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  1. Well, here's to hoping they'll get to share a cell in jail so their love will grow forever, and evermore intimate
  2. Yes it literally was! The character in Break the Ice was inspired by the superheroine in Toxic, its how the idea of the video came about. Its written in the Wiki of the song too https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Break_the_Ice_(song) I'm still hopeful the 'to be continued...' will happen once she's free Ps she was also planning on being a bond girl after being inspired by Toxic, and spoke about it in 2004 (see video below) but it fell through because she got pregnant & on went on a hiatus.
  3. In other words, she's afraid someone's coming into the picture that might threaten her only source of income
  4. Notice how Britney killed all the men in her life with her coochie coo and they've stayed obsessed with her since?
  5. Well this is the creepy thing about her... she always claims that she has 'personal insight' into people's lives because she USED TO BE an editor of Star. As if that someone gives you prophetic access into people's personal lives? She's really unwell it's scary.
  6. Shallon is a pathological liar with predatory tendencies against underage boys and a borderline creepy obsession with Selena Gomez. Please don't give her attention or clicks.
  7. Oh haha that was a weird autocorrect on my end, meant to say 'big' and it came out 'ugly' (since corrected). I personally love the movement & the fan base, there will always be some bad apples, but we have the right vibe overall and I don't think we are ugly at all
  8. It's weird because I think before the testimony in June, DeuxMoi reported it was actually ready with a trailer and awaiting release. I think they were there with a crew in June as well. We're now in August and nothing has been said or hinted at so I'm guessing there are behind the scenes changes? I've given up waiting or being excited for it at this point, the movement has gotten so big anyway
  9. This is so odd because you don't have to be really famous for your already established perfume line to sell. Loads of the older generation buy Britney's perfumes because they smell good without following her as a celeb. Elizabeth Taylor is dead and her perfume still sells?
  10. Didn't stages come out in December of 2002? I think it was released before her 21st Birthday. Couldn't have been Feb because the Mexico show happened in July
  11. It has to be Marylin, Diana & MJ as the male but I like to think Brit was up there at some point ... maybe she will be again one day
  12. Hmm you can tell the interviewer rigged the question to be negative a little? We never hear the questions being asked, it seemed like it was spiteful... To be honest Jessica only had nice things to say about Britney, generally speaking, and Avril later redeemed herself. With the girls you can absolutely tell their record labels or managers were behind this, telling them to say spiteful things in order to create media cat fights. Brit & Xtina never truly hated each other, a lot was fabricated (although xtina was jealous for sure). There will never be a mega famous artist that won't get criticism or hate. It is unrealistic to expect otherwise. Brit isn't an exception to the rule. Remember the way Bieber was talked about? Or many current artists. All that matters is that Britney never stopped shining and she was and always will be cherished by MANY. Keep shining Brit
  13. Great points, here's to hoping this is just the absolute beginning and there will be much stronger change soon. One thing that absolutely has to change is the fact that guardians get paid from the estate of the conservatees. Abolish that and see how many rats jump ship and no longer care to be guardians...
  15. But then you can say Lynne, Juno Luno, Larry and Scam Ingham were all doing what they were told? All these people knew they were part of something bad but continued to do it, instead of stopping to think of what damage they were doing to another human being. If I was working in a retail company that made money off of trafficking, I'd quit and find somewhere else. I forgive no one in her circle
  16. Love this!! also love that she has a growing fan base amongst your age group
  17. I would kill for Brit to actually be on here amusing herself with all the hilarious comments dragging TeamCon
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