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  1. I bet that’s where she learned her “the show must go on” work ethic and how to always keep composure on stage even when things are going wrong. Think of all the times she’s been under extreme stress while performing and she never just fled the stage in tears or gave up all together on the performance like some people.
  2. And yet she has worked with (and maybe still does) so many different brands! -Monster Energy drinks -Core Foods protein bars -Smart Food popcorn -Kraft (Macaroni & Cheese) -Flat Tummy shakes -Teami Blends I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some others. I guess as long as you have a couple million social media followers, companies are willing to pay you to talk about their products
  3. Violent threats? I hadn’t even seen any negative comments on here about the charity accepting her money. I know a lot of fans didn’t like that JL was doing a book, but were people really threatening This Is My Brave with violence? If so, that is awful. But I wonder if that really happened. And if it did, was it actual Britney fans or just random internet weirdos?
  4. That’s adorable! I have a friend in Texas near where Dr. Pepper was invented and they have something similar. No Britney music though : (
  5. I loved that Pepsi song! And the commercial. Only a performer with true ⭐️ power could turn a commercial jingle into a big hit that people are still talking about 20 years later
  6. It really is sad to think we’ve reached this point. Old fans remember when JL was her beloved little sister. I remember even admiring how she handled her teen pregnancy. I know a lot of people make fun of her for it, but that’s a scary situation for a teen girl. Even in recent years, I urged other fans to hold off on criticizing her until we actually heard from Britney about it because we didn’t know what we didn’t know, maybe she was helping behind the scenes, etc. It was so disappointing to hear from Britney that that wasn’t the case.
  7. I wonder if they will take action now that they see charities are literally rejecting JL’s money
  8. It’s crazy to me that she’s at the point where charities won’t accept her money …. But Core Foods still has her as a spokesperson for their protein bars.
  9. If JL had done that back in 2019 when it appears things got even more crazy and awful … I feel like there’s a chance she really could have gotten out of all this without too much backlash. She could have been like “look I was young when the conservatorship was put in place, my sister has some struggles so I thought this was for the best, I’m sorry if I should have spoken up sooner but I want to do what’s right now, etc.” I think that would have been a way better move, even if she didn’t actually care, but just to protect her own image. Instead she like doubled down on the whole “this is a private matter, my sister is fine and I’m a good sister” thing. I don’t know who gives her PR advice, but I don’t think they are doing a good job.
  10. Britney fans might want to consider making a donation to them since they just gave up some money from JL to stand up for Britney.
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