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  1. I've been on antidepressants for two years now. I've also had them when I was a bit younger. I think people use the word depressed kind of loosley and that might have something to do with it. Depressed people are not a homogeneous group, and besides that there are diffrent kind of depression and different reasons why people get depression. There are ALOT of diffrent medication that works in different ways - so it's not something to take lightly. I'm from Sweden, and we have one of the world best health care systems, I think I changed medication about 6 times before I got the right one. Depression should have always been taking seriously. Never question somebody who thinks they have it - it can go really bad if they feel that no one takes them seriously and feel the need to prove it.
  2. Hahahaha can somebody contact them and make them make Mysterious HonoLOULOU - such a missed opportunity.
  3. At least they're being honest about ripping off the brand. But how does this work legally? It's not just off ebay - but walmart? I can't imagine LouLou ever letting this happend.
  4. Same here. If the magazine doesn't want to review the music - then don't. Or perhaps put out a statement that explain why they won't review it. But rating it 0 is just immature.
  5. I Will Be There (Demo version, which sounds more like BOMT & Crazy Stop Remix) Any song from OIDA would've been a hit (except dear diary and perhaps satisfaction) Lonely/What It's Like to Be Me/Cinderella/Before The Goodbye/I Run Away Showdown/Breathe On Me/Shadow/The Hook Up Any song from Blackout would've been a hit Unusual You/Shattered Glass/Out From Under Inside Out/He About To Lose Me/Big Fat Bass Britney Jean (Removed By Demand) Love Me Down/Change Your Mind/If I'm Dancing
  6. While I won't question their love for one another, I refuse to believe that 2016 and forward can possible be worst then 2007/2008.
  7. He is absolutley right when he says: ‘Showbusiness is not an easy endeavour, sometimes you need outside family participation or help. ‘There’s millions of people pulling at you wanting you to go in this direction or that direction, and sometimes somebody has to step in and say, wait a minute, this is the wrong way, do it this way.’ But the Spears family did not do that. On a personal level: B, come to louisiana for a while and take a well needed break from the chaos in California. You won't have to deal with the tabloids and everything that comes with it. On a buisness level: B, if you're not happy with your management, let's have a meeting with Jive and see what we can do a bit later on. You've worked hard your entire life, you're in a position that allows you to take time off as long as you want to. You have that luxurary. Make music, but you can work as much or as little you want to take your time.
  8. Well, how about that. Our girl better get her billion dollars when she's free - and then release a new effin' line.
  9. I've searched for both of those fragrances, and can't find any information about it elsewhere. Why would BSavenue only have this information (and pre-order)? It doesn't make sense.
  10. This can't be real? Didn't BSavenue announce "Fantasy Sheer" a week ago? Can't seem to find anything about these two anywhere else.
  11. I think it's from that remix constest back in 2000! You could make your own "remix" .
  12. This is not the first time she posted this song. I remember searching for this song awhile ago.
  13. Just when you thought you've heard and seen it all; this happens. It's not even complicated, If she has a day-to-day caretaker for her pets (that also happens to be a nurse(?!)), how can the dogs be neglected? What kind ****ery is this?
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