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  1. Never liked when people use a stereotype or “pop” country to symbolize the whole genre. Country radio is a terrible representation and they don’t play a lot of the great up and coming songwriters. (Or women). Margot Price, Justin Townes Earle, and Caitlyn Smith are amazing indie country artists. Kacey Musgraves has always been so good and I’m thrilled she’s getting much deserved attention. I get into a lot of genres but I’ve been back in rock era for the past week. Also been ON some R&B/Jazz recently with Gregory Porter and Melody Gardot.
  2. They do. Fortunately Scarlett is backed by CAA and that’s huge. Disney can’t really afford to have a bad rap with one of the largest agencies worldwide. I think they believed they could act like Netflix or Amazon who have those types of deals without doing anything. Or at least like Warner Bros which is doing the same thing but for free and hasn’t (yet) faced consequences. Or they thought their Act of God clause would shield them without considering F9 being a theaters only release may undo that precedent. It’s likely that they try to settle. The thing is, if she doesn’t settle and it goes to a ruling, it’ll be huge for everyone else in how people are paid for streaming.
  3. Well the remake also receive poor critical reviews which definitely hurt audience attendance. Also video game movies are notorious for being Box Office Poison. While the ***pot original was an exception, the follow ups didn't have the same success.
  4. Well captain Marvel made a billion so it is one of marvel’s most successful movies to date. ScarJo’s most problematic thing is some of the roles she chooses but that’s about it. The movie suffered from dual release and the trailers themselves didn’t get much traction as others. If the film was released before Infinity War then it may have done really well but yeah. I think it surprisingly has less to do with ***ualization than we think. (Especially considering that female led action films in the 2000’s that ***ualized their protagonist didn’t have healthy box offices nor warm critical reception)
  5. There is but she has a precedent since F9 was released in theaters only and had a healthy box office just a month prior. So that should null that
  6. I concur. The album is a bit more diverse and colorful. I really enjoyed both but Evermore is the superior album for me.
  7. Cheap tickets at the time and it’s the bowl which I miss! I’ll do it sometimes and I know going in that Christina will be great even without listening to her songs (although I just finished her entire catalogue today). But idk, there’s actually quite a few bands and artists that I’ve gone to without knowing much. It’s hit or miss
  8. I’m actually going tomorrow. Never listened to an album from her before so I just listened to her entire discography lol gotta be prepared. I hope she mentions free britney
  9. Ditto on Lauryn Hill and College Dropout. Love Channel Orange and the Good Kid mentions!
  10. Uh YES janelle monae and st vincent! And an Emmylou Harris mention?? I love your list.
  11. Whew. Let’s do this. 40s : The Voice of Frank Sinatra by Frank Sinatra (perhaps the only album from that era I listened to so ergo, favorite) 50s: Johnny Cash with his Hot and Blue Guitar! By Johnny Cash 60s: Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones 70s: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac (Heart like a wheel and anything by Elton are close seconds) 80s: Thriller by Michael Jackson (it was close between this, Bad, Rhythm Nation, Nebraska, Born in the USA, and Like a Virgin.) 90s: Nevermind by Nirvana (jagged little pill, in utero, Spice, The Chronic, Come On Over, and Miseducation of Lauryn Hill could also be number one). 00s: Back to Black by Amy Winehouse (Home by the Dixie chicks, future***/lovesounds, college dropout, the black album, The Con, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Viva la Vida, and For Emma Forever Ago are up there for me too) 10s: Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes (shout out to Anti, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Lemonade, I Love You Honeybear, Carrie & Lowell, AM, 21, By The Way I Forgive You, Golden Hour, The Weight Of These Wings, and Melodrama) 20s: Evermore by Taylor Swift (really enjoyed Folklore, Surface Sounds, and SOUR) Anyone a fan of these?
