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  1. What are you talking about? Professional news journalists do NOT pay for interviews. Only gossipy celebrity magazines like US Weekly or OK magazine would do something like that. But the New York Times, the Washington Post or even your local hometown newspaper do not pay people for talking to them. That would be considered unethical.
  2. Does anyone have a clue about Alex Vlasov’s financial situation and whether he needs help to get himself some security? Should BreatheHeavy users start a GoFundMe or something to help him get some protection or move to a more secure location? Edan and the whole Black Box team seem completely unhinged.
  3. He deserves to rot in jail. And he didn’t just betray Britney, he betrayed their sons too.
  4. I’m so sorry you went through that! What is wrong with this world? Why are so many humans so awful?
  5. She must have been so nervous all the d*** time. And then people would see her seeming anxious or out-of-sorts and make comments about how that showed she struggled with mental illness and needed the conservatorship. That must have been so unbelievably infuriating.
  6. As an American fan, I just want to say how unbelievably ashamed I am that our legal system allows these types of corrupt and abusive conservatorships to exist. This is a global embarrassment. I am so proud of Britney for continuing to fight back and speak out for all these years. We Britney fans must have great instincts because we picked an amazing woman to stan. To anyone reading this who is in an abusive conservatorship, or who loves someone in one and feels helpless, don’t give up! I think many people involved with the Free Britney movement plan to continue shedding a light on conservatorship abuse even after she is free. The days of conservatorships operating in total darkness are coming to a close.
  7. Agreed. She posts tons of photos and videos of them on social media and even keeps the account public. Then acts like she’s worried for their safety and privacy 🙄
  8. Laura Lynne had to know the sort of man her Uncle Jamie was … and yet she never publicly spoke out on Britney’s behalf, never tried to raise awareness about the abuse going on. So why should we expect her to be angry at Lynne or Jamie Lynn for being complicit? She obviously wasn’t willing to take action either. 🤷‍♀️ It’s clear most people preferred to just lay low and avoid getting bullied and threatened by Jamie. But I don’t get how they slept at night, knowing a friend and family member was being abused, isolated, exploited and threatened. Edit/update: And to the people saying “well they cut her off from LL and others so they just didn’t know how bad things were” … If someone has been cut off from friends or even relatives, if you can’t even get a hold of them, that right there should be incredibly alarming! What else would you need to know to realize the situation was disturbing?
  9. Maybe they wanted him to do it so if he threatened to go to the police later with something disturbing that he saw … they could be like “well you tampered with evidence when you destroyed the recordings or the drive“ and try to scare him into thinking the cops/court might go after him too if he reported suspicious activity. I think making someone complicit in your crimes is probably one of the best ways to discourage them from speaking out later.
  10. Ugh. He always gave me the creeps. He seems like someone who would have been part of the KGB in the Soviet Union
  11. Yes and they can’t ever eat sushi and the only thing they get to read is Christian literature
  12. Of course the journalists weren’t going to share the audio recording in the documentary. That would be a huge violation of Britney’s rights. What she said or did in her bedroom was her private business. The point of telling people was to shed light on the fact that her security team and other people involved with her conservatorship were being insanely invasive and controlling—and breaking the law.
  13. If journalists had waited to report on all this until Britney herself was free and legally able to speak for herself and comment …. Then they never would have reported on it! The only reason Britney started to win court victories, like getting her own real attorney, was because the documentaries shed a light on her situation and placed the LA court system under intense global scrutiny.
  14. How about this Sam? You let the New York Times do what they are good at — journalism & documentaries & exposing injustice & actually helping your fiancée get her civil rights back — and you can go back to doing what you’re good at, which appears to be posing for Instagram photos like a teenager and posting about what an inspiration you are to others because you’ve lost weight since high school I guess? It’s amazing to me that he’s being snarky to reporters who made a major difference in Britney’s case. Sam has been in the picture for 5 years and I don’t see anything that indicates he helped her win any victories in court. You would think he would be appreciative of others who did.
  15. Goetz must have NO belief in an afterlife. Otherwise how could she sleep at night? She should be so scared of meeting God. I guess that’s true for everyone involved in this though. How do her mom and sister still have social media accounts? They should be too ashamed to show their faces.
  16. It’s bizarre to me that he is slamming journalists whose meaningful research and work actually massively helped Britney’s case. Like you’ve been in the picture 5 years now Sam, what progress did you make with helping your fiancée get her rights back? I know Britney said he’s been emotionally supportive to her, which is wonderful, but if left up to only Sam Asghari, I suspect she would still be stuck with Sam Ingham representing her. Sam needs to give credit where credit is due. And it’s also a bit hypocritical for Sam to accuse these reporters of exploiting Britney for their own professional gain, when he’s never acknowledged that he himself has professionally benefited from dating her. It seems to me like he was more than happy to use the attention he got from being Britney’s boyfriend to build a big social media presence and boost his public profile, which in turn helped with his goals of becoming a well-known model/fitness guru. I’m not saying that means he doesn’t care about her! But he did embrace the attention that came with it and use it to his advantage.
  17. It’s a little surreal to me that Sam and some Britney fans are making snarky remarks about documentaries from the New York Times now. The attention it gave to Britney’s case made all the difference in the world. I doubt the court would have EVER allowed Britney’s testimony to be public if the whole world hadn’t been paying attention and scrutinizing their every move. She would probably still be “represented” by Sam Ingham. As for why there needs to be another one, the reporters have already explained they were contacted by people (after the first film) who worked with Britney’s team and saw disturbing things but were just too scared to speak up at the time. If there’s another part to this story, then it needs to be told. All Americans need to fully understand what the conservatorship system is capable of doing to people.
  18. Lol yeah it was crazy how some fans expected him to like literally end the conservatorship the week he was hired. But then again, Britney fans seem to get burned almost every time they trust anyone, so you can hardly blame us for being paranoid.
  19. Good luck Britney! We love you! Does anyone know if a lot of fans are expected to be in LA for the next hearing?
  20. I don’t think anyone is harshly criticizing Britney for dating a younger man. I think many people were worried because Sam wants to be famous. He was an unknown performer when they first met and he was trying to establish a career as a model/actor/social media fitness guru. Obviously, being with Britney Spears elevated his profile. Does that mean it’s a fact that he only dated her for that reason? No, of course not. It just made some people worry because no one wants to see Britney get used again. But I don’t think many people were really clutching their pearls in horror at the thought of Britney dating a man in his 20s while she’s in her 30s.
  21. I think Britney is a true performer who genuinely loves being on the stage. I would be really surprised if she didn’t return one day. I don’t think she hated performing or making music … it seems to me like she just hated being *forced* to perform and being overworked and knowing that most of the money she made was going to people who abused her.
  22. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time. I feel like any personal family/love/health issues right now are even worse than usual because of all the bad things happening in the background, like COVID, all the natural disasters, etc. I’m glad Brit can still get you dancing though.
  23. Poor Britney, always being shadowed by so many awful people. 😑
  24. I hope they removed her because the company is considering whether they should fire her … and not because they think they can just have her keep a lower profile and then it will all go away.
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