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  1. well well well apparently daddy didn’t love Vivian very much doesn’t matter… there won’t be any rest for the wicked
  2. blindsided? Then she got the sweet part of the deal… Imagining being backstabbed as her sister was by her whole immediate family
  3. Oh God, please let's not start giving the spotlight to the brother-in-law as well... It's bad enough we have tons of posts about her sister everyday. Anyway... lol at him trying to make it sound like an abnormal privilege that a multimilionaire chooses when and how to take her vacations. Pressed much? These people'll truly be lost when her charity stop footing their bills, eh?!
  4. I bet they never thought it would come the day where the tables would turn and they would be put on blast. It was kind of master plan actually (an evil one, but still… ). They controlled the narrative, convinced media and fans alike that Britney needed tight controlling, whilst allegedly silencing, controlling, blackmailing and drugging her into compliance. They only forgot to account for one detail: She’s f’ing Britney Spears. Her star power doesn’t go away, so her image is never forgotten. People always pay attention to her. And their biggest mistake yet: she’s loved everywhere. Some may bash her, some may criticize her, but the public will forever adore her, and once she took back the narrative everyone fell instantly in love again by her realness and sweetness. For her wrongers there’s no escape: they will face the hate and backlash
  5. I mean, unless it becomes some sort of a trigger for her to hear that name, there’s no real reason why she should ditch it. She owns it, the name was made famous because of her… if anyone in the family deserves to carry it out proud it’s her
  6. I think most fail to grasp that the use of the word “assistant” goes in a very loose way here. She will actually need someone (therapist, life coach or whatever) to help her transition back to fully living her life and making her decisions, instead of just following orders. Once freed, she’ll be a 40-year-old woman with two late teen sons, a career on hold for half a decade… It’s bound to be a little overwhelming at first, and she’ll need more than a friendly face to help her go back to it in a healthy way, without causing further stress, anxiety or panic
  7. it’s a great thing she’s got herself a decent lawyer to defend her interests in personal life, but I do wish she gets a great manager sooner rather than later. Honestly, a re-reissue of the same album (so close together) doesn’t feel much like a smart business decision. If she wants to make a collection of old songs she should just as well pinch in the ones from Original Doll and be done with it
  8. apart from being reminded who she is, this post goes to show what we suspected all along: her favorites own tracks are Boys/DLBTLK/Toxic/BoM/Slave
  9. TMZ spinning ****ty tabloid stories to try and take her down? What is it, 2007 all over again!?
  10. this is def 2001 cause the routine is the same she used for DWAD. Funny how she got her “live singing face” a couple of times… she might’ve been truly singing this time and her mic was full off… great performance btw
  11. Most important, I think she should ditch California altogether. She should def move to NYC or abroad and experience a couple of years of peace
  12. Britney said it first: WORK *****!!!! Lovin' every single update were getting today.
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