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  1. Oh no. I have emailed them to ask if it's possible to get physical copy from that date. If it's possible I will let you know.
  2. Comhghairdeas leat. Tá sé go hiontach ar fad. Is this in today's paper? If so I can get a physical copy for you if you'd like? Well done
  3. And the "fans" lap up any scraps thrown to them.. Free britney.. Except when new songs leak or get released..
  4. Sorry I don't see it. There is something dishonest about this type of content.. Yes she will always have her fans but she is not appealing to the younger generation. Importantly, she hasn't performed since 2018. Almost 3 years already She has expressed her wish to have more kids and marry. I can't see how her performance skills would be maintained with close to 10 years out of the business (Conservative estimate) while approaching 50 years of age. Can you really see britney with a make up line?... It's not going to happen Not typing to bash her in any way.. I am just trying to point out the realities of where we are at because I know some fans are not accepting it and will have an absolute melt down. After her testimony, saying how she is threatened and forced to work and perform, there is something unsettling about writing about a comeback. It is the last thing that anyone should be thinking of.
  5. I agree. This is in bad taste in my opinion. I don't like thinking about that period, plus I'm sure britney wouldn't like a song about a highly traumatic time in her life. Lastly, that woman's voice is worse than nails on a chalk board
  6. I would hope this is true, but let's be real.. Lynne may not be 'on the payroll' but has received funds for her house upkeep from the conservatorship, if my memory is correct. They all benifit from britneys money.
  7. Seems like one by one they are jumping off this sinking ship I wonder who will be the next to turn on team con
  8. This type of thread should be closed... Why attack someone's appearance?
  9. What is this a transcript of, and when did this supposedly take place? Who is asking the questions and why are they being asked?
  10. What I've learned is that we know very little so I personally refrain from bashing her
  11. I got 20 seconds in and turned this off. America is a special kind of stupid.
  12. For those who were not listening live to the call... here is a full audio, which includes the particulars prior to Britney's statement. please listen to this from 6.30 - 7.23 . THIS IS THE MOMENT WE KNEW SHE WASNT PLAYING. when i say i nearly fell over, im not lying
  13. Her argument were that she has found the previous experience traumatic, she believes that she has proven herself competent by providing housing and providing a living for many people and working making the conservatorship purpose redundant and also she made the point that people can be released from conversatorships without an evaluation.
  14. Who ever posted a link to the live audio THANK YOU. I listened and am upset by the whole thing. I feel sick. A lot of the "crazy" theories are true. EVERYONE has screwed her over. She came in strong saying she explained her story 2 years ago and the judge ignored her. **** u judge. She didn't know she could terminate the conservatorship **** you Ingham The abuse she has suffered **** you Jamie, spears family, doctors, managment and facility staff **** everyone I am so upset. The world has heard you britney
  15. Some would be aware of her but as a whole they are not interested in her. It's natural. But no, she is not relevant to the younger generation. It's the same as Madonna and all popstars of a certain age.
  16. Nothing to do with britney or the conservatorship. A reach It's just a kids party...
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