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  1. PLEASE DO. PLEASE. Spotlight was even Ajayll's song of the year 2020 and we all know she has taste.
  2. This album has officially ZERO bad tracks, my god. Can't wait for the Platinum Pleasure
  3. I believe we've already passed the hip-hop trend (2015-2019) and nowadays pop music is leaning towards 80s and pop-rock influences. I would love if B10 would be a hyperpop album and if it would continue where Coupure Electrique left us. As of collaborators, I would see her well teaming up with Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, even Cardi B if it's not on a classic hip-hop track.
  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!! She's intelligent, mature, unproblematic and I respect her so much! She has always nice things to say about everyone who deserves kind words
  5. My personal ranking: 14. MDNA 13. Madame X 12. Rebel Heart 11. Madonna 10. Like a Virgin 9. Hard Candy 8. American Life 7. Bedtime Stories 6. Erotica 5. True Blue 4. Music 3. Like a Prayer 2. Confessions on a Dance Floor 1. Ray of Light Nice topic Another one raking Madonna's world tour would be nice too!
  6. What bothers me the most is that in the tracklist she has: #6 "good 4 u" and #7 "enough for you", like WHY THIS????
  7. All this stuff looks ugly to me I'm sorry
  8. I have mixed feelings towards her. I have loved her comedy, her social battles and her generosity for many years, at the point that meeting her would have been a dream for me. After the allegations and all the negative press she received in recent years, I feel like I can't unsee those things now, and the fact that she tends to act like a rich and mean person has kinda changed my mind. I'll always remember her dedicated work, but this whole story has left a bad aftertaste in me.
  9. I'm not aware of that moment lol. I just found it funny for Perrie's ton of voice and the fact that they were joking like friends as if they weren't about to make an important speech in front of the whole world. Love them, they're so spontaneous, down to earth and genuinely funny.
  10. The Neptunes instrumental, the adlibs, the verses, NOT the chorus, the choreo, the steamy/wild/dirty imagery and the fact that's I C O N I C. I know it's not a banger with a killer chorus like the others Primeney hits, but it was a turning point in her career. We can ask the same question for MATM and I think we'll get even more hate towards that song not coming from me tho
  11. 1. folklore 2. evermore 3. Lover 4. Red 5. Speak Now 6. 1989 7. Fearless 8. Reputation 9. Taylor Swift (never heard in full)
  12. They're both super talented and deserve the spotlight. Good for them! Part of me hopes Olivia takes distance from the Swift works tho... being a hardcore fan could lead into making unoriginal music
  13. Ok I could be reaching but given the obsession she has over body image and weight, it could have been difficult for her to react positively to a beautiful picture of a bare belly. I know she should be happy for Leigh-Anne and not look at the image itself, but still... this girl has body and self-confidence issues guys. I can imagine her seeing the pic and thinking "I'll never be this flawless". Love Jesy, but she's so fragile atm... give her time guys. Also, I think they communicate privately - that's obvious.
  14. Mmh the milking of it all... Or when the new tracks you've released on the Deluxe are not on the same level of the album and you decide to release tracks from the standard Go Dula
  15. My favorite album of 2020. Stunning from beginning to end Also Overtime (previously a buzz track before the record) will be included on the Deluxe Edition out in June:
  16. Is she referring to the "transition scenes" where one girl shifts into the other and then the other? I rewatched the video and I think they're the only scenes without her. Also, I'm a little ashamed to say that I'm kinda used to see them as a trio now. Watching them as a four-members group felt a little weird no shade, love Jesy
  17. YAS Kelendria!! She's one of the best human beings in the industry
  18. Not to be polemical but why since Beyonce every pregnancy now has to be this artsy fartsy visual spectacular moment...? I don't get it Love the pictures tho, I'm happy for her and his man is fine
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