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  1. OK let's agree to disagree but you are setting yourself up for a massive disappointment if you think britney will be a big popstar again. She hasn't had passion or drive for this industry since 2004. I am only here at this stage for her personal situation.
  2. I've made this point a few times but feel the need to make it again. The dementia claim may be very real. Dementia is a misunderstood term. Dementia is not an illness. Dementia is a symptom. Dementia as a symptom has many different causes and can be temporary. Dementia is not Alzheimer's disease. https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/what-dementia-symptoms-types-and-diagnosis Other conditions that cause dementia-like symptoms can be halted or even reversed with treatment. For example, normal pressure hydrocephalus, an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, often resolves with treatment. In addition, certain medical conditions can cause serious memory problems that resemble dementia. These problems should go away once the conditions are treated. These conditions include: Side effects of certain medicines Emotional problems, such as stress, anxiety, or depression Certain vitamin deficiencies Drinking too much alcohol Blood clots, tumors, or infections in the brain Delirium Head injury, such as a concussion from a fall or accident Thyroid, kidney, or liver problems
  3. Gurl.... I don't want to sound harsh but honestly no one is anticipating b10 besides some die hard gays. Her team released some songs a few months ago even with the backstreet boys? No one was interested. I haven't enen listened to those songs once. They weren't picked up anywhere... I dont see another album from her. If one was released it would do worse than glory. No one is here for new britney music. The renewed interest in her from the general public is about her personal life. Hypothetically let's say she does make a come back.. She refuses to work until her father gets fully removed. Let's say conservatively that is 2 years away.. 2023. Let's say she jumps straight back into work mode and into the recording studio.. She spends 2 years approximately on an album from start to finish.. We are in 2025. She will be a 44 year old woman who hasn't preformed in 7 years. No one will be buying that. I think people need to understand that britney is retired.
  4. Pink is a fukin legend to this day A real vocalist, artist and activist
  5. I don't get the dramatisation of the title. Most of the older fans remember that people were waiting for news of her death around that time. It was almost assumed that it was inevitable. As awful as that sounds. There was clearly a need for drastic measures in the early stages.ie 2007/2008
  6. Photos of Jamie Lynn and lou Taylor? So what. They know each other for years. lou is or was involved in Jamie Lynn's career. This is no secret. This doesn't make jamie Lynn an evil criminal by association Your argument has no logic. I haven't seen a photo of Bryan and Jamie Lynn in years..hmm maybe they hate each other also.
  7. This jamie Lynn basing is exhausting. We have no idea of their relationship
  8. This cancel culture is so vile. I hope people see sense sooner or later
  9. She was visibally uncomfortable the moment she appeared. I always found that strange. I put it down to anxiety
  10. I remember about 6 years ago having coffee with a friend of mine and somehow got onto this performance. It was a time when I wasn't checking for britney.. We were remenising of this disaster of a show and how terrible it was, how she was spaced out etc so I go to YouTube to look for it and to play it for us.. I was so confused watching it because It wasn't bad like I remember. She was nervous and wasn't as high energy as her usual, but It had some good/sharp moments. It really made me realise the power of the media in influencing peoples opinions.
  11. Not sure who she is but she lost all my respect for Recording a telephone conversation and posting it on social media... While complaining that he posted a pic of her t-shirt merchandise on social media
  12. She does not have custody of her children. It would be impossible for someone legally declared incompetent to have custody. She has varying levels of supervised visitation. It's all very sad and wrong
  13. This fan base flip flops at a drop of a hat with her Instagram. Either her team is the one posting and making her look crazy or she is writing captions herself hinting that she needs help. It can't be both
  14. I like Sleepover but this is an absolute gem
  15. And most definately not this Thank the Lord for their healing church
  16. But no where in that article does he reference her condition, let alone say it is not incurable??????
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