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  1. Honestly this album hits different after Britney’s testimony.. Alien, Don’t Cry, Now that I found you, Perfume, Hold on tight, Passenger, Brightest Morning Star, and Body Ache..hit totally different.. Production for Passenger was awful
  2. Britney is not even 40! I think your comment is relevant as Madonna might have an impact on you more. But Britney is getting relevant again and she will have a bigger 3rd peak, my guess even bigger than first one. Madonna’s most actions in 2010, and 2020 are desperate attempts to seek attention, whether it’s kissing drake or something. On the other hand Britney being in conservatorship changed Vegas. I don’t know why people undermine her influence in changing Vegas culture. Additionally, Britney has a lot to say, people what to know her story..which give her another chance of making a huge comeback..my guess is she will release at least 4-5 more albums, 2-3 documentaries, one super bowl performance, 3-4 more tours…then it will be easy to compare overall…
  3. Agree! It’s time for revenge for some people. They are releasing information anonymously too. I am sure Lou will be in hot water very soon
  4. He can try! But forensic accounting people are wayyyyy smarter than Jaime..even if Jaime burn the evidence and something won’t tie up, they will grill his *** of to get the truth and present in court.. I have a friend who works in forensic accounting for Deloitte..these guys are very smart. So if Britney requested an audit..Lou and Jaime are in deep trouble
  5. I am not a lawyer but have work in legal field. Believe me, its a lot of paper work, he need to go through everything to: 1. Make a strategy to remove Jaime 2. Go through 13 year of the case, which is thousands of pages, understand them, figure out what is best for Britney, and what level of effort is required. 3. Work with Britney what she wants: 3.a She mention she doesn't want to end conservative ship if an evaluation is needed. This lawyer and his team has to go through undisclosed medical records and find a way to end conservativeshiop without an evaluation. 3.b He is smart, he knows if he remove jaime there is a much higher chance he can end conservativeship without evaluation.m 4. Didnt you remember KFed statement that he will request for an evaluation if it comes to kids custody?? THis Lawyer need to take it in account as well. SO we can sit here and say why something is not done but in background its a lot of work. Additionally if he files termination without making a strong case: 1. Vivian will oppose to it 2. Judge will ask for evaluation this may leads to either termination petition is denied or no progress will be made.
  6. I think she will definitely speak truth..we will come to know what an *** Justin was
  7. Then where is the post in general pop forum to stop other bullies…point is there are 100 people who are trying to help Britney and one of them do something wrong you are calling all 100 of them as wrongdoer… Just try to say something wrong about Beyoncé or even call her flop..her b-hives will rip you and your Insta apart. It’s stereotypical like 2000s..if Britney wear a short dress let’s question her choice..same with her fans..if they aggressively called out lower like JL or Lue to save Britney’s from this slavery ..let’s call them out and when rest of fan base do it ..just shut mouth and watch the game
  8. Agree! But you should call out Beehives too, lil monsters too. Remember Britney 2016 cam performance when Beyoncé’s fans destroyed Britney’s performance and everyone who supported her. cyber bullying is bad but you did the same thing by calling out only Britney’s fans.
  9. Does any one know how much she invested and how much it’s worth now?
  10. If Britney is mad and doesn’t want to see Jaime doesn’t means she need help. It’s going to get worse for Jaime Lynn, but not Britney
  11. Look like she wanted to promote Glory..but team con didn’t allowed her to change show layout
  12. Unfortunately it never happened! Taylor Swift become number 1
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