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  1. I’m not saying that Laura Lynne or whoever all else shouldn’t have spoken out. But it is wrong to think that people shouldn’t be worried about someone harming them because “they’re family.” People, especially women, get killed by male relatives/spouses/boyfriends all the time.
  2. I agree. And we should also contact the companies that use Jamie, Jamie Lynn, Lynne or whoever as their brand ambassadors and let them (politely) know that we are no longer comfortable buying their products because of that reason.
  3. Omg I fell into their trap!! They see me posting concerns about how they work with alleged abusers and they’re like yes! Someone’s finally talking about us!
  4. So I see that a lot of people started leaving questions or remarks about it on Core Food’s Instagram — and now they’ve just turned off comments on their new posts. I guess that means they don’t care? I think anytime allegations of abuse involve an abuser’s family member— as opposed to a stranger or a co-worker — then the public and the business world are more likely to just blow it off. People act like it’s just a complicated family situation or a private personal matter. It’s sad to see that’s still the case in 2021
  5. So I posted yesterday about how Monster Energy drinks wouldn’t comment on whether they still work with Jamie Spears — but it appears Core Foods definitely still has Jamie Lynn as a brand ambassador. She just posted about their protein/probiotic bars tonight on her Instagram. I just don’t get it. Other celebrities get dropped by brands all the time. Like when people accused Lea Michele of being rude/difficult to work with, she lost her sponsorship with HelloFresh within days. How can anyone still want to be associated with JL when she’s facing serious accusations of covering up for those who were abusing and exploiting her sister? It’s just especially crazy to me because I’m guessing the only reason these brands wanted to work with anyone in the Spears family in the first place is because of Britney. I hate that even after all this — they’re STILL getting to make money off her.
  6. Well she apparently is still working for Core Foods as a brand ambassador. She just did a post pushing their probiotic bars on her Instagram right now. I just don’t understand it. Other people get dropped as brand ambassadors at the drop of a hat. But these companies want to continue working with Jamie & Jamie Lynn Spears? It especially seems unfair because you know the only reason they wanted to work with them in the first place is because of their relationship to Britney. It’s just sickening that they STILL get to keep exploiting that for $$$.
  7. Hold It Against Me just never really did it for me 🤷‍♀️ Its probably the only song out of those that I just don’t listen to much
  8. Yes!! I am traveling 3,000 miles from the east coast. I can’t wait to meet everyone! I’m trying to figure out what hotel to stay at…. I wish we knew where the after party would be.
  9. This is a gross topic. No woman wants/needs/deserves to have her looks gossiped about and picked apart. Why is this thread even allowed on here??
  10. It does suck that so many people took so long to come forward. But just FYI… People do NOT get paid for speaking with legitimate media sources. From the New York Times to your local hometown newspaper —real journalists do not pay sources in exchange for an interview. They would lose their job if they did, it would be considered completely unethical. Only tacky celebrity tabloids like OK Magazine or US Weekly or People offer $$$ for speaking with them or for photos.
  11. Just go to their website monsterenergy.com They have a “contact us” link that lets you submit a question or comment. They also have social media accounts if you want to leave comments there.
  12. When you put it that way … I guess they should stick with Jamie and Jamie Lynn as brand ambassadors after all 😆
  13. I just sent the company an email and that’s the response I got back. You can email them too and see what they respond with. Maybe if more people do, then they’ll actually answer the question at some point.
  14. Yeah I used to feel kind of sorry for him. Jamie Lynn said her song “How could I want more” was about him. And the song was literally about JL being with a guy who adores her but how she didn’t feel the same way about him and she wanted more spark and passion. Like what a nice thing to tell the world about your spouse 🙄
  15. I mean that’s kind of my point though. In today’s society, people who make an offensive joke can lose everything. People lose their s*** over a Halloween costume they don’t like. I’m not saying that’s good — but it’s bizarre to me that in that given climate, Monster wouldn’t want to be quick and clear about parting ways with someone like Jamie, who is facing very serious allegations of abuse that are backed by more than just one person. Plus he has restraining orders against him. Courts don’t just issue those out for nothing. I would think that would be enough to lose his job as a brand ambassador. But at any rate, whether they are or are not still working with him, I think customers should have a right to know.
  16. I wrote to Monster energy drinks to ask if they still had any business ties to Jamie Spears. I started wondering about it after seeing Robin Greenhill wearing clothes with the Monster logo when she was filmed at the airport. They wrote me back and said they “respectfully decline” to comment. I’m a bit shocked that they don’t think customers have a right to know. It also makes me think that maybe Jamie is still getting $$$ from them as a brand ambassador or whatever he was. Usually when there’s a scandal (sometimes even stupid “scandals” that aren’t really that big of a deal) companies who worked with the people involved are quick to publicly break ties and denounce the behavior. Why isn’t this happening to Jamie or Jamie Lynn? I don’t want to support a brand that won’t publicly distance itself from people involved with Britney’s conservatorship. So just wanted to put that on here in case others feel the same. Edit/Add on: Anyone can submit a comment or question to Monster by using the “contact us” link on their website monsterenergy.com They also have social media accounts
  17. OMG! He says if it weren’t for Jamie, Britney would be broke …. It’s the exact opposite! Jamie Spears is the one who had failed businesses right and left and had filed for bankruptcy at one point. He would NEVER have made millions of dollars if it weren’t for his talented daughter. And guess what Jamie Watson? Your wife started her acting career because Britney got her a part in her film Crossroads. Jamie Lynn became famous because Britney opened doors for her. This whole family is so insane and so ungrateful. They are a bunch of nobodies who really seem to have convinced themselves that Britney would be nothing without them. I guess after you’ve been complicit in something horrible, you have to become delusional in order to sleep at night. They can lie to others and even to themselves — but they can’t lie to God. So good luck with that!
  18. So are the Spears men threatening to shoot fans now or something? Honestly this should be reported to the police. He’s obviously unhinged like Jamie and we know they have plenty of guns ….
  19. I think he absolutely pressured her to stay super skinny, just because he liked to control everything and to make her feel insecure. Britney was always big on exercise but she loved food and didn’t seem like someone who sat around counting every calorie. I remember she even said one of the reasons she left gymnastics was because they started harping on weight and what you could or couldn’t eat. Now she always seems so worried about her body. It’s very sad how her team made one of the worlds most beautiful women feel insecure about her looks.
  20. The comments on this thread discussing her looks and aging and what may or may not have harmed her appearance are really gross. I think she would be sad or angry to read that. Also, I will never understand the people who say she looked bad during the Femme Fatale tour. I had front row seats, I was touching the stage … she looked stunning.
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