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  1. This point since her testimony has been one which has really stuck with me and been hard for me to understand. Over the 13 years, though she has clearly been lied too and gaslit, what does confuse me slightly is how not one person has slipped her this information on her ability to file to terminate. I get it with the scumbag people in Team Con which is most people in her life but over this time there have still been people like David, Charlie, Fe, Sam A and even Sam L (who claims to have tried helping her in the early years). Why wasn’t this little line of hope told to her. It wouldn’t have probably helped but just knowing this information may have helped her inner hope much sooner. Forgive my ignorance, I am not at all claiming anything, it’s just one sticking point for me.
  2. Two separate topics here but I wanted to ask. Not sure if this has been covered before but how did Team Con allow footage of Britney stating she was sad and basically against the conservatorship in For The Record. Ever since then they have covered up her feelings towards it but why not then, when that was at the start. Is this because the end game at the time was to actually protect and help her before it turning into a money making scam?? Also, I have been listening to her tracks over the last few days and it’s quite scary to hear how she literally predicts her life through tracks such as Lucky, Stronger, My Prerogative, Overprotected and so many more!!
  3. Can I ask what may seem a very stupid question. When we say they have stolen $600m, if not caught, would this money ever be returned or reflected in Britneys name or would it be completely gone for good??!
  4. Soooo UK’s biggest supermarket is featuring Oops in their Christmas 2020 advert! This was great until I thought who is actually going to benefit from this!! They must of had to pay a fair bit to feature this in their advert. Great that the song is still being featured but not for the other reasons for us!!
  5. It was literally a 90 second segment however she did open this with her saying ‘it’s very concerning and disturbing’ which was a good opener!!
  6. Talking about free Britney on Lorraine this morning. Popular UK morning TV show!
  7. Possibly a naive question but if he now controls only her estate, and Jodie is the conservator of the person, why cant she go about her life potentially how she wishes. Why is she confined to the house? Sorry if this is obvious, just would like to know.
  8. Saying this in a funny way but what is with her saying ‘anyhow’ all the time! I’m sure she went from never saying this to now nearly every post or video 😂😂
  9. I just had a question after watching some videos on Instagram. Knowing what we know about how they have tried to paint the conservatorship in a positive light and Britney being accepting of it, how was it that they still allowed footage such as this to be included when they had full control of what was shown and the narrative of the documentary. Is it just that things hadn’t become as dark as they would become to be in years to come? Find it very hard watching the footage of her crying in FTR after knowing what we know!
  10. I know I know, it’s 12 years ago but it’s actually hard to comprehend that Britney in FTR is the same Britney we see today. Imagine if she was able to see herself in years ahead, it’s just unrecognisable. I hope the true authentic Britney is still there to be seen!
  11. Is this Instagram saying that if the connected dots are correct, she could potentially be worth $657m+?? https://instagram.com/stories/lawyersforbritney/2375600304207220762?igshid=y8h9zvhjnsc0
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