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  1. Womaniser. Liked it when it first came out because it was a comeback song but its really repetitive & 'loud'. Circus has had the reverse impact, now I love it
  2. I think the one that was passed was AB 1194! There are currently 3 proposed bills in the making to reform conservatorships Each one is broken down here: https://a28.asmdc.org/press-releases/20210326-asm-evan-low-introduces-bill-implement-much-needed-reforms-californias I'm so exited about all these changes and the impact of #FreeBritney
  3. Yh this scared me so much too I remember reading theories on here that this was all an inside job to push James out by placing all the blame on him just so that they can have a power reshuffle and put something else in charge & basically continue the machine. Maybe he's been pissing them off, or he's just getting too old so they want change. I pray this isn't true & things won't work out how they plot. My only hope is that the movement has gotten so huge, and so much will continue to be exposed (+ new laws are coming into effect), that they can't get away with the corruption anymore. Let's keep praying
  4. Britney last had a court hearing in May 2019, not long after leaving the facility she was most likely forced in. She requested more freedoms which were rejected by the judge. It was that same hearing during which TMZ and other trash outlets roasted her simply for leaving barefoot (article below, but don't give them clicks... ) Most news outlets are saying this will be the first time in 13 years Brit will address the CON directly in court. It has even been updated to her wiki page! But there have been other occassions in the past where she has shown up to court and tried to fight for herself, albeit futile attempts with no outcome. So I'm curious, can someone who knows the ins and outs tell me what the difference will be during June 23rd? How can this be the 'first time in 13 years', despite the fact she has shown up to court before? ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × Obviously the #FreeBritney movement has grown x10 since 2019, and she is surrounded by much more support & team flop are under much more pressure; but as we have seen this barely affects court progress. We will all have to wait and see but I just wanted to understand
  5. I mean technically we are all rooting for someone we don't know, it's just that there are always psycho people taking it to far, in any fanbase or activist group. No rational person in #FreeBritney thinks it is a good idea to send death threats to team con.
  6. Trust me I was put off by the idea of him being in it as well but the doc was really well balanced (more towards free Britney) and Perez didn't come across as badly as we all thought he would. Give it a watch!
  7. They need to give us release dates ASAP. I pray for June but seems unlikely. It really will be over
  8. When was the last time Brit spoke in court? I remember that one time a couple years back when she showed up and TMZ roasted her just because she took off her shoes afterwards. Was that the most recent?
  9. We have no proof of this, let's wait and see & hope for the best, there are still two rounds of this bill to pass before it will affect Brit
  10. I SO need to see and hyperanalyse this video Also I do remember Fred Durst saying her and JT were still hooking up and it was the reason FredxBrit didn't work, so makes sense for her to show up to the party. I reckon Justin had high hopes they'd get back together until she married K Fed super quickly and he's been so bitter ever since.
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