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  1. I’m really glad she receives some praise for that song. It’s my favorite song of hers and it deserves to be a hit, IMO. Yes, Smile wasn’t her best album, but Harleys in Hawaii was released almost a year before the album came out. Smile was probably an obligation from her label to release an album quick before she gave birth. So they added some fillers like Harleys in Hawaii that doesn’t fit with the « Smile concept ».
  2. For my part : Why Should I Be Sad, Everybody and Get Back are my least favourite tracks on Blackout. But not enough to skip them :-P
  3. I’m Britney percent free tonight, babe!
  4. Am I the only one who finds it funny? I mean, it’s not that distasteful… By saying : On a scale from 0 to Britney (10), he only means that Britney is almost 100% free, which is good news, no?!?
  5. It sure will help, but I also think that her music resonates with a wide variety of older and younger people, and that helps too! My parents don't know a lot of artists of our generation, but they love Adele and know her name (in their case, that's something!) :-).
  6. Hmmm, I don't think you can compare Adele to Lorde. Only her Pure Heroine album skyrocketed. Adele is in a very different league. Whatever she puts out, it sells like hotcakes!
  7. It’s funny because they just edited the caption on IG. There’s no more « A lot of what you heard is not true ». Instead, they wrote : « I scratched my head a couple of times ». What is happening guys?
  8. I think it might be true. I'm pretty sure she would prefer to control the narrative and explain everything in her own terms. One day she will, hopefully, once the conservatorship ends. But chances are she will stay quiet even then because she will try to put those 14 years behind her. Part of me think she doesn't want us to know ALL the reasons why she was put under a Cship in the first place...
  9. I totally agree with you! This situation needs exposure. And I’m going to be one of the first to watch that documentary once it’s out. I’m just torn, emotionally, whether it’s a good thing or not for her! I feel like she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore and I just want this documentary to expose her « in the light she wanna be seen », as she would say :-P
  10. Even though I like everything related to Britney, I feel a little bit uncomfortable with this « documentary ». Britney expressed her discomfort with such things in the recent past and I always have that question in mind: « Are they doing it for her or for money? ». Britney is a hot topic right now and seeing such big companies making money on her, while she fights the conservatorship for that reason (and more…), I have a discomfort. if they’re doing it FOR her, I hope they will give her some money out of it once she exits the conservatorship. Everyone wants a piece of Britney, unfortunately!
  11. If I’m being honest, I hope she will stay away for a while… If she really needs reconstruction, as she says so, staying away from social media is the first step. If we ever want her to « come back » as an entertainer, she needs to focus on her health first, a thing she didn’t do in 2008 when she first really needed it. Instead, she embarked on a world tour and brought us an album in the same year like nothing happened (maybe to make us forget the worst part or to enrich the c-ship, who knows!?). i really hope she takes time to finally heal herself. I love her, even broken, but I prefer the confident Britney I’ve known back in the day!
  12. They’re all bangers and their beats really fit well together. Great playlist! ;-)
  13. Definitely the light-brownish hair she sported during the second half of the Onyx Hotel Tour. I loved the haircut, as well as the color. I think it really fits her skintone. https://images.app.goo.gl/2UZWuxvxMPBRkpo67
  14. I totally agree! Even though I loved the song, I was expecting a lot more dancing in the MV. I didn’t like her looks (that wig and the first outfit!?!) and I was disappointed by the edits. I really was expecting more for a first single in 3 years… But the song was and still is iconic. She brought dubstep to pop!
  15. I’m 100% sure they made up that story to have more streams… It seems to be the new marketing strategy for labels now… People will listen to the song, just in case they can't anymore! That’s what Lil Nas X did with Montero and it paid off!
  16. Billie Eilish - NDA (The lyrics would really fit her situation) or Doja Cat - You Right (it would give me « In The Zone » vibes!)
  17. Is it just me or they tried to make her sound more like Doja Cat?
  18. I totally agree! And even if we're die-hard Britney fans, we don't know the real/whole truth! Bullying is bad and I'm sure a lot of us experienced that, so we should know how it feels. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you... Support Britney, that's probably all that she wants (and another baby - pun intended)
  19. Maybe the conservatorship saved her in a way 13 years ago, even if those planning it had mercantile goals... Maybe she's been set up, but she was also acting strange and didn't have good relationships at that time and I would be lying If I said I wasn't afraid of what would be in the news the next day... Maybe I was anticipating the worst, but maybe i was realistic too. I think that she's in a brighter place now, so the cship should definitely end, once and for all.
  20. It’s hard to know what Jayden really meant as we don’t see what @vaoliveirac wrote in the first place…
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