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  1. What mistake has Britney made? Do you mean Jason Alexander? That was annulled so a prenup wasn’t necessary. Kfed? She actually did have a prenup and Jamie spears allegedly waived it in order to be able to freely hold the children over her head. Britney is smarter than people think and everything we saw of her when she was in control indicated that she was actually good with money which is a far cry from how people act.
  2. It’s so sad. She really did everything to get lynne away and probably viewed it as the complete family escaping Jamie not realising that lynne was always there through choice and let her children be abused for her own stupid pride and keeping her husband. This is MAJORLY off topic but have you seen the thing about Jamie being in a horror movie when he was young? We’ve been told he’s just some hick that never left the bars of kentwood so it makes me think there’s much more to the spears than we know. Jamie especially. ot: Idk this woman but it sounds about right. Nobody at all cared until it was profitable for them.
  3. These were exactly the thoughts that I had while I was watching. She looked pretty enough to be a pop girl herself in the vain of a Willa Ford or a Mandy Moore.
  4. Yeah every post would be formatted with bright colours and emoticons.
  5. I really hope she does end up marrying Sam. I know a lot of people don’t trust him and tbh I don’t fully trust him either since he has been involved in certain smoke screens here and there but she said herself very clearly that she wants to marry him and have children with him. Sam doesn’t seem calculating or mean he just seems dumb and honestly that’s what Britney needs because he really doesn’t appear to be exploiting her in any way.
  6. I don’t trust Jodi, or anyone who does this for a living, but this is a good move if it’s true. It will make Britney look rational and honestly nobody should just be left without any type of support after being controlled on every level for thirteen years. She’ll basically be continuing her ‘care manager’ role from before, but only this time Britney will have the power to fire her.
  7. On the docket it appears it’s been moved up to the 29th now with the other hearing which makes sense because removing Jamie and dissolving the cship aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.
  8. Britney is a human. It is no ones job to lock her up and keep her prisoner just in case someone else tries to do it. I don’t trust lutfi, but literally everything they accused him of doing (drugging her, taking away phones, using her money, hiding her dogs, preventing visitation with her children etc) they actually did do and we have that backed up with evidence. They also gave him a nice payout to just go away because they couldn’t prove anything in court. This is the same man in the tweets that constantly demeans her by saying ‘permanent alist “singer”’. it should be Britneys choice whether or not she gets exploited by people since at the moment it’s happening anyways and she can’t do a thing about it.
  9. The photos are almost exclusively always from a company called ‘back grid’ which I believe Jamie has deep ties to.
  10. The only time we ever see her is when she’s driving
  11. A few days ago none of us dreamed that the conservatorship could possibly be terminated by January. Victories are few and far between in this case and we should take them as they come. This is huge for Britney.
  12. The reason not to was trying to appoint a new conservator that had a previous history of trying to conserve people that didn’t need to be conserved.
  13. It would be a red flag if she did trust him 100% tbh. From what we’ve found everybody in this case is connected and they all have an angle. He’s doing a great job but we shouldn’t just blindly trust him.
  14. We’ve literally heard her say that she wants the ‘real deal’ though. That means an husband and probably a big wedding. Britneys life is always going to be messy and there will always be someone trying to use her for her money, whether she marries Sam or not. I’m not blindly supportive of Sam either btw, I find it sketchy af that he was posting ‘so brave’ after the Me Time post but Britney has clearly said she wants to be with him and marry him and that’s what she deserves to do.
  15. Exactly and honestly, say he was in it for the money and decided to divorce her and take half of everything - at least marrying him was a decision she made. People have been taking 100% of her earnings for the last 13 years against her will. She deserves to do what she wants and to make mistakes if it turns out to be one which it doesn’t appear at this point to be anyways. Idk why people are so weird about their relationship acting like he’s too good for her or something, but it’s simply not the case at all.
  16. No lol. Cade is in with the whole Bryan singer crew allegedly.
  17. The first year of freebritney was crickets too. It’s crazy.
  18. Cade is a very powerful and well connected agent. Research who he’s involved with.
  19. Yeah it was Cade. He’s also involved in some really disturbing **** involving blackmail and allegedly even including underage boys.
  20. You didn’t ask a question. You just posted that she’s in ‘mental distress’ when it doesn’t even say that in the screenshot you posted
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