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  1. Beyonce and rihanna are going without bodyguards. You dont need bodyguard all the time. We all know why Britney has bodyguard. Justin Bieber hell doesnt use bodyguard all the time. You people are pretending Britney is at peak of her fame and paparazzis now work as they used to. Ask Kim K. Now they come if you call them and prepare for them. They are kinda like promo service.
  2. After I watched the whole series (then and later in life). I saw her acting as those sheltered children once they leave parents house to study abroad; they want to try everything! Everything is awesome mentality.
  3. I dont like it cause Britney is clearly high, and In general im Against the drugs. I dont think that was real her but her in the state of “reaction to stardom at such young age” and “working nonstop since 15 till that chaotic movie”. I understand her wanting to live her young adulthood and be carefree, but it was a bad look. Im fine she did it ofc, but it makes me sad more than anything. Goes to show you, music career should be only for legal age and ideally have someone looking up for you. She was obviously worked up to the bone, with no one around her to demand vacations.
  4. its nor really a mystery, even in your pictures this right one looks different,but in your second row second picture is her pregnant and its a known fact your nose gets swollen and looks wider while you pregnant.
  5. you can be a britney fan without logging in onto Breathe Heavy or have any fan interaction if you dont want to. I agree with some, it was very exhausting and depressing for years/decades. I log in when I have emotional capability to do so. I wish her all the best and will always respect her, but stanning Britney isnt some Dua Lipa ride. Its not daily activitiy, cause I have my life too that Im trying to get it in order. People know Im Britneys stan and when they ask me in real life about free britney or anything I just break down, and send them bunch of links, cause its so hard to talk about it. And too much. GP is delusional, they legit come to me with questions Is britney really crazy. and you see people around you, not just celebrities, freely walking and making dumb statements, even becoming presidents of countries (no tea no shade). so britney being 'crazy' has nothing to do with conservatorship. she shouldnt be stuck in this, no matter how you twist it.
  6. I watched part 4. Hard watch like anything. I said it but I will say again, she must be on suicide watch, thats why shes never alone, cause they robbed everything from her. No career she would like, no personal life she would like, she literally has nothing on her own, not even food she wants to eat.
  7. Britney has no taste confirmed (once again) Besides looking basic hes apparently trash person too so Britney dodged (that) bullet but yes, cute video, anything Britney super adorable!
  8. what you mean you saw article? I have no idea what you talking about. can you link it or tell me where to find it? you didnt say also what he said
  9. Yes, ECT causes brain damage and memory loss. Its used for extremely depressed and suicidal people and to treat manic episodes of bipolar. She def looks she was Under ECT when leaving mental facility earlier this year.
  10. people believing ingham is doing anything in britneys interest are just so hopeful. I think they gonna drag this forever or until you know. they are united in squeezing every penny they can out of britney spears.
  11. I saw that Courntey Love response to a fan, first of all Im grateful shes willing to speak up and glad shes in Europe (I thought since 2007 why britney not in europe?? ) and what she said is 100% truth. As we also heard and followed Lou pattern, she tried to do it with Lindsay, but she had dad to protect her, and I believe thats the resaon, Lindsay is in Europe now. I think Courtney is 100% right about Britney and I feel so bad :(
  12. I know her dance moves are heavily inspired by ballet and jazz but this shouldnt have to be posted + not that long for sure. This must be part of sabotage Britney the brand if this is all social media manager is getting XD
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