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  1. I don’t think her comment was all that insulting. Plenty of amazing intelligent women get blinded by love. After everything Britney went through, people can’t stand the idea of her getting taken advantage of yet again. But honestly I think this was actually just a joke …
  2. Smart choice. Honestly, we should probably all delete our d*** social media accounts. They increase insecurities for a lot of people and lead to a bunch of fighting and let conspiracy theories spread all over the place. I miss the simple days when you communicated by AIM …
  3. Her family obviously really likes to keep names in the family … but I don’t think Britney is going to feel like honoring her mother or sister anytime soon. But what about Lillian after her British grandma from her moms side? I think that’s a beautiful name. And she was obviously a gutsy lady to move across the Atlantic.
  4. It seems like prayer and God have been such a source of strength for her in recent years. I wouldn’t be shocked if she wanted a more spiritual or religious wedding this time around, maybe at a little chapel in Hawaii? Then a small reception overlooking the beach and they can go swimming in the stars at night ✨
  5. Watch Jamie try to arrange a prenup that will give Britney’s money to her family in case of a divorce 🙄
  6. I was responding to someone else’s comment saying she better hurry and have kids
  7. I mean, there’s no reason to be in a huge rush. You can adopt at any age
  8. Please. I didn’t even know the VMAs were on. If Britney ain’t there, who cares??
  9. Seriously though! She’s a legend … he can take her name!
  10. Gorgeous ring! I love sparkly solitaires. I hope Britney’s very happy
  11. We finally wore him down! And all it took was a 13-year push from fans around the world, multiple documentaries and articles, senators and representatives at the federal and state level weighing-in, legal threats from an attorney who used to be a federal prosecutor, the general public— including his ex-wife — turning against him and his own daughter sobbing in court talking about how they made her feel dead.
  12. To be honest, it was probably my least favorite Britney video. 🤷‍♀️
  13. Well thank God SOMEONE realizes that an NDA doesn’t prevent you from reporting abuse or other criminal behavior. Seems like most of the idiots in LA think signing an NDA means you would be imprisoned for reporting mass murder 🙄
  14. If I were Jamie, I would be worried about more than just going to jail. I would be legit scared of going to h***
  15. In an interview in 2006, she said she was an emotional wreck because she was pregnant with her second baby while also dealing with a crazy amount of tabloid attention — she then credited Kevin Federline for helping her get through it. I’m not pointing this out to say Britney is dumb — but love blinds the best of us sometimes. 🤷‍♀️ i don’t think anyone on here really wants to believe Sam is using Britney to become famous, but after we’ve watched so many men take advantage of her, can you really blame us for being concerned?
  16. Well if that’s true Jamie, then you still belong in jail because you took a severely sick woman who was placed under your care and you sent her straight back to work. If someone I loved was mentally ill to the point of being gravely disabled, I wouldn’t have them doing global tours that involved hectic schedules, jet lag and all the intense pressure that comes from performing live in front of thousands of people. Nor would I want them to work around fire or dangle from wires up in the air. So either way, Britney’s conservators are bad. Either Britney is OK and never should have been in a conservatorship … or she’s very very sick and her conservators should never have had her working like crazy in intense situations for the last decade.
  17. While I wouldn’t put anything past team con, I’m actually going to hold off on slamming the housekeeper at this point. If the dog was fine and this was all made up, then the housekeeper is horrible. But if the dog was actually severely sick/dehydrated, then he needed to go to the vet.
  18. Wow. Mario and Britney always seemed to have such good chemistry during interviews. I did not expect this, especially how he specifically mentions her dad.
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