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  1. Yes, your boss can fire you if you refuse to get a Covid vaccine Anything else you want to laugh and lie about? I know the attempted genocide of Puerto Ricans by the US government in the 30’s is so hilarious to you. Should a coronavirus vaccine be mandatory? In Brazil’s most populous state, it will be. Surprise surprise. Minorities being used as guinea pigs. How long until this DNA altering drug is added to the list of vaccines already forced on the American population? Of course they use minority countries with no rights as a trial run first.
  2. Okay, I’ll try, but you also have to look at who I’m dealing with. You seem well intentioned enough, but it’s a little gaslighty, because I’m being attacked and called a conspiracy theorist by people using Britney gifs to ridicule. How can anyone take that seriously, and yet you’re admonishing me for being immature. Come on, be fair. edit: and also, I don’t see you using facts and data to maturely expand on the points I’m making that you agree with. It would be nice to get an assist every once in a while. I’m outnumbered by liberal lunatics spouting govt boot licking propaganda while the logical people who agree with me spectate on the sidelines and criticize me for how I deal with the cretans unknowingly doing the bidding of every authoritative govt agency on the planet. And not even an upvote from you. It’s easy to say I’m not representing your viewpoints elegantly enough while I’m the one doing all the heavy lifting.
  3. Because your people do not have a history of being exterminated by the US government so you can say crazy **** like “I can’t wait to take the vaccine!” As if it tastes like candy or it’s going to grant you super powers. Lots of white liberals are acting like it’s the next Star Wars movie. It’s a luxury of trusting the government to not poison you that my people cannot afford to mess around with. If you can’t understand the trauma that comes with having your ancestors sterilized by a govt that now is playing with the idea of forcing you to take the vaccine in order to work, or considering requiring vaccine papers to travel, or creating incentives like taking the vaccine to receive the stimulus check, then you are simply a product of your white privilege and are ignorant and naive.
  4. I have 0 trust in the pharmaceutical industry or the regulators that prop the drug companies up or the lying paid off media who report on it. But I very much appreciate your understanding that not everyone wants to take the vaccine. 🙏🏼
  5. No, that’s just your white privilege talking. Puerto Ricans were sterilized against their will by the US government in the 1930s. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compulsory_sterilization#Puerto_Rico Stay in your white privileged bubble and keep thinking that couldn’t still happen today, while Bill Gates gets sued for his vaccines injuring minors in 3rd world countries and planned parenthood opens more clinics in black neighborhoods leading to abortion being the number 1 cause of death in the black community.
  6. A doctor wrote the article I posted. Many doctors professed the health of cigarettes for pregnant woman as well as boos before the science was in. Enjoy being a science experiment to make the manufacturers of this drug rich when it hasn’t been properly vetted and is being rushed through trials.
  7. My pleasure papi. It’s crazy that now you have to quote me to disagree instead of pathologically downvoting every post by me you come across. I’m actually glad Justin removed they’s downvote feature. Welcome to the conversation.
  8. How can we trust that our govts aren’t putting on a show with placebo trials before forcibly injecting us with the real one that will cause irreparable damage to our bodies. **** THAT. Emergency COVID-19 Vaccines May Cause Massive Side Effects
  9. It’s so obvious the downvote feature was removed because the wrong side was being downvoted in this thread. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I promise you Jordan doesn’t give an eff about making this place more positive. Nobody can live up to the standard of saccharine absolute Pollyanna he’s laying out in his posts. Not even he can live up to it while liking quotes like these calling his own members dumb and co-signing them passive aggressively.
  10. I loved her since "Never Be The Same". I saw her live like 4 times. And Senorita makes me feel like I'm on the cover of a romance novel lol.
  11. Yet you don't have the chops to point them out so we can vet the information case by case together. Enjoy your bubble of deliberate ignorance.
  12. Whose doing the gaslighting when you once again pass up the opportunity to name the issue you find so outrageous, in favor of vague scoffing in the general direction of anything that’s said in opposition to your preconceived narrative? How completely uncurious and disinterested in an actual dialogue do you look right now. Liberals love to act dumbfounded at the thought of people disagreeing with them, but avoid actually digging in to a conversation at all costs, lest their fabricated worldview be properly questioned leaving them with no defense.
  13. What are you referring to sweetie. Nobody know what you’re talking about.
  14. 😳We’re living in the matrix or Trump just gave breatheheavy a wink
  15. There’s no difference, your splitting hairs. And you’re missing the point anyway. It’s not about groups being offended. It’s about being able to have a discussion with people who disagree and one side not having the balls to just use their own arguments to let the conversation evolve. I generally have not been the type to report name calling because I’m not a little snowflake and it just reflects poorly on the name callers. The mods refuse to do anything anyway when it comes from the left. I just let you people dig your own holes: just like you’re doing everyday calling Biden president elect and saying there was no fraud. The insurmountable evidence and footage of hidden suitcases of ballots being pulled out from under a table after the counting was paused and the watchers left is one of many proofs. Trump will not be leaving office for another 4 years. The left talks and acts like they’re panicking while Trump looks cool as a cucumber.
  16. 😂you know how many times I’ve been called mentally ill along with many others on here, just for being trump supporters? And surprise surprise, action was never taken against those members. “hate speech” is just a catch-all term libs use for “speech I don’t agree with”.
  17. My interpretation of gender that’s based on what I’ve learned my entire life and can see with my very own eyes, has nothing to do with someone’s existence who wants to “identify” as whatever the hell they feel like. Go crazy about your identity, but you can’t force the world to partake in your journey to become something you can never fully be. Chromosomes are science. Your feelings about wanting to be a different gender is psychological at best. Forcing the world to conform with the boundaries of this pseudoscience experiment is unrealistic and tyrannical.
  18. While the world bends backwards to censor anyone who disagrees with the trans agenda to make her feel safe and in control. WHOOPS I used the wrong pronoun! SHUT IT DOWN!
  19. I can't believe you got points for "Blatant Disrespect" for this post. "Blatant Disrespect" is the corniest most unprofessional language on a forum I've ever heard from an official mod team. How embarrassing. What are you, a parent scolding children? It's such a nonsense term that's open for interpretation which allows the liberal mods to disproportionately wield it against anyone who they want to personally target, while everyone who agrees with them conveniently slips through the cracks of this vague rule. The rules of this forum are so blurry and unclear by design. Slimy weasels drunk with power. This is why their side will never win.
  20. How sad that I had to be banned for 3 days because I expressed my views on the issue. If I was wrong they wouldn't have to censor me. The only way to force this bull**** down peoples throats is to completely shut down free speech and anyone who questions the misguided liberal narratives. Just like they censored me on election night when proof of the cheating started to come out.
  21. Bro, I just have sympathy for this actress. She’s never going to be a male. I’m really tired of this game society is playing with people who have body dysmorphia. This is like playing into someone’s identity who has an eating disorder. “Wrong body Birth” isn’t science. And how can something so rare be so disproportionately prevalent in Hollywood and their kids. This strikes me as mental health/ attention seeking liberal behavior for the sake of standing out and pushing an agenda.
  22. I think number 2 is fair for what she put out. Being influential and reviving rock doesn’t mean you’re going to hit number 1 on the charts.
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