey Honorable mentions: Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Celine Dion.
  3. tbh I think the singles were well chosen (Make Me... was so refreshing and it still sounds good today) and Slumber Party was a good choice too (even though I voted for Better on that Billboard Poll), I just wish they had released it solo I never got the point of them releasing a version with Tinashe... but I wonder what would have happened had Do You Wanna Come Over? had been released like Britney's team supposedly wanted to release
  4. Honestly the reason why Glory underperformed was once again the lack of promotion, she barely promoted the album (although she did do the VMAs performance which helped a lot and some promo in the UK) she stopped promoting the album after a month, also the album could've debuted at #1 had she released it the week later (Travis Scott debuted at #1 with less than Glory's sales that week), us Britney fans were fuming at her team for once again choosing a terrible week to release the album
  5. I knew it, someone from the higher ups had to be pissed at him in order for him to be snubbed like this, still completely unfair, Blinding Lights is one of the best songs of the year and After Hours had some great tracks he still should've gotten some nominations even if they weren't in the general field
  6. I still can't believe they tried to market this album as her most personal but then included songs like Work B, Body Ache, Tik Tik Boom thank God I didn't stan back then cause I would have probably unstanned
  7. true but I doubt they would include songs recorded outside of the era knowing they had other songs from the glory sessions
  8. I'm shocked The Weeknd didn't get any noms, I thought he was gonna sweep this year... I'm happy for Taylor and Dua though, both their albums are great, especially Dua's
  9. I don't believe this, aren't the 2 new tracks supposedly from the glory sessions? doesn't make sense that the song features Kim Petras since she only came out in like 2017
  10. well but albums sales ≠ selling out shows, Britney is an example of this: her last 2 albums didn't do that well but she still sold out shows everywhere
  11. Well she did it with the witness tour and that was only 2 years ago but it depends, if it's an arena with a capacity of 20K then probably not but if it's one with a 12K capacity then probably
  12. 1. Britney 2. Circus 3. Oops!... I Did It Again 4. ...Baby One More Time 5. Femme Fatale 6. In The Zone (could've been #1 had the tour and outrageous release not been cancelled) 7. Glory (could've been at number 5 had it been properly promoted) 8. Britney Jean 9. Blackout
  13. This was such a moment, after the disappointment of the Make Me music video Slumber Party was amazing
  14. She looks gorgeous, her instagram needs more of pics like this and less posts of the same pictures + dancing videos
  15. This song is probably gonna be a snooze fest like Shawn's last single, I highly doubt they're gonna release a bop or a gorgeous ballad but we'll see
  16. tbh I've always prefered the original solo version (hence why I kept it on my library instead of adding the version with Tinashe), I just don't feel like she added anything to the song, she sounds good on it though
  17. VH1, I like most of the songs they put on + everytime I turn it on they play at least one of my favs
  18. She's been teasing this video for years, so glad it's finally out It's very similar to Forever but I love it, the shots of her on stage and on the grass/car are beautiful
  19. I have always loved her cover of One More Try and I remember when she performed it live for the first time, I'm glad they were friends cause both are such excellent musicians
  20. thanks, and yeah she looked gorgeous on my pfp, 2008 Britney was a blessing
  21. Now I like Beyoncé but she isn't the greatest singer ever, not when singers like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston exist
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