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  1. She says she may not perform again and you take that to mean the next 9 years working?
  2. Well, if she doesn't want to.... Tbh what difference will it make? There has been no music in 5 years and no performances since 2018. You are already living a life without her
  3. Sounds like she is considering making this retirement official. For anyone who will find this hard to accept, this is your time to prepare for the very likely. I'd personally be delighted for her to pack up and walk away completely from the industry.
  4. This is sad to read, but really highlights the #freebritney arguments core. Either 1. She is mentally unwell and in need of a conservatorship, thus being unfit to work Or 2. She is able to work and therefore making a conservatorship unnecessary.
  5. Have you heard her new album? The only songs on it I really listen to from it are 'ablaze' and 'reasons I drink'
  6. I'm sure he commented after the break up that there is no need for a conservatorship. I'm also sure there were rumours that he was encouraging her to take control of her life.. Eg fight against the conservatorship. I was surprised at their breakup.. But at the same time we are just fans and don't know the whole story, nor should we
  7. Not a chance. People are interested in her personal life.. Not in her as a pop star. Her team released 1 or 2 songs in the middle of this free britney campaign and both flopped... Not a mention of them anywhere.
  8. Oh wait, so this isn't supposed to be her only line in the song? I've never heard of this song so though they asked her to a say 3 words for it
  9. I think stupid girls has a really important message for young girls... You don't have to get your **** out to get to where you want to be...
  10. Any pink fans out there.. She has a new song out "all I know so far"
  11. Didn't cassie accidently upload an avril pic on britneys account only a few weeks ago?
  12. My honest opinion of the documentary I have just finished watching it and am very underwhelmed by the BBC. It was poorly researched on their part, and the documentary was very lazy. This was definately the BBC jumping on the bandwagon. They didn't get into any specifics and jumped from quick interview segment to the next without presenting any of the facts, court documents, timeliness that are out there. Very disappointed and will not watch again, nor will I tell anyone about it.
  13. If he is not speaking with britney, then there is a very disturbed person impersonating her. They need to move on and really think of what they are doing. It's not funny.
  14. Just to clarify this point. Dementia is not an illness. Dementia is a symptom which has many causes. Alzheimers disease is the most common. (it is a horrible disease and sorry you were affected.) There are causes of dementia which are reversable https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dementia/symptoms-causes/syc-20352013 Dementia-like conditions that can be reversed Some causes of dementia or dementia-like symptoms can be reversed with treatment. They include: Infections and immune disorders. Dementia-like symptoms can result from fever or other side effects of your body's attempt to fight off an infection. Multiple sclerosis and other conditions caused by the body's immune system attacking nerve cells also can cause dementia. Metabolic problems and endocrine abnormalities. People with thyroid problems, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), too little or too much sodium or calcium, or problems absorbing vitamin B-12 can develop dementia-like symptoms or other personality changes. Nutritional deficiencies. Not drinking enough liquids (dehydration); not getting enough thiamin (vitamin B-1), which is common in people with chronic alcoholism; and not getting enough vitamins B-6 and B-12 in your diet can cause dementia-like symptoms. Copper and vitamin E deficiencies also can cause dementia symptoms. Medication side effects. Side effects of medications, a reaction to a medication or an interaction of several medications can cause dementia-like symptoms. Subdural hematomas. Bleeding between the surface of the brain and the covering over the brain, which is common in the elderly after a fall, can cause symptoms similar to those of dementia. Poisoning. Exposure to heavy metals, such as lead, and other poisons, such as pesticides, as well as recreational drug or heavy alcohol use can lead to symptoms of dementia. Symptoms might resolve with treatment. Brain tumors. Rarely, dementia can result from damage caused by a brain tumor. Anoxia. This condition, also called hypoxia, occurs when organ tissues aren't getting enough oxygen. Anoxia can occur due to severe sleep apneas, asthma, heart attack, carbon monoxide poisoning or other causes. Normal-pressure hydrocephalus. This condition, which is caused by enlarged ventricles in the brain, can cause walking problems, urinary difficulty and memory loss.
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