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  1. Video was removed. But I heard "this is what I don't understand.. these free Britney people are..."
  2. I have to respectfully disagree. In twelve years, during which some of those years, Bryan was employed for Britney on the same tours that Jamie was.... that he is THAT oblivious? There is no way. They at least had to talk business and that alone would be enough for Bryan to see if they were pushing her past her limits just for financial reasons. Bryan was playing stupid intentionally. If he doesn’t know anything then how can people hate on him? It’s exactly what he wanted.
  3. I’m at a loss for words. I had a sliver of hope that Bryan would speak up for his sister and have her back. Instead he acted oblivious to what is going on, appears to be intimidated by strong women, and also views Britney as a cash cow. If you pay close attention to his body language, his eye movements, the vagueness and his choice of words when talking about the conservatorship it speaks volumes and does a lot more “talking” than what he did during those 50 minutes. “It’s been a great thing for our family”. Yeah I bet it has, you money leeching fool. I feel sick to my stomach. 😭
  4. I can’t believe this. There’s no way. This better be rescheduled ASAP. She’s Britney effing Spears. Suddenly her WiFi isn’t working?
  5. If it’s true that Britney wasn’t able to connect and no decisions were made. I’ll be furious!
  6. What?? Nooo! They probably made it so Britney couldn’t connect just to draw this out even longer.
  7. I have no idea what I’m doing, obviously. 😂
  8. Britney and Mario have such amazing chemistry. He really makes her come out of her “shell” so to speak. it’s unfortunate that he is apparently banned from seeing her now, guess Team conservatorship thought he was getting too close to her.
  9. I hope someone on her team smartens up and sees Lou for who she really is soon. This can’t go on forever. It’s a shame Lou can’t come down with COVID or something. 🙄
  10. Oh I completely agree. But despite the manipulation, deep down Lynne knows right from wrong and her lack of actions speaks volumes.
  11. In all honesty, I don't have much faith in Lynne. Many people that have worked with Britney have even commented on how controlled and restricted she is. If outsiders know how bad it is, Lynne definitely knows. If she genuinely cared about Britney's well-being why did she not file docs for financial and medical transparency back in 2008, or at the least when Britney attempted to end the conservatorship? Is it cause the GP is putting heat on the conservatorship? As much as I would love for Lynne to try and end the conservatorship, I do not see it happening. I'm sure she is financially benefitting from this as well. All of it just seems so inauthentic. Makes me so sad for Brit.
  12. This is amazing! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. It would be awesome if this was pinned to the top of the forum so we can keep up with updates easier.
  13. Time will tell if she’s only doing this to save face or if she genuinely cares. She needs to put her energy and time into filing more docs for transparency and ending the conservator ship rather than liking a free Britney post here and there on Instagram.
  14. I think it's funny to watch them scramble and panic, jig is up, Team Con. Britney Army will not let this go until she's free.
  15. Glad she's allowed to drive, we all know she loves to. But, can this be anymore obvious Team Con? It's like they're saying everything is fine, nothing to see here guys! They think we're idiots.
  16. Good! I hope he is scared and hiding like the little ***** he is!
  17. I’m really scared right now, especially after the TMZ article. You know how they say the most dangerous time for a domestic violence victim is when they try to leave? I think the same principle applies here. They are scared to death they are about to lose control of Britney. That’s when bad things happen. Please Lord let Britney break free and rise above the ashes.
  18. F uck TMZ! Bunch of scumbags. The only difference between regular people that suffer from mental illness that are allowed to make their own choices and Britney is that Britney has money. Team Britney’s motive is so clear and it needs to be stopped NOW!
  19. This makes me sick. Also, how unjust that she was given a list of lawyers (most likely ones one the conservators side) to pick from. I’m sure she was picking from the lesser of evils. The fact that she could not find a lawyer by herself and instead had to pick from a provided list says a lot, IMO.
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