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  1. Shame on you Vivian, shame on you Jamie! They must think the general public is absolutely stupid? Who the hell is gonna fall for that sophia the robot *** performance she put on? Out of love, like wtf? Is this the same man who isn't allowed to see his grandkids due to a restraining order? Is this the same man who drank throughout his daughter's childhood? Why the **** does this abusive, narcissistic alcoholic even have a legal standing? The Californian Courts never fail to amaze me...
  2. The fact that Vanity Fair (a respected publication) is reporting this gives more credibility to the idea that she is, in fact, working on her own documentary. I've got to say, if she does make this documentary with this female director, the movement will blow up beyond what we've seen before. Especially if it's on Netflix. God bless this strong woman, I am glad this documentary has given her hope!
  3. Recently, I've been obsessed with creating my own covers of Britney's songs, e.g. if they were to be released as singles. Here is one that I did if Touch of My Hand was released as a single in Japan. Now it's your turn, or just post some that maybe you haven't made but you like anyway! This one is based off an old Kate Bush single cover.
  4. I still think Gimme More and Toxic are the best in terms of production, closely followed by Slave 4 U. So many great tracks to choose from! I also love Why Should I Be Sad.
  5. So today...🌞🌞🌹 I kicked that stalker Lou Taylor out of my life!!!🤭😱😱 I think my father is next...! 😉😉😉🌸🌸 GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! 🌹💖💖
  6. This is gonna sound so cringey and sorry to talk about myself, but, I really understand her admiration for roses and flowers in general. When I was struggling mentally not so long back and tried to start getting better I became captivated by flowers. For me, they represent the little things in life, the hidden beauties that we forget to admire. It's something that keeps me cheerful every day, looking around and knowing that no matter how hard times get, something is growing.
  7. Wow guys, this is absolutely amazing. This is huge!!!! We are no longer being seen as tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. The fact that Britney officially supports the movement is going to give the movement even more merit. Shame on TMZ, they are such hypocrites and they have done such a 180 but anyways, at least they have changed it. The clock is ticking for Team Cship!
  8. I never realised how hot he is! Maybe I have a thing for silver foxes? I guess then my profile picture would make sense?
  9. Mental Illnesses don't seem to fall under this category. It's really weird how they claimed she had dementia to put her under a conservatorship. This is just speculation and I'm probably wrong but it's probable that "Dementia" was just a quick label they used before she was able to get a diagnosis. Dementia is a broad term and simply means that there is a "loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life." I'm willing to bet this was almost a placeholder term until they got a definite diagnosis. However, I do believe this conservatorship is a complete sham. What's the worst case scenario, she has schizophrenia? My Nan had schizophrenia yet she didn't have her legal rights taken away? It's become apparent that Britney's mental health has been weaponized against her. My question is, would this have ever happened if Britney was a man? It's very easy for people to portray mentally ill women as hysterical people who need protecting from a "harsh world". A lot of this situation reads as if the people around Britney have an outdated and harmful view of mental illness. We have come far with treatments and medications, and there is support available if things go wrong. Sorry, rant over.
  10. Rockney has made her appearance, we have to stan. Brb grabbing my amethyst crystal rn.
  11. Jamie really seems to give off narcissistic tendencies, I don't wanna be an armchair psychologist and obviously I don't know him. However, his actions clearly show something is amiss. If you think about it, his selfishness and narcissism dominated her childhood with his alcoholism etc. This man should have been out of her life a long time ago. It's sad how much a dysfunctional relationship with a father or / and a mother can shape a person. At the very least he's a control freak.
  12. It sounds bad, but I hope it is, she has been worked like a horse by her family since she was a child. I can see a folklore esque type of album / Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour project being released. But I doubt she will tour again. Maybe the occasional appearance. This is just a guess and like everyone, I don't know ****.
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