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  1. Suffering from seeing a post with someone trying to interject themselves into britneys situation sure with an appaling unoriginal story that the whole gay community has gone thru if they werent smart enough to act str8 and not paint their nails while being in grade school. I knew how to talk **** back and i knew how to throw fists when it was time to throw down, on top of hanging with the popular *****es. Not sorry for calling someone out for saying britney saved him cuz the guys that were p4ob attracted to him talked **** to him. Go do drugs if ur so sad.
  2. Im sure the disability they claim is either "needing an emotional support dog" or "i have anxiety from all the bullies that pick on me for being a gay dude" real disability ppl cant function let alone work in a legit company unless they r at walmart...as the greeter or some stocker that doesnt stock and says high to everyone with their bottle cap thick glasses and **** eating grin....u know who im talking about. If this person is smart enough to try to sue and get lawyers and stuff...im almost 100 they dont have a legit mental disability.
  3. Sorry honey but we were all bullied as kids. Its called kids being kids. And then if ur a gay kid its even more. If u think ur some kind of special because u couldnt stick up for urself, u need some serious help. Did u want me to call Daddy Spears for u so he can really get u into shape? Unoriginal story, the sad part is u think u were the only one.
  4. Sorry to break it to u, but employers can fire u for anything they want to. I live in arizona and this is a right to work state, which means they can fire u for u blowing ur nose the wrong way. Unless they got it in writting that they were fired for me turded, they will never even make it to court let alone getting any money from her. They dumb
  5. I am almost poz she does because both times shes spoken and her "personal, typed herself" posts have mentioned many things that a lot of us have personally posted
  6. Strawberry was mentioned on a podcast i was listening to the other day. Podcast is called lets talk about britney, cant stand the ladys voice that hosts it and most of her info is....not correct
  7. Its about to be a criminal trial thats why she got daddy rose
  8. Moaning ur dads name during s.ex is prob why she find all them...if we goin based off courtney hole claims(which i believe)
  9. R u from a town of 50 ppl tho, most of which includes half the town being ur sister cousin?
  10. What r u talking about...she named one of her kids after her dad...thus continuing the red neck tradition of naming ur kid after its father...who is also ur father
  11. IMO Lynne is in the SAME boat as Casey Anthony and Jon Benney Ramsey's mother. Theres sick disgusting secrets that all 3 of these women are holding onto and they all have perverted motives...she wants her monthly allowance and to keep her mansion that is under the SJB trust, not her name. Yall think Jamie is the wolf, but i say Lynne is the starving wolf in sheeps clothing. Shes thirstier than i could ever even attempt at being. Ull see....Britney is jumping from the wolfs den right into a cauldron already boiling over a roaring fire.
  12. Same, i need audio for what my brain wants to hear. Im almost poz that piano is being banged on and i think the other lady is schreeching all while the violin plays as if the titanic is sinking
  13. Cuz it was lous interpretation of their story with the fake **** to plant seeds for 5he public to believe the famiky was in the 4ight to lock their star daughtwr up to steal all her money...
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