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  1. Again this dementia claim is grossly misunderstood. I am not pro conservatorship in anyway but it is very likely was displaying dementia symptoms. Dementia is a term used to describe a symptoms. Dementia is not a disease. Dementia is not Alzheimers disease. Dementia symptoms have many causes such as stress, mental illness, Alzheimers disease, drugs. Also the sun is absolute muck.
  2. This does huge damage to the movement internally and externally. People who do this should be ashamed and need to take up a hobby to occupy their time. There is 13 years worth of information to go on.
  3. Nothing new here.. And nothing to get worked up on. We always knew Jamie stood aside temporarily.. Jodie is standing in for Jamie.
  4. What's the appeal of buying merch? I know every YouTuber/popstar sells ****ty hoodies and tshirts but why do people want these? Obviously there is a huge market for this stuff but I never understood why.
  5. I don't think I've actually listened to Britney music in months
  6. Still haven't heard this song to this day. Boycotting this sham
  7. This duet is so weak. The origional is fire though. I remember someone playing this version at a party and I was disgusted. Britneys vocals are very lack luster on this song and the performance is very poor also. It always gives me anxiety watching britney here.. She is so uncomfortable. I wasn't following her around then but used to jam to till the world ends and never knew it was her singing.. That autotune is too much. I'm amazed the fans bought into this era. Not a morning to remember
  8. Yes, I can read in both english and Gaeilge Irish. Thanks for your interest. Maybe her cameras are used as lasers incase she tries to escape. Or maybe they are giving off radiation to make her record strange Instagram videos. Am I doing this right? Perhaps they are just security cameras used to monitor her estate and keep her safe from crazy people & criminals.
  9. Yes, I can read in both english and Gaeilge Irish. Thanks for your interest. Maybe her cameras are used as lasers incase she tries to escape. Or maybe they are giving off radiation to make her record strange Instagram videos. Am I doing this right? Perhaps they are just security cameras used to monitor her estate and keep her safe from crazy people & criminals.
  10. I'm trying to figure out if you lot are kids or just lacking common sense or an understanding of the world. Of course she has security cameras all over her estate. A lot of people do. Like, genuinely answer me this.. What do u honestly think is the big deal with this? Where is your reasoning and logic at?
  11. I honestly see nothing bad about breatheheavy in that Instagram post. Also, people say way worse about him here. I just think sometimes not bringing attention to something is a better way to go.
  12. There are so many people involved in free britney. Can someone clarify who Lisa is? Is she the law student/graduate? I dont see a dissolution to happen that quick. We are 2 years into this and progress is painfully slow.
  13. Yeah I've seen previous posts from him where he gives updates on talking to Britney and how people dispute this. However, this post does not claim anything like that.. In fact it's a positive post from him on how strong and 'with it' she is in general. He asks people to be nice to her. Breathe heavy gets mentioned but so what. Jordan wasn't called out directly, just the horrible people on here, who thankfully are not so common anymore. I just don't understand the drama of the op
  14. If they did then I'm sure half this forum would forget free britney in an instant like they did with the glory re release and there would be a new video uploaded to exhale YouTube chanel about regretting buying it.
  15. Yeah she hasnt been consistent in that regard. 40s is not old but for a dancer is generally unheard of to be fair. Same with most Athletes. Who knows what the future holds though. Let's pray its positive. I'm not convinced that the interest from the general population in britney right now will translate to an interest in her music. Most of the interest is sympathy but that doesn't mean all those people will be listening to future music. That is something that shouldn't be confused.
  16. To answer 'why'.. Its pretty much what I have already said but Madonna sings live, britney doesn't and won't start now. Britney relies on dancing. She has been out of the game for almost 3 years already. There is no way she can come back in a few more years. Her stamina will be gone. Take away britneys dancing and there is nothing left for a performance. People won't accept her walking around the stage to 30 year old vocals. The gap between performing femme fatale and pom was only 2 years December 2011 - December 2013, and she was not great. It took a long time for her to fully execute the choreography and for her stamina to return. Dont forget she was in her early 30s then. This will be magnified with a huge gap and older age. 33ish vs 45? (who knows when she will be free) Another album in a couple years down the road is possible I suppose but it won't be preformed/toured That's my reasoning anyway.
  17. There is a section of 'fans' who are horrible, toxic and mentally unhinged.
  18. No, I can't see her ever performing again. If she was a vocalist then yeah, sure maybe. But britney is not known for her vocals but for the dancing/running around . She isn't going to start relying on live vocal performances now. Britney will be in her mid 40s before she is free. Can you imagine her trying to do a 90 min show after 7/8 years without practice at that age? Britney as a performer is gone/retired. It's time for her to live her life now. She owes us nothing. Maybe for those upset at this.. Its OK to look/enjoy/Stan other artists too.
  19. Who said I am a hater? I will support her freedom. If there is another album done on her terms, without her team and after the conservatorship then I'll give It a listen, of course I will. I will not and have not supported her brand for years now because of the situation. I refused to see her in concert in 2018 and refuse to listen to the new songs put out recently because of the conservatorship.. I even boycotted the glory re release. The last time team britney got my coins was 2016. She definatey does not need my €12 on a new album to be successful. I am saying that the gp will not be interested in a new britney album now.. Never mind 5 years from now. If she wants to put music out for the love of it, great but I dont think it's realistic for fans to keep saying she will top the charts and be the performer she was at 22. She will be a mid 40s year old woman, who will not have performed in years. Remember how rusty she was from femme fetale to pom? But the longer break, and her getting older will have an impact. I am not dissing her, I am trying to get some fans to see the realities of where we will be in the future. I still believe that she has retired and I am delighted for her. This industry has been really bad for her.
  20. Omg calm down. You post is erratic I don't enen know where to start. You have misunderstood every point I made. I dont even know who these new artists are that you mentioned, so I'm not sure why you are suggesting that I love them. One of my favourite artists is alanis Morissette. I am not going to argue with you. My point again is.. britney has not shown much of an interest in the art for 17 years. She had so much drive and passion for 6 years 1998-2004 but has not since. Its a job for her. At least that is how it looks from the outside as no-one knows for sure. I am not here for the britney brand. As an older fan I only care about the person at this stage. Radio, unfortunately does not generally play music from women over 40s. I think it's a shame but it is a known reality. You can get defensive and aggressive all you like but please read my posts and understand them before you jump down my throat.
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