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  1. I think p!nk made a really valid point. Girls have more to offer than the dumb pretty role. It's not about femininity bashing in the slightest. It is about using your brain and being yourself, not what assets are on your chest. Pink even said about Paris that she is very intelligent, but acts like she isn't. A well needed message at the time. I applause her for it.
  2. OK I re-read that bit and see what you mean, I am a fan of hers but a late ish fan.. I've been following her story since 2014/5 because of the conservatorship mainly and her situation. To rephrase better I have never seen her in concert.. But I wouldn't see her now or in the future. I wouldn't give money to that brand.
  3. I agree with you here. This is what I think also. For me the brand seems so evil that I can not support it and haven't since 2016. Even when her tour came to Ireland in 2018 people thought I would go but it seemed morally wrong at that point
  4. You do realise the topic is asking to give your opinion of if she can have a bigger tour than circus? It's not whether or not she can do any tour or release a song. She is more than apable to do that if she wants, but my point relates specifically to the topic title. I simply don't think she can do a tour bigger and more successful than circus and I gave my reasons. There is no need to get insulted and defensive. If you think she can, then simply say yes and list your reasons. You might even convince someone who doesn't think so.
  5. Oh sweetie, I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic but I don't agree with you here. I won't comment on her moves on Instagram, other than she is not performance ready, but her vocals have been close to non existant for her entire career and have very rarely been on point even in her prime, and I say this as a fan.I don't see her having a bigger tour than circus ever. It is a very high bar.
  6. No. 1. Lack of performing - she has not performed since 2018. This will have a massive impact on her dancing ability and endurance 2. Lack of vocal training to be able to sing live as her ability to dance declines as she ages 3. Her age.. She does not sell with the younger generation. 4. Personal life - she talks of future plans which makes and future performing way into the future, which multiplies points 1 to3 I have never seen her live, nor would I ever pay to see her live.
  7. Good.. Its such a desperate app. Have some self respect people
  8. I mean dogs can take ill and nearly die in a matter of hours. My own dog recently got a virus and was healthy one day to near death the next. It involved an emergency trip to the vet and emergency fluids for severe dehydration, antibiotics, painkillers etc and being kept in for 24 hours and on observation for about 10 days. I have no reason to doubt her dogs went to the vet and have not returned but the exact circumstances around their vet visit are not clear and I believe the story being spun is a lie or not the whole truth.
  9. If the dogs were sick and/or neglected then the housekeeper did the right thing by bringing them to a vet. However, I don't believe the story is 100% factual.
  10. Didn't her son mention something similar in that Instagram live a few years back.. Something about one of her dogs being taken because of her not looking after it or something.. Did we ever get any more info on this?
  11. How is there a person employed to care for the animals, yet there is an allegation of neglect? Any report of animal abuse/neglect should be taken seriously. This story is a mess from begining to end.
  12. I haven't heard anything about the theft. Can you elaborate please, and any links you might have too. Thanks
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