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  1. Post and share your favorite picture of Britney! There may already be a thread like this, also if anyone can help me find this picture like the actual one and the photo shoot I’d appreciate it because it is my absolute favorite picture of her. https://youtu.be/W8K37iHPPGY
  2. I agree I think back in 2007-2008 instead of a conservatorship... Jive, Larry, and her parents should have gave her mandatory time off in kentwood for a couple of years, away from fame, photographers, ect I think that would’ve been more beneficial.
  3. Folklores weeks at number one, album sales, and 6 Grammy nominations say otherwise.
  4. “How I roll” it’s my favorite song by Britney. It’s just so different than any other song in her discography. It’s my jam. I listen to it when I’m nervous, anxious, excited.... when I feel like being rebellious it’s just a song I can play whenever. It’s so catchy and I love the speakerrrrrrrrrrrr effect.
  5. He wasn’t following her when I saw her post this but he is now! Idk why that bothered me. I’m like you worked with the queen!!!
  6. It’s sad because I’ve seen ppl comment on how they’re not gonna get a refund or what ever. And that’s Britney’s name attached to this regardless if she supports it or not. I hope this doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouths of fans and the gp over tickets. If Jamie was smart he’d returns those tickets as a way to make ppl happy who bought tickets but can no longer go.
  7. I still can’t get over the beautiful shoot they did with David.... imagine if this was the shoot and they used the make me video.. glory era could’ve really been something else. I love it. Not critiquing her because I know now more than ever she’s going through and has been going through a lot. It just makes me wonder what happened to the era and what could’ve been different chart wise/era wise had the original art direction been kept.
  8. I’ve always gotten the blue disc with yellow flower BOMT. Never the pink.
  9. I say Paris because Paris has money and doesn’t need Britney for anything. She has her own billion dollar empire and her own celebrity. Peer wise, financial wise, they can relate and Paris doesn’t need anything from her which makes it even better!
  10. I believe there’s a few clips of the oops era. There’s different interviews with her and the a&r guy at battery studio. There’s also a clip in the McDonald’s vhs she did with *NSYNC of more forage from that session of her recording “when your eyes say it.” but I get it.. wish there was more oops sessions.
  11. You know listening to this episode was hard. It made me realize something... I think something we’re all realizing : Has Britney ever been free? It’s sad.... as a child her love and talent was exploited and shopped around to every pageant, talent show, recital, dance class.... then as a teen to labels, castings, ect.... she then became this worldwide superstar and the pressure and judgment of the world was put upon her. And now as an adult living almost all of her adult life under a harmful conservatorship. It just makes me wonder... when does Britney get to be free??? Forget B10 fr. Forget a new tour... all of that I just want Britney to be surrounded by ppl who love her (and yes I’m starting to believe Paris is one of those ppl), and who don’t need anything from her. Like I hope she finds the best girlfriends, a new family, and just lives her life outside of fame.
  12. Are there any pictures or links to this anywhere? I feel like I remember this. Also does anyone remember around 08-09 ... record labels were selling I think they were called plantinum editions? They were like metallic cards with the album cover on it and they hung on displays.... I remember seeing blackout on one... but yeah I just remember them being real shiney and from what it looked like it was a digital code for download (iTunes maybe.... or all online downloads I’m not sure), but you got this physical card with it.
  13. what are some of the most rare Britney items I can find.... that you own..... that are no longer available? https://www.ebay.com/i/281521859014?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=281521859014&targetid=935065066547&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9059332&poi=&campaignid=10456336243&mkgroupid=106723175227&rlsatarget=pla-935065066547&abcId=2146001&merchantid=114832046&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrta3jbLu7AIVicDICh1SPQZAEAQYBSABEgLPkPD_BwE I know this may not be particular rare and I’ve seen it over the years? Always wondered what’s on it? Especially the dvd part. Also I remember in early 2000 sticker machines..... you put in a quarter and hit a Britney sticker. Lol anyway thoughts?
  14. https://twitter.com/britneyhiatus/status/1319077952114446336?s=21 not sure if it’s been posted here so sorry if it has. Kinda confused by this tbh.
  15. I don’t know that... that’s true. If the court system is able to prove money laundering and abuse of conservatorship you best believe some ppl on team con are gonna have some legal repercussions.
  16. It’s actually really sad. I just hope... somehow she can find a group of ppl to love her for her. Not just fans... she needs real ppl who will love her and stand by her. I always for years thought her family was so supportive.. the first time I ever remember thinking otherwise was when vh1 aired that documentary “the secret childhood of Britney Spears”, that alone made me open my eyes..... I was just so shocked at how yes Britney may have wanted to be a performer her whole life, but that her family particularly her mother had really pushed her into certain things, including sexualizing her at such a young age. I just hope one day Britney gets the real love she deserves.
  17. I’m actually glad for the most part Britney has and is right now staying out of politics. I would support her no matter what but entertainment and art user to be a place of escape from the world and the problems in it but sadly the past four years in the music industry has been nothing but a big Biden promo. Which is good, I get the election is important but damn can we just get one album, one artist that’s not going off? I’m sorry if that’s rude... and some of my faves do it and I support that but like I’m just so overwhelmed with politics.
  18. The radio ban really hurt the full potential of this era. But it wasn’t an underperformance by any means. We got the album, the vmas, crossroads, a video game, three home video releases, the DWAD tour.
  19. I never understood this doc. I love it, and it seems so authentic but just out of place if that makes sense. It documented a real rough time in her career, it’s very off for the polished Britney era. I find it here to believe someone at jive thought it was a good idea at the time. I love it, it’s so real it just seems off it was like the first glimpse we ever got at real Britney.
  20. I’m literally shaking after all of this. I just want to say Britney is stronger than every mother fker out there.... who in the world would’ve survived that much pain, that much scrutiny, that much judgment, that much invasion.... from the whole world... I’m amazed at how in the world did she survive this!!! I don’t know that I could. Targeted bullying and harassment is so bad when it comes from one or a few but to have it from the whole world, day in, day out; every magazine, every tv show, every time you walked out the door.... omg I’m just so amazed and humbled by how strong she was and still is.
  21. None downvote me, I don’t care. He used Britney to start his career.. and is a d bag fr... nothing he does interests me.. and that damn trolls song yikes!
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