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  1. I think that interview was mostly c***. Meghan was acting like the palace prevented her from getting care for her depression.... And Harry said he just had no idea what to do to help her. Yet Harry has talked about going to a therapist and being in therapy. So why was it impossible for Harry to call his own therapist and get her an appointment? And they acted like it was so cruel the palace won’t pay for their security. Why should they? They stepped down and left the nation. Meghan was a millionaire before marrying Harry and Harry inherited millions from his mom. And due to their connection to the royals, it only took them a few months to get a $140 million deal with Netflix. I just don’t see how it’s cruel to expect them to pay for their own gated community and body guards? And they went on about being trapped and controlled and how the palace even took their passports away .... come on. They were partying with their friend Elton John in France, Meghan went to NYC for a baby shower with her American friends, they visited Meghan’s mom in California, they spent time in Italy with Amal and George Clooney .... they acted like the palace was a cult that wouldn’t let them walk out the door. And everything Meghan said about how she didn’t know things about the royal family .... that is totally Harry’s fault. He should have made sure she understood what that kind of life would be like. All that said, I do not doubt that being in the royal family can be strange and challenging. I think they had every right to leave and start a new life. But I think they should have focused on promoting their nonprofit and the people they want to help instead of doing a tacky TV tell-all. I lost respect for them after this.
  2. Do we really want to attack Jodi right now? Jodi was only intended to be a temporary replacement for Jamie while he was recovering from his illnesses. Now that he’s better, doesn’t Jamie hope to take back control over Britney’s personal affairs? If people start bringing to light all the issues with Jodi, wouldn’t that just make it more likely that Jamie would get to return to that role? And Britney’s lawyer said she would strongly prefer Jodi over Jamie. Not saying Jodi is good .... just saying she may be the lesser of two evils here?
  3. I hope she gives the interview to someone who showed her some support prior to the documentary. Her conservatorship was not a secret and the fact that so many in the media didn’t feel like questioning or examining it until it became trendy to talk about last month is pretty infuriating. You know her interview would get huge ratings so I just hope it boosts the career of someone who deserves it, someone who was willing to ask questions or speak out about this before it was the cool thing to do
  4. I can’t imagine how infuriating it must be for Britney or so many of the other people who get in this situation. I hate when people describe Britney as fragile. Like are you kidding me? She’s strong as h***
  5. I know some fans were hoping the US Congress might get involved ... but I think we would have better luck focusing on the California State Assembly, writing to state-level lawmakers and asking them to update and improve the conservatorship laws in California. Even that would take time though. But if a handful of California lawmakers got involved with the issue and specifically started questioning Britney’s case as well, maybe it would help?
  6. Seriously though, why would you even comment on that? I don’t understand why so many of her fans comment on her looks all the time. Everyone already knows her social media posts are all over the place and may not always be recent ... that’s not breaking news. Neither is the use of photoshop or filters on social media. If I was a celebrity and having a really hard time with life and went to a site that was supposed to be full of my most devoted fans, and saw remarks about my weight, I would not feel very supported by my fan base.
  7. Even if Lynne would lose her house if she stood up to Jamie ... so what? She doesn’t have to live on a sprawling estate. Im sure she could sell some general interviews to People or US Weekly. Or start a fashion line for target, become a spokesperson for beauty vitamins, etc. Anyone who has a famous name these days seems capable of making some money lol. Hell she used to teach school, she could go back to that. And she has friends and family in kentwood all around who could help her out while trying to figure out a new plan if Jamie took Serenity. If someone was abusing your daughter, you wouldn’t just do nothing for years because your afraid of losing your mansion. I really hope that’s not the real reason she took so long to get involved with Britney’s case because that would just be too sad. But Sam has mult restraining orders against him so I don’t think he’s the best source of info. But who knows ... I feel like one of the most frustrating things about this whole thing is that NO ONE involved seems to be a reliable source.
