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  1. If we believe the Insta captions then we should assume that she is happy in the conservatorship and just wants her dad out. That’s awkward... I get the whole skepticism with Billy B but Fee and Lynnes other good friend Tatum Always comment on his posts about Brit, seems weird if they didn’t know she was in contact with Billy on some level. The whole thing is a mess tbh, I just can’t accept that she’s happy not having a voice and doesn’t ever want to at least set the record straight on it all, in her own words. I feel like I want to be done with it all but I’m so invested I can’t help myself 😂
  2. I said this before but Fee interacts with his posts and talks to him as if she knows him or knows that he talks to Britney, the plot thickens I guess 🤐
  3. Fee interacts with his posts when he talks about Britney. Seems weird if she didn’t know that he was Infact speaking to her
  4. Without starting a debate. The one person I didn’t want to have it because of the risks with future fertility was Brit 😥 at the start they where not recommending it to woman of child bearing age and then suddenly it was approved, literally has not been enough time passed for them to say if it effects fertility. Glad she seems happy tho
  5. If this was true then maybe she should find a way to articulate this to the general public. Her fan base would absolutely respect her wishes to live a completely private authentic life. But all the speculation about what her wishes really are and the unknown gives the people and fans something to talk about. It really is time she set the record straight. Her kids and her bf both seem to support her and have internet access, I’m sure they could help her get her voice heard.
  6. Also the tweet is fake and was never sent. Photoshopped at a time when she was trending regarding the Harry styles comments. awkward for Cardi
  7. Hate to be this guy but I’m beginning to think the fans are way off the mark with Britneys wishes. They are filing for a new PERMANENT conservator of the person, this indicates she is happy with the conservatorship at this level. If not then now, with all the media attention after the documentary, would be the perfect time to file to terminate. Unless of course that’s not what Britney wants. I dunno anymore, it’s so obviously shady in regards to the accounting etc but I just am not convinced anymore than she isn’t ok with the conservatorship.
  8. Yea Billy back to telling the world that the whole movement is full of people that think she is a clone!!! Urghhh he is embarrassing. Programme was a bit **** Nothing new. ‘Reporter’ didn’t have a clue about anything tbh and Billy and some other Hollywood lawyer saying that she doesn’t want to end the conservatorship, she just wants her dad removed. I’m waiting on someone reputable covering the extortion that has taken place over the years and maybe letting the GP know that this is and always has been about the money and not Britneys health and well-being. Seriously wish someone would just file to terminate completely, surely with all the exposure it would be seriously considered now, where is might not have been before FBS
  9. The presenter asked billy ‘does she want to be free’ and he couldn’t answer the question, he stumbled over his words and came up with, she wants to drive her car. He is so frustrating, can’t keep up with what narrative he is following 🤯
  10. Interestingly the host asked what Kevin done for work and Kaplan said he was ‘very busy’ with gigs and he works a lot DJing and has a lot of ongoing projects
  11. Kaolin was on morning radio today in Oz. Brief chat but basically he credited to conservatorship with sorting out Britneys finances, confirmed Kevin receives child support and has majority custody and totally rubbished the movement. Alluding to the fact that the fans think Britney is locked in a dungeon, sending out secret messages via Instagram posts. Hosts of the show done a horrendous job and seem completely uninformed.
  12. Unpopular opinion but i wish that when she is finally free, she hits up Kim Kardashians Plastic Surgeon. Gets him to bring back the soft youthful look and gives her the number of the skin doctor who looks after her skin too. Don’t think she should drastically change anything but the look that Kim is entering middle age with, is a win
  13. This is my forever question. If she wants to be free, surely she doesn’t mean just free from her father. She just wants to be a normal woman, living her life, making her own decisions, maybe with the help of a bussiness manager/life coach. I don’t get why no one talks about the fact she has never asked Ingham to file to end it all co platelet, even Vivian said in the documentary that it can be done like that.
  14. I would like some insight into this too. Did they fall out or did something happen between them that made Britney not want her around?
  15. Still not 100% sure why Britney hasn’t filed a termination. Obv not as clean cut and easy as that but its always been made public that she has the right and powers to file for termination and has never done it
  16. Do you think this means, she no longer has any contact with Britney? So sad if she doesn’t :(
  17. I feel like the you tube deep dive had so much more detail about the run up to the conservatorship and for the years after, when she was basically lied to and promised the conservatorship would end if she done X Y and Z.
  18. Sorry it’s the surprisewitness on insta. She’s live with Lisa just now and loads of new information in the live. Not all good news I’m afraid
  19. I’m watching lawyersforBritney live and Lisa Maccarley is commenting on the documents and basically saying that Sam Ingham is working with Jamie spears. This can’t be true surely!! I took a screenshot of the comments but no idea how to attach an image. Sorry
  20. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGkCzzmAtKp/?igshid=1a3ujecbwxu0t
  21. Notices as well on the UK. Some big ‘influencers’ are promoting Britney fragrances. Never seen this before
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