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  1. i'm still shocked and disgusted that they forced her back into work so quickly. this was only a few months after everything that went down (losing custody, her 5150 hold etc)
  2. this made me tear up...i feel the exact same way. i think a lot of us prior to her vegas residency ending and the voicemail leak kind of just thought everything was okay for her in regards to the cship because it hadn't been an issue for so long / didn't get talked about a lot. (at least i did) i thought well its been 10ish years and she hasnt tried to get out of it so it might be working for everyone (while also knowing she didnt NEED to be in it, i thought they were just using it as a business model lol) But after everything that went down, i feel so so so guilty for buying into everything but also just thinking how britney must have felt all those years trapped and not wanting to really work, record and perform and promote and everything. We know britney gets anxiety would probably prefer to not do meet and greets and interviews etc so why were her team forcing her? putting all the pieces together and hearing all the information come out just makes me feel so upset. All britney probably wanted to do was have a couple of kids, a husband and live in a big house in Louisiana or Malibu or something and when i think of all those years that have been taken from her (late 20s and all of her 30s) which is basically the prime of your life, its just heart breaking. She hasn't even been able to be a full time mum to her boys - think of 2009 and everything she had been through just a year before that, her team put her straight back to work and tour with no choice or any time off for a break, which she should have done if they were so concerned about her mental health. I also remember recently re reading an interview from 2009 just before the circus tour started and her team were talking about how busy she has been and how often she sees her boys "as much time as she gets to spend with them - if shes not working on rehearsals etc" and they were phrasing it like it was a good thing but it just made me so sad because they were so little then like 3 & 4 and you don't get that time with them again. I think if britney had a choice she would have preferred to take a break and just be with her kids. anyway, i could go on but i wont lol
  3. to be honest i've been keeping up with this trust fund scenario for a while now. that surprise witness has been investigating this in her own time for months and months. I've seen all the hour+ long videos that led up to this discovery/finding/whatever you want to call it. no one is saying it is 100% her money of course and ALLEGEDLY. But idk 1+1=2 lol the facts speak for themselves and of course this could just be a massive coincidence but i think we should definitely keep an eye on it. Also, regardless if that is her money in an offshore account or not, what they did was highly illegal anyway (moving the trust money around without the courts permission as well as Lou Taylor lying about the connection between stonebridge and tri star) Literally everything to do with lou taylor, mitch martin and their two companies and this trust fund is highly illegal) The whole scenario is just mind blowing when you think about what these people have gotten away with. It just confirms for me (this is just my opinion etc don't sue me lou) that i think everyone involved in the cship is corrupt and this whole thing was a set up. Im not sure how britney is ever going to get out of this unless a third party involves themselves or it goes to congress or something but it cannot continue as long as ingham, vivian, jamie, penny, lou, jamie lynn, mitch etc are involved. Theres too many conflicts of interest and corruption going on. Its just a show trial. one hand washes another. Allegedly.
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