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  1. Could it be that she’s actually crazy? That she lives in her own delusion of what life is? I mean I guess it could be that they keep her in that baby doll mindset. Helpless mindset…
  2. Well the post is mostly focused on how she doesn’t care if people judge her for her dancing. She truly loved to dance and perform or else she wouldn’t be doing it every day as a hobby like most people do sports, art, etc… as hobbies. It’s not really hard to believe that she truly feels this way and that to a certain extent she may have help with the posts. If someone’s recording her all the time the camera would be moving. I truly believe that’s her being genuine and being her authentic self. Believing in hope is aka believing in God’s purpose. Even though those around want to control and take that away from you bc of their greed and lust for money doesn’t mean she’s been defeated by them. That’s basically what she’s saying. Nothing more. It’s time to stop comparing Britney with her past, with others, and move forward by accepting her for what she is. If only this amount of thought and analysis can be put towards current events in the world like a virus that’s got everyone under a medical tyranny. Then who knows what lies we can unfold behind the veil of control over the general public. I’m happy that Britney is getting closer and not farther from ending the conservatorship. I also remain positive that she will have a break thru. It’s too obvious to continue to control her and kill her at this point. I’m a big believer in reading between lines. With everything. Even what the President says. Where I’m really trying to get at is the passion behind freeing Britney, I wish would reflect on other topics of the world as I see horrible things coming to humanity if they don’t wake up from their trance.
  3. I think Madonna is just as much a slave a Britney. Just an illusion that’s she’s in control. Like probably all of them. Britney is just the poster child of distraction from the real problem in Hollywood. Specializing women and then brainwashing them to think that their ***** can give them power. Then influencing society to do the same. Pretty destructive if you ask me. While they (the ones no one truly know) are enjoying their wealth and power. It’s sad how they still use Britney as bait. Back to Madonna…she’s a high ranking witch. She’s in on it…. I mean she’s told you herself. She’s madame x. Used and abused.
  4. I mean Britney is part of a crazy family… so why can’t she also be questioned? Maybe we don’t really know her true intentions and habits.
  5. So basically everyone’s in on it. Even the judge. I sure the judge has been getting her cut of the check. Don’t believe the systems on your side. This is a great example of corruption in the government. This is a wake up call to everyone who puts their faith and trust in a system full of criminals. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  6. Slave 4 U won’t be cancelled… it promotes exactly what they want. s** s** s**. I mean Britney doesn’t even care about introducing herself or her age in the song. Now when it comes to monogamy, sacrificing yourself for a man in a song… or admitting to being serving to a man other than s** then it’s no longer empowering… How twisted can these theologies get nowadays?
  7. Wow this is the first time I see someone on here that has an actual valuable thought. I agree with you 100%. It’s sad… and even cancel culture itself is just a distraction from facing the reality that is life. It’s easier to have slaves control each other rather than go for the master.
  8. This album was so ahead of its time! Extremely underrated like most gems out there. It’s a well orchestrated full thru story.
  9. It’s really sad that society still hasn’t figured out what spiritual consequences their physical actions have… it will eventually catch up to you in a sad way. I feel in some way it’s to hide from having the responsibility and dignity of respect for yourself and others. It’s a lot deeper than if it works in the moment. There are many things that “work” in this life that have serious consequences to your mental/spiritual health. Relationships are NOT about s**. s** will never hold a relationship together. It’s a reward from a successful relationship. That only gets better if there’s true connection with the individuals. Now… if you love having s** with different people, all power to you, but that’s at it is. s**. Let’s not re-label what it means to have intimacy. Be honest.
  10. She’s a depressive artist. I feel bad for those who can’t see through the monotonous vibrations they’re pushing on to the youth this time around. If it’s not all about “***ual freedom” then it’s this depressive self righteous attitude. Don’t come at me for trying to ring the bell, burst your bubble, or shed light.
  11. What a sad future of millions of people with no true identity. No individualism when people constantly hop on trends. The brain is a powerful thing.
  12. she has a Vegas residency coming… I don’t really think this is the end. Transitioning into her maturity. You will understand when you’re older.
  13. Wouldn’t doubt it. It’s like the same programming. Whilst the mass population think entertainment is organic, those filthy old men who own these record companies that no one knows their name are having a laugh. Life is much more controlled than you think. And a lot deeper than money and s**. The real question is… why the same trajectories? You only see what you’re are allowed to see.
  14. I love how everyone pretends to be moving on from pop music but don’t list their new artist they listen to. Sure thing…
  15. I don’t understand the hate behind Katy Perry. Is it genuine or is it just mean girls?
  16. She either had her period... or she had them just done about 2 weeks before that performance. If you notice all the performances around that time she did not do any fill out dance moves. No bend and snaps... practically no type of “exercise” that is part of the recovery. Also... your breasts tend to stay swollen for about a month or so before they hang normally after a breast implant. I’ve had a few girlfriends get them done and it looked just like that right after until they settle. I never wanted to believe she had any implants but now as a grown man, looking back without my naive conclusions, it is a very high possibility that she had them done and still has them now.
  17. It’s kind of how everyone in her personal life has actually been bought out to throw her under the bus. If it’s that easy for her fans to give her up... imagine those who work for her... or “supposedly” work for her
  18. I mean come on. Madonna has music that even 21 years later you’re praising about it. It’s always ahead of its time. The pattern with Madonna is that everyone hates her at first, gangs up on her for being too old, then years pass and all of a sudden she’s inspiring. The reason why Madonna is where she is now is because Madonna knows how advanced she is and only needs her own approval, keeping her still active in the this industry. This post is an example of this. I believe the same thing will happen to madame x. In time people will realize the prophetic abilities Madonna has. Even after 2020s Disco era. No one still brought it back like Madonna. I’ll bet $100 that Madame X album will catch on to most people in about 2 years. -Timeless I really can’t say that about 90% of the artist out there... my main example is Ariana grande. That is not timeless music, it has zero substance and once you mature as an adult will realize how much you didn’t want that.
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