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  1. It's difficult to speak about the US as an organized entity, at this point, because the president's objectives are at odds with those of the constitution, the populace, the vast majority of elected and appointed legislators and the intelligence and even military communities, etc. The White House is basically rogue and engaging in so many extra-legal activities that it will take decades to tally them all up. Women's healthcare is a hugely dismissed issue. Not even just access to reproductive care, but until I believe 1997 medications weren't even tested on women and women's bodies process these chemical differently. So, all the warning labels, contraindications, recommended dosages, etc on many things women are being regularly prescribed have only ever been tested on men. In the US, it's still legal in most states for medical students to perform *******l exams on women without their knowledge or consent while they're under anesthesia for surgeries on other parts of their bodies. Women's health complaints are still regularly dismissed as being "in their heads" when the same physical complaints are acted upon immediately when men make them. Women, even in emergency situations, have to pass and "fail" pregnancy tests before being given MRI/CT/X-Rays. On and on... I agree that Othering does occur, particularly with some philanthropic organizations. Although, I will say that I think that's playing less and less well to a globally connected population. And I think we can and must still recognize atrocities, regardless of whether the country in which they're taking place has an unfair reputation or not. Peoples lives are more important than some crafted image of a nation. We seem to agree that the majority of the US's military invasions made under the guises of cleaning up corrupt leadership have been completely bogus and just a way to install puppet leaders. But that doesn't mean all the humanitarian missions have been CIA ops. We're into muddy water now. Neo-Liberalism, in Western nations, is turning into something else right now. And I don't believe that the change is organic. It seems to be another sort of infection. The dogmatism, the thought policing, the lack of reasoned debate or any inclination to actually consider all angles of a subject are definitely not historical hallmarks of Liberalism and yet that is the prevailing attitude amongst many Western Liberals with very loud voices, at the moment. And it's leaving large swaths of people feeling somewhat politically homeless. That's easier to manage in countries with Parliaments than the two party rule of the US. I think there's been a lot more social engineering at play than people want to recognize and I think we're going to need to have a technological reckoning pretty soon.
  2. I just remembered seeing her with several women, whom I wasn't familiar with, but who were supposedly old friends from Kentwood, in a couple of pix at a restaurant in Vegas on her instagram from like 3ish years ago. Maybe they weren't close enough friends for an hour's supervised visit to matter.
  3. @ThisMeowBiteback The site says: If you gather 100,000 signature in 30 days, we’ll review your petition, make sure it gets in front of the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response. - https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/about So, I guess it'll probably enter the Review Queue on Monday...
  4. I think they deleted another bunch of posts, again. And pretty much the only comments left up on her hat dance video are tagging the FBI.
  5. I think that's why they make her wear those crop tops and tiny shorts, too: to make her constantly have to expose the areas of her body most likely to be effected by weight gain from the meds they force her to take.
  6. Couple things: I think Iran is on the Western ****list more for buddying up with Putin than for civil rights abuses. The sad truth is that no one with any power to do anything really can be bothered with human dignity until the problem gets bad enough to effect economic incentives. And an allyship with Russia does pose economic problems for basically everyone but India. I've, actually, thought that the heat on Iran has been fading over the last maybe two years. And that may just be because everything else has been so chaotic. But I am aware of some previous chemical weapons false reporting and other spy games. Gotta disagree about 'getting to audit as many classes as you want without ever having a chance of having a career in those fields' as being an indicator of a balance between the sexes. I'm sure some women are happy with that situation. But the issue is choice. And without the choice to pursue male dominated or exclusive fields of work or, for that matter, lifestyles, we can't pretend there's equality. And I definitely don't consider gender based violence to be a "flimsy" subject. "This report recommends: A comprehensive revision of Iran’s domestic legislation, in line with international standards on gender equality and other human rights. The elimination of criminal provisions which discriminate between men and women or provide exemptions for crimes committed by men, including physical and ****** violence. The immediate release of all prisoners detained solely for peacefully protesting and advocating for women’s human rights. Improved gender balance in the distribution of civil service posts, ministerial portfolios and other high-ranking political positions, as well as increased access to all employment opportunities. Removal of all discriminatory provisions around citizenship to ensure that all Iranian women are able to pass on full nationality rights to their children at birth, regardless of their husband’s country of origin." Again, I'm not singling Iran out as The Worst Place On Earth To Be Born Female; Sam is who chose to reference it. In Russia, there is a list of over 400 jobs that are illegal for women to hold and they've effectively legalized domestic violence. China is facing reproductive crisis because of the quantity of *** selective abortions which have eliminated huge numbers of women from the population. Impoverished women in India are renting out their bodies on surrogacy farms in order to have food to eat. 30k African American women go missing every year and are never found. The femicide situation in a number of African and South American countries right now is absolutely horrific. It goes on and on. Losing a hand isn't as awful, perhaps, as losing an arm, but we're not playing Suffering Olympics. And to discount all but the worst situations still leaves millions never able to live the lives they could have, want to have, should be able to strive for and also removes the chance for one nation's progress to be an inspirational guide for others.