  8. It’s so sad what some people will do for money. Vivian, when you’re old and looking back at your life ... are you really going to feel proud that you used your law degree to help take away someones civil liberties? You’re part of the reason an alcoholic with a history of anger management issues has control over his adult daughter. You’re part of the reason a loving mother hardly ever gets to see her two teen sons. That’s really what you want your legal legacy to be?? Do the right thing and advise your client to stop fighting against his daughters wishes.
  9. Congress makes the nation’s laws. So they can create a law that makes it easier to get rid of a conservatorship if the person starts to improve.... or they could require conservatorships to have more checks and balances. They can help make this system less corrupt basically.
  10. Maybe they discovered Britney can’t buy a gun without her dads permission and they instinctively sprang into action?
  11. If her father is legally in charge of all her medical care and all her medical decisions ... then I think it is within his rights to force birth control on her. There are def methods like an implant or an IUD that women can’t take out on their own. I hope it hasn’t come to that but with all this insanity, I sadly wouldn’t be shocked
  12. I don’t blame Lynne for taking Britney to auditons if Britney really was going around singing and dancing all the time and asking to perform. But I don’t understand why she didn’t speak up in court when Jamie was first getting control. Given his past behavior— the alcoholism, bankruptcy, angry outbursts— he was never the right person to be guiding Britney through a horrible time or to be taking control of her money and business decisions. That seems SO obvious. But maybe she was just overwhelmed with one pregnant teen daughter and another in the hospital. Anyways I def wouldn’t pick Lynne. I think it seems like Lou and Jamie are responsible for taking away all her rights permanently so I would go with those two.
  13. Wow I didn’t realize the FreeBritney crowd was so young! Im one of her original fans I guess so I’m getting pretty old 😑 but it’s very cool to know she has gained so many young fans. I don’t think many other pop singers from that time were also able to connect with a whole new generation
  14. Exactly! It was written to appeal to teens or young women in their early 20s ... so obviously critics concluded it must have no real artistic value. But whatever. Britney is a Queen. She doesn’t need their approval - not then and not now.
  15. Oh. Well that is very disappointing : ( I will never understand why shaving her head and hitting a car with an umbrella were considered so shocking. Tons of people in America have guns for gods sake ... but pulling out an UMBRELLA is a scandal? And she didn’t hit a person, she just whacked the car. People do far crazier things all the time without losing most of their rights for over a decade.
  16. The daily mail is just a tacky gossip rag. I bet half of the commentators were just trolls. I think there’s a huge difference between that and legit reporters like Diane Sawyer going after Britney.
  17. Larry rolled his eyes at fans? Great business move ... Dude we are the reason you are rich!
  18. Right? It didn’t seem like she was going on some crazy spending spree buying up yachts and lots of new properties. And people act like she was a wash up at that point but that’s just not true. She had just put out one of her best albums, Blackout! And weren’t all of her perfumes doing well?
  19. Yeah, so many people act like because she needed help, that means she had to be in a conservatorship. There are other ways to help people! Plenty of Americans have gone through dark times and needed intense support from family/friends/therapists/doctors, etc, without needing to lose every civil liberty imaginable. If every person in this country who went through a period of struggling with mental illness and/or addiction was placed in a conservatorship ... we wouldn’t have many independent citizens left. Jamie Spears himself would be in one!
  20. I’m a reporter who has worked the court beat in the past. In my humble opinion, Vivian really bombed that interview. I don’t think a jury would be swayed by anything she said ... hopefully GMA viewers won’t be either.
  21. Jayden did an Instagram live last year that got a lot of attention because he called his grandfather a d***. But he also praised his dad and said Kevin was “literally Jesus”
  22. Now that the boys are teens and old enough to go off on their own to do stuff/hang out with friends ... can’t they just swing by to visit their mom more often? Take an uber over and eat dinner with her? Does everything always have to be an official court-approved custody visit? I hate thinking she really only sees her boys 10% of the time. It seems like if Kevin were really preventing Sean and Jayden from (hardly) ever seeing their mom that they wouldn’t be on such good terms with their father. But Jayden recently compared his dad to Jesus so that doesn’t seem to be the case ... So is Kevin not the main problem? Does Britney’s own “team” work to keep the boys away from her as a way to control her or punish her?
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