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  1. This was clearly a shot at Xtina, it's far from a coincidence and the people trying to convince themselves it's about some guy she worked with in 2004 are delusional.
  2. I'm not gonna speak on a topic that I know very little about (aka the stuff they've tweeted about BH and Jordan) but I will say that stan culture is all about dragging down others, if you've got a problem with them then take it up with them not me
  3. It's SO crazy how I was literally four months old when you made that post.
  4. Cassie low blowing Britney by poking fun at her trauma with this caption isn't cute. This isn't Britney.
  5. The comments on this thread are vile. It took me a year to fully understand Britney's situation and I'm only 17. Jayden's a child, you guys are bombarding his girlfriends comments with Free Britney. Of course he's gonna answer in a snarky tone, I would too! Leave the kids alone.
  6. Not a republican or a Democrat but I think it’s funny how dem’s haven’t spoken much about Britney considering fighting for women’s rights and feminism is a big part of their political party.
  7. If this were actually Britney she would've mentioned the conservatorship considering it's out in the open now after 13 years of pure silence.
  8. Future Nostalgia isn't selling pure album copies and that's fine No female artist is selling pure album copies anymore except for Tayfad, everyone else relies on streams and singles to carry their projects including Dua & the new has-been Ariana Grande
  9. It’s definitely a beautiful ballad & bridge but not as legendary/groundbreaking as HIAM
  10. The people who try to discredit her are Lady Gaga stans on twitter who barely know anything about her in the first place. Sure, her career was mismanaged a ton of times but even with all that she still came on top and I think the barmy tends to forget that. There was a tweet the other day that called Britney the most impactful popstar of the 21st century and it got over 100k likes so the GP definitely recognizes her as a legend.
  11. Everyone in this thread is just insulting Britney and for what Yes, she missed out on so many moments post-cship where she could've had more success and more iconic moments but who cares? Britney's career trajectory is legendary and timeless. The industry FINALLY sees her as the legend that she is after so many years, her work is being appreciated, her songs are growing massively in streaming, her outfits are still being referenced in pop culture and TV shows. It doesn't matter if she hasn't done anything legendary post-2007 because what she did in the 90s & 2000s is worth 20 years for other artists. Remember that
  12. He’s gotten a ton of stuff right before in the past so I don’t see why not? I’m not exposing him, someone else already did in this thread. I’m confident in what he’s said is true
  13. I run that page with a friend and we posted it not expecting it to blow up, and we’re kind of worried about getting sued since we forgot to use the word “allegedly”. The source is this Adam guy that’s gotten some things right before in the past, he hinted at swimming in the stars & matches.
  14. "We Been Knew" it's stan twitter lingo, it's like "we've always known!"
  15. She hasn't been this relaxed since 2017 I could not believe it.
  16. My mom was a HUGE stan from 1998-2009, when I got into Britney she said it was tiring being a fan and constantly worrying about her dying unexpectedly :/
  17. She did not write this. Sam literally thanked us for his support when the doc was released and she even hinted at it with the super bowl video (which is now deleted) and tons of insiders revealed to ET and People that she's never been happier since the release of it.
  18. I'M BACK!

    I got a new computer back in late January and my old twitter got suspended so it wouldn't let me login to my account but I finally fixed the issue!

  19. Jamie grounded her for 3 weeks for MEETING A FRIEND??? SHE’S FREAKING 39!!!!!
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