  7. That was the one she made the day before you DM'd with the mystery person again?
  8. @TheySayImCrazy18 Which post from May was she implying Britney had made, herself?
  9. You'll get no disagreement from me about Western culture also being misogynist and, frequently, in much more surreptitious ways that are a lot harder to call out and rectify than countries which abuse women more blatantly. And it's, honestly, getting worse. I've been doing a deep dive into 1st Wave Feminism, as a result of some the things I've seen lately. Most people don't even seem to be aware that we're in the midst of a global femicide crisis and that, for the first time in recorded history, there are fewer women on the planet than men because of how many women are being murdered. I don't disagree, either, that a lot of "news" sources have vested interests in painting various Enemies of The State as being worse than they are in all kinds of ways. I think the Human Rights Watch, is a pretty reliable source, though. And I think the UN would like to have all of their member nations sign on to agree to stop abusing women, otherwise they wouldn't have drafted the resolution. Are women treated worse in Iran than anywhere else on Earth? Nobody was saying that. The person was pointing out that Iran, a country that refuses to sign a declaration of women's rights, has problem with women's rights and, as such, Sam implying that women have full agency there was a bit ridiculous. Everything you say, may very well be true, but it doesn't mean there aren't some notable struggles for women there, which are more extreme than those faced by women elsewhere: "The World Economic Forum's 2017 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Iran 140 out of 144 countries for gender parity. In 2017 in Iran, females comprised just 19% of the paid workforce with seven percent growth since 1990.[5] In 2017, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Index ranked Iran in the bottom tercile of 153 countries.[6] Compared to other South Asian regions, women in Iran have a better access to financial accounts, education, and cellphones.[6]:16 Iran was ranked 116 out of the 153 countries in terms of legal discrimination against women.[6]" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_rights_in_Iran I have first hand experience with some different Middle Eastern countries, but I don't think that's relevant to this discussion. And I dated a very lovely Iranian painter, but my anecdotal experiences don't really have anything to do with the topic at hand. The point is really that we need to be able to speak freely about human rights issues because we can't fix them if we're not allowed to say what's broken. Silencing those who call out injustices, is nothing I can ever get behind. And the issue of misogyny is absolutely relevant to how Britney Spears' agency has been taken from her.
  10. You think it's racist to believe women deserve civil rights?....kay...Iran is a country where homosexuality is not just illegal but punishable with death. That's a fact. Pointing out that a country has a problem with civil rights is not, in fact, racism. And, actually, hating someone just because they happen to be Iranian would be xenophobia not racism, either. Misogyny, which the other poster you erupted upon referenced, is exemplified by treating women as being less human than men just because they're women; the more a culture restricts women's agency based simply upon s3x, the more misogynist we can recognize it as being. "Iran is one of just six UN member states that have not signed the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, and its national legislation enshrines many barriers to accessing basic rights in areas such as employment, marriage and citizenship." - Beyond the Veil: Discrimination against women in Iran (English and Persian)
  11. I down voted posts of you telling people to "STFU" for not thinking Iran should be lauded for the way women are treated there and calling them racists. Iran shouldn't be lauded for human rights abuses and there's nothing racist about it. And no one should be silenced for saying so. You're calling me a troll? You wanna keep going? You spent 47 minutes trolling through my post history because I believe in Free Speech and Women's Rights. That doesn't make you seem at all creepy & unhinged. @Jordan Miller
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