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  1. I think Lover is very underrated. While Reputation serves the drama (and is overall a better album - and it is my second favorite after 1989), Lover is so much fun to listen to when I am in a happy mood! I always find myself playing it. Both albums have their own mood I guess, just like any other Taylor album.
  2. I think this is very important. Before loving anyone, you should love yourself. That being said, when I was younger, I used to always think that I will be single forever. But the tides have turned and I actually proposed to my partner and got engaged last weekend.. so always have hope!!
  3. I mean if she should pay for her kids' FULL education, medical bills, and probably add a house for their dad to keep them in when they are with him + the house expenses + a housekeep or two... That would FOR SURE sum up for less than 500k a year. What else is left? Food when they visit? That is pure bulls*it - whether it was for Kelly Clarkson to pay or her husband (if things were reversed).
  4. Are you guys from India? Bollywood shows and movies are very big in the middle east! We have a few big channels that translate and air many of them. I just love the music and the dancing. I watched a few shows, but my favorite was a show called "Kumkum Bhagya". I watched it for like 3 years lol, but haven't followed anything Bollywood-related since 2019.
  5. I could totally tell he was a mess from the November 2020 hearing that was released yesterday when Bessemer where gonna get assigned as a co-conservator. He was a walking talking mess!
  6. I am not a fan of them as well. But it was nice to see that they did rally behind the cause when they saw violations of human rights, especially when Britney discussed being banned from having a baby. Bipartisan Queen!
  7. In an ideal world, yes I agree. But in this world, especially in USA, people are swayed by the media (which is atleast 50% of the time fake news). We cannot deny that the media frenzy and the cruel headlines back in 2007/2008 played a big role in putting Britney under a conservatorship. As news outlets right now are at least trying to redeem their s**ist behavior, might as welll not give them something to crap about. But anyway, it is after-all Britney's choice and Britney's platform. So none of this matters as long as she is free.
  8. People from the GP were commenting on a conservative media outlet how disappointed they were seeing those pictures, especially after they were rallying up behind the #FreeBritney thing cause her rights were violated. I know that it is Britney's choice and Britney's platform, but I guess she should give more thoughts to her public decisions till she is done with this shi*ty situation. After all, it was all the chaos in 2007 that started this whole mess, might as well not bring such headlines back cause the media will never change, they will always be s**ist.
  9. I know my partner would kill me if he read what I am about to say... but Adele is very overrated. I like her music, it is nice to listen to. But there is nothing groundbreaking about it.
  10. AGREED! The lyrics are amazing. And the songs are catchy. I really hope when Britney comes back, she gives the album some justice and performs some of the songs live in her voice.
  11. As long as it has new material, it can be submitted for awards because the new songs would be considered eligible.
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