  12. 1. evermore: The sonic growth and experimentation that was built on top of folklore cannot be denied. Had all that worked for folklore, but is more enveloping as a body of work imo 2. 1989 : A bit dated but was such a huge album. Looking back, every song is a perfectly crafted pop song from an already established artist. It's a Re-Introduction which cannot be overlooked. The album, the videos, the tour. This era had it all and it all came down to her sticking the landing on this album that could had REALLY turned sideways if Blank Space wasn't a smash. Only weak link was Bad Blood but it obviously got a remix treatment that fixed it nicely. 3. folklore: The change of pace, the flex on the songwriting, the introduction to her "cottagecore" era. This is an album that was automatically and "album of it's time" but that's a great thing. She captured the moment and she did so amazingly. No weak links for this album. Only people who are turned off are the ones who prefer more production and swifter tempos. 4. RED: Did not like this album when it first arrived. Now I truly vibe with most of it. While there are some songs that just aren't up to standard, it was a middle road album for her with some incredible songs. All Too Well is one of her all time bests. She took some calculated risks with Trouble and 22 as those are her, dipping her toes in the POP pond to see how they go over. Still, doesn't skimp on her country structure with some great songs like Begin Again. 5. Fearless: The only reason I didn't put this higher is because the Taylor's Version of RED and 1989 still gotta come. Fearless though was monumental for her. Really established her songwriting talent and is full of solid country songs. The whole first half I would say is immaculate for teenage country artist. This album also led to her being in more places as it crossed over into mainstream, thereby solidly placing her in the public eye. It's fitting that it's the first to be redone by her. Her version is great too, really relishing in her late teen years. The bonus tracks are mostly meh, but her vault songs do make up for that. 6. Speak Now: Someone already made the point that each song is a declaration to someone. It is. It works. She really showed off by writing all the tracks. Not every song works, but the album as a whole is huge. It was also the first album in response that followed public scandal (The Kanye West VMA thing and dating John Mayer). 7. Lover: Solid pop album. She really dug her heals in this, and seemingly enjoyed the process. Some of the work is overly long or should have been cut, but the indulgence kind of works with the theme. What is a lover if not an indulgence of another? Also, Soon You'll Get Better and The Archer are incredible songs. 8. reputation: Solid pop album and another album in response after a public scandal. The lyrics in my opinion get a tad banal. The beats are very good, but I feel like she really shines in those vulnerable moments. Delicate, Getaway Car, Call It What You Want, and New Years Day are standouts. Don't Blame Me, End Game, and So It Goes get honorary mentions. To prop up this album though, It is amazing how she leaned into the Snake Imagery and made it her own. The Videos and tour were also achievements. So, important album, not my favorite album. 9. Taylor Swift: Not a bad album. Tim McGraw is an AMAZING country song. There are some gold nuggets here and it is very impressive that she did this album at her age. It's at the bottom where it's supposed to be which is a good thing. I mean, would you want everyone's favorite album of yours to be the one you did 15 years ago or the one you just dropped? So kudos to her for always being above her already above-average debut.
  13. I’m sure I could sell a show on a decades long conservatorship abuse and gaslighting with Britney remix songs to match. Let’s get on it! (You already have the 80s synth pop done and it already slaps)
  14. Nnnn this is actually quite good. Now do 70s disco lol actually a WandaVision esque remix ep that tackles different eras of pop through history
  15. I say a whole new album, different aesthetic and era please.
  16. Really like Cudi and happy to see more genres getting repped on a Pop forum. Haven’t listened yet, but this is a good Rec. can’t wait to see it
  17. B.S. - Jhene Aiko Ft. H.E.R. Heat Waves - Glass Animals If Your Too Shy (Let Me Know) - The 1975 Small Town Hypocrite - Caylee Hammack I Want More - KALEO Honorable Mentions Midnight Sky - Miley Cyrus Levitating - Dua Lipa Exile (Featuring Bon Iver) - Taylor Swift Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots Right With You - Patrick Droney Sorry... most of Pop music this year didn't do it for me
  18. Honestly you care too much. It’s the Grammys... I mean they nominated Yummy. Their standards are all over the place. Plus, it shouldn’t matter over who sold more you know that right? Like if you sold more, congrats, why do you need an award to prove that lol?
  19. Yay for Coldplay! Excited they get rewarded for finally releasing a good album since Viva La Vida! Weeknd got snubbed and I don’t feel bad for anyone else. Byeeeee
  20. It’s so sad she didn’t have a chance to purchase her masters and that they keep dangling it in front of her with B.S. stipulations. Good for her and I can’t wait to hear what she does with the re-recordings.
  21. Well that album was astounding and it deservedly topped every list. That and Watch The Throne was the last of when I consider Kanye at his peak. Yeezus was really good but the era was a mess. Life of Pablo was just... telling. anyways, yes he’s the worst now. Yes, he was a narcissistic a-hole back then. But also yes, he delivered one of the best albums of the 2010s. The production, the structure, the wordplay were phenomenal. It also gave us the best Nicki guest verse she has yet to top. So yeah. He’s a jerk but that album is amazing and some of you pressed stans will simply have to deal.
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