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  1. She clearly is referring to the sealed medical files. Think about it like this, worst case scenario, Britney suffers with a psychotic illness such as Schiziophrenia (not saying she does, just an example). If so, what's the problem? Many severely mentally-ill individuals can make full recoveries with the right medication and therapy. And as we have heard with our own ears, Britney is of extremely sound mind. One more option that I think is possible, her past drug issues or alcohol issues. Then again, so what? There are many former alcoholics or addicts who have recovered now and are perfectly entitled to their finances etc. At the end of the day, no matter how drastic the information is that Vivian is referring to, it doesn't matter. Nothing is a good excuse to take someone's rights away, unless they are severely and I mean severely disabled e.g. late-stage dementia.
  2. If this is true and you think the movement is already popular, oof, it will blow the **** up!
  3. It's an exciting anniversary but until she is free, I'm not buying anything that will benefit the dirty parasites who are leeching off of her.
  4. Wow, wow wow... we all predicted it, but they truly are jumping off of a sinking ship. In my opinion, Sam is trying to save himself. I'm not a legal professional, but as far as I've looked, the fact that he did not inform Britney that she could in fact, petition to end the Conservatorship, is completely illegal. A lawyer has a duty to act in their clients' best interests, and inform them of every decision they can take legally. His inaction, is potential grounds for disbarment. All the greedy scumbags are on the run, I sure do hope they get jail time.
  5. After the stress they put her through yesterday, I would get away too! I'm surprised they have allowed her but perhaps she is truly rebelling now, she has told her story, the public know, she has nothing left lose.
  6. Being honest, and I'm not being dramatic, but if it were me in Britney's position, I would have killed myself a long time ago. What an amazingly strong woman, and I'm even more proud to be a fan of her.
  7. The Paris thing will be taken out of context, she used Paris as an example, as she didn't initially believe Paris's abuse story, now she clearly does. And she used it as an example to say that abuse victims often won't be believed, hence why she didn't initially speak out about the abuse she has suffered.
  8. Y'all, please remember this too, it is easy to overlook. Lynne Spears is not a good guy either, her lawyer was good in this hearing but Britney doesn't seem to have the best relationship with her, she accused her of lying and she compared her to her father. Lynne Spears and Jamie are both terrible.
  9. There's no stopping this now, the movement has got peak credibility, we heard straight from Britney, this corrupt sham of a conservatorship will end!
  10. To all those who branded us conspiracists, Britney herself has now confirmed basically all of our suspicions. This is far worse than I imagined and I am disgraced at the California Courts previous inaction.
  11. She is 100% right how she said it is abusive and almost slavery. This is worse than I ever could imagine.
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