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  1. She doesn't control anything. Also some of yall need to realize that Britney has been isolated, drugged, and overworked for 13 years. That takes a toll on your mental health. These videos are not pleasant stop lying to yourselves. The fact that her team is "encouraging" this means they don't care about her.
  2. And what also happened in 2019?....she was forced into a facility and forced to take drugs. Her social media wasn't like this before that. These people took her rights away and are stealing her money. They have been forcing her to work and drugging her. Remember how sluggish she was in 2011? You really think they wouldn't manipulate her and try to make her look crazy to the public? Also stop saying "she's just weird". You do not know her. Yall are naive and delusional.
  3. How are you going to tell me what I know lol. Once again its obvious that she's not getting proper care. These videos should not be public. Whoever is posting these videos knows that it makes her look bad.
  4. Her behavior has changed. Shes erratic and seems heavily medicated. These moments should not be shared to the public. If anyone around her actually cared they would not post these videos. She doesn't post them herself regardless of yall want to believe. Her team relies on gullible fans
  5. Actually I do. Its obvious that they need to adjust her meds and treatment. She seems to be regressing. These videos should not be being posted. They are embarrassing her on purpose so that no one will question the conservatorship.
  6. Thank you. I'm sick of fans acting like this is normal. Britney was never like this in the past. She must be overmedicated and confused. She has gotten worse while in the conservatorship.
  7. This is why yall need to stop putting all the emphasis on Jamie. He is not the mastermind behind this. The lawyers/Lou are running the show and Jamie is too dumb too realize he's a pawn. They are going to defend Jamie until they can't and then they will push him out and keep the conservatorship going. Ask yourself why sam Ingham hasnt done much for Britney in the last 12 years
  8. I don't know if this is completely true but they are definitely drugging and manipulating her. Her health has only gotten worse while in the conservatorship. Also if you think Sam is genuine then you lack common sense. No one wants to be under those constraints
  9. Her face goes back and forth because old pictures are constantly being posted. The point is we cannot tell which ones are new. Also you casually joking about giving someone a conservatorship means you've learned nothing from britneys situation. You're dense
  10. She cannot have two different faces simultaneously. We can never tell which posts are new or old. That's strange. Why are yall blind?
  11. This seems old. Her face has botox one day then not the next. Also why are we still pretending that this britneys regular behavior? She was never like this before.
  12. Britney is getting sympathy but her conservatorship is not changing. This is serious
  13. No I just have common sense. These people have been doing illegals things for the last 12 years you think they have changed? Also I have been bullied by some people on this site and on twitter. Some of yall are racist but i didn't accuse anyone personally.
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