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  1. Honestly even if she did release an album now or go on tour, as long as she’s under the control of these people I would not support it at all. We’d all know she was basically being forced, so to support it at that point would be more cruel than the people making her work when she doesn’t want to.
  2. She doesn’t look fine to me. She looks like a ball of nervous energy and honestly that stay at the facility in 2019 was very damaging to her. Watching that video was sad because these monsters have taken everything from her. She was the most confident, in control performer in the world and they took all of that away for their own greed. It’s heartbreaking.
  3. Are you being serious? The woman can’t leave her house or see her children without a team of people signing off on it and is in a position where at the drop of an hat they can throw her into an institution and do god knows what types of treatments on her and you’re worried about this? Grow up, get a life and stop being so ******* expectant.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a ploy by team con to make us look deranged to the court. It is not our place as stans to file petitions to the court because it will only be dismissed and make it appear as though we’re rabid and want to get to her. Sam Asghari or lynne spears need to be the ones to file the petition if it has a shot at being successful. This just makes us seem ridiculous and I don’t know who Stan is, but so far all signs point to him being very suspect.
  5. Eat pray Britney by far. I can’t at it’s Britney ***** winning when the way the hosts turned on not only Britney but also the entire fan base when freebritney happened was despicable and neither of them have even spoken about it since just ignoring it.
  6. Brett was definitely removed for a reason. We have all types of rumours saying that anyone who works for Britney and gets too close to her is fired and I feel like the brett situation proves that and she was replaced by Robyn who seems like an icy cyclone ***** of a woman.
  7. Allegedly Cassie is heavily linked to Lou so she’s probably homophobic too.
  8. I agree. She looks ridiculous and they know that and that’s the reason why they post it. It’s really not her fault though since she’s allegedly locked away in her house all day everyday and fed god knows what type of cocktail of medicines. The videos aren’t that bad anymore tbh but the screen captures they use for pictures are completely unflattering and frankly a piss take.
  9. She’s not allowed out of her house unless there’s a court date in which case they’ll let her get photographed smiling real quick.
  10. An LPS conservatorship is a type of conservatorship especially for people with mental health issues and is designed with the detail that they can’t profit from it in mind.
  11. This is the first time I’ve seen it. It’s so cute. It’s quite weird now watching videos of her at that age.
  12. ‘Her VERY public meltdown’ - I am sick to death of hearing this phrase. She retaliated against the paparazzi who tortured her life and shaved her head for what could have been a million different reasons. Move on.
  13. That’s not true. If you’re not a part of the movement after finding out everything we have then you really shouldn’t even comment on it. Would you prefer we go back to being blissfully ‘unaware’ while she halfassedly dances for us in underwear on stage by her fathers command in order to get a couple of hours with her sons at the weekends?